Preview: Wrestling Revolver Valentines Massacre

The last time fans saw Wrestling Revolver all hell had broken loose during the Cage of Horrors match at the company’s Nightmare After X-Mas show. Their latest event is Valentines Day Massacre.

That night Phil Stamper and his Revelation unit (Killer Kross, JT Dunn, Ace Romero, Jessicka Havoc) were defeated by OVE and the returning Matthew Palmer.

Amidst all the chaos, Matthew Palmer, the very first Wrestling Revolver Heavyweight Champion, emerged as the new champion, dethroning Killer Kross.

This Friday the stars of Wrestling Revolver return to the ring in Dayton, Ohio for Valentine’s Day Massacre.

If fans thought their final show of 2019 was out of control, the first show of 2020 can take it to another level.

Let’s look at what’s to come this Friday in Dayton.

Fans Bring the Weapons Match

Nick Gage vs Ace Romero

Photo @PWRevolver

Anytime fans can bring weapons for the wrestlers to utilize, you know things have the potential to get out of hand.

Expect nothing less in this match when Gage, the veteran and Romero, one of the best big men working the independent scene, lock up.

With fans bringing, what I’m sure will be a wide array of weaponry to the arena, this match has all the makings of a hardcore classic.

Barb Wire Board Match

Alex Colon vs. Jake Crist

Photo @PWRevolver

Alex Colon, another veteran willing to go to the extreme, is taking on OVE member Jake Crist in a match that will not be for the faint of heart.

Allowing these two the opportunity to slam each other onto a board wrapped in barb wire will satisfy even the most hardcore wrestling fan’s appetite.

The best part about this match is that these two will go about destroying each other with a smile across their faces.

Six-Man Tag Match

Strong Hearts (CIMA, Lindaman, T-Hawk) vs Ace Austin, Blake Christian, Alex Zayne

Photo @PWRevolver

Like the original ECW, Wrestling Revolver isn’t just about the blood and guts, hardcore side of professional wrestling. Superior athleticism is another calling card of Wrestling Revolver and this match has it in spades if you will.

All six of these wrestlers deliver at such a high level every time they step into a ring. It will be interesting to see if the team of Austin, Christian and Zayne can come together to defeat such a well-oiled cohesive unit in Strong Hearts.

Tag Team Match

Warhausen (Warhorse & Danhausen) vs Manscout & Jon Murray

Photo @PWRevolver

Two of the most unique wrestlers on the independent wrestling scene, Warhorse and Danhausen are coming together to show the world how good they can be as a team.

It won’t be an easy night for Warhausen as they take on one of Wrestling Revolver’s toughest and most beloved wrestlers in Manscout along with his partner Jon Murray.

Battle of the Bulls

Larry D vs 1 Called Manders

Valentines Day Massacre
Photo @PWRevolver

In what could be the hardest hitting and possible show-stealing match of Valentine’s Day Massacre, these two appropriately dubbed bulls will hold nothing back.

Both men bring an extra level of physicality to the ring and that will be on full display in this contest.

If you’re a fan of watching two big, bad dudes beat the hell out of each other than this is a match you cannot afford to miss.

Tag Team #1 Contender Match

Rascalz vs OVE (Dave Crist & Madman Fulton) vs James & Matrix

Valentines Day Massacre
Photo @PWRevolver

Current Revolver Tag Team Champions the Crew (Rich Swann & Jason Cade) will find out who their next contenders are this Friday when these three teams meet.

The Rascalz are looking to return to tag team glory and win their second Revolver Tag Team Championship while OVE is looking to capture the gold for the very first time.

James and Matrix could be the wild card in this match as a relatively new team mixing it up with the two more established units.

Impact Wrestling Match

Mike Elgin vs Eddie Edwards

Valentines Day Massacre
Photo @PWRevolver

This match will be filmed for an upcoming episode of Impact on AXSTV and features two of the top stars of Impact Wrestling.

These two are currently embroiled in an intense best of five series of matches and this Friday could go a long way in determining who the better man truly is at Valentines Day Massacre.

No Disqualification Match

Sami Callihan vs Jessicka Havok

Valentines Day Massacre
Photo @PWRevolver

The war for the very soul of Wrestling Revolver between Sami Callihan and Phil Stamper hit a fever pitch last month at Nightmare After X-Mas.

That night Jessicka Havoc aligned with Stamper’s Revelation in a losing effort to Callihan, his OVE brethren and a returning Matthew Palmer.

This match is part of the fallout from that war inside the Cage of Horrors and the bad blood between Callihan and Havok is very apparent.

Neither will back down from this no holds barred showdown and the fans will reap the benefits of seeing them trying to destroy each other.

No championships are on the line Friday night, but Wrestling Revolver has a stacked card for their fans.  

Plus, as with any Wrestling Revolver show, fans can expect the unexpected and more than a few surprises this Friday night in Dayton at Valentines Day Massacre.