Callihan Discusses IMPACT, Intergender Wrestling & More

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to talk to the number one contender to the Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship….The one and only Sami Callihan.

I was lucky enough to speak to The Draw last Thursday 8 August via the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass Podcast. Below is our brief conversation. Happy reading!

Mark Blake: Hey there Sami it’s Mark Blake from the Pro Wrestling Post, how are you doing? In your most recent match against Tessa (Blanchard), you both proved on a worldwide scale that intergender wrestling is just believable wrestling. Do you think your match has broken down the so-called walls for other companies to hold this kind of matches?

Sami Callihan: 100%. I think you’ve seen that in the days after our original intergender match at Slammiversary. Intergender wrestling right now is one of the biggest things in professional wrestling.

MB: No doubt, absolutely no doubt. Just to change the subject slightly, In an age now where different styles of wrestling are being debated online and frowned upon by a lot of the veterans, where do you stand, how do you feel about that?

SC: I think they should quit taking things so seriously. I hate hate hate this term that some fans and veterans throw around that this is not pro wrestling. No, pro wrestling is whatever we make it. It’s whatever we want it to be on that day.

There’s no right, no wrong in professional wrestling. It’s flavors of ice cream. It’s what you may like and someone else may not like. I don’t understand why everyone has to get their panties all twisted up because they just can’t accept the fact that other people are gonna like things that they don’t like.

MB: Fantastic. You seem to be having possibly the best run of your entire career in IMPACT Wrestling right now. What can you attribute that too?

SC: It can be attributed to my “don’t give a shit” being broken. For years I tried to be what other people wanted me to be. Or I allowed people to get in my ear and tell me “oh this is who you SHOULD be”. Until finally my give a shit was broken. And I was like “you know what, I’m gonna be who I want to be. I’m gonna be who I am. And its gonna work, and if it doesn’t, that’s on me”.

And I’d rather go down swinging and fighting and doing something I believe in than go down not doing something I don’t believe in. I think in the past year and a half of IMPACT Wrestling, not only have I put IMPACT Wrestling on fire, I put myself on fire, and I put a lot of other people on fire. And maybe it’s time that Sami Callihan gets the praise he deserves for being how much of a genius he is.

MB: Damn straight, 100% I’d just want to say thanks for….

SC: Is that egotistical of me calling myself a genius? Because if it is I don’t give a shit.

MB: Hell no! No no no no. If you’re not going to call yourself a genius who is? You need that self-belief which you have. Again many thanks for your time, Sami.

In our brief chat, Sami came across as very respectful, thoughtful, intelligent, and has self-belief coming out of every pore. I can see why he’s so liked by IMPACT officials and I can’t wait to see what else he does in his stellar career.

Even though I only had a few minutes with the guy I came away impressed with how he carried himself in not only our brief chat but in all his interviews. You can find out more about The Draw by checking out his Twitter and Instagram right here –

Sami Callihan Twitter – @TheSamiCallihan
Sami Callihan Instagram – @officialcallihan

As always peeps, keep your eyes peeled for more exclusive interviews, previews, reviews and much much more!

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