#Preview: Wrestling Revolver Presents 3 Year Anniversary

On Friday, May 10th, Wrestling Revolver presents 3 Year Anniversary from Des Moines, Iowa. This night will involve a number of exciting matches, including a deathmatch, an intergender match, a Wrestling Revolver championship match and a big, or at least significant, return. The deathmatch involves Swoggle and Sami Callihan, Nevah faces Joey Ryan, Matthew Palmer looks to defend his Wrestling Revolver championship against Larry D and Mr. Fun Size, Marko Stunt makes his return. While all these matches will be exciting, the debut of TJ Perkins may prove to be one of the most talked about moments of the event. Stunt will face the oVe monster Madman Fulton, and that pairing is likely to create a sense of awe among those watching. Who will walk away victorious as Wrestling Revolver presents 3 Year Anniversary?

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In a battle of David vs Goliath, the returning Marko Stunt squares off against oVe’s own, Callihan’s monster Fulton. This is one of the first bookings for Stunt after his return from a major injury towards the end of 2018. After shattering his ankle and having to undergo surgery, Stunt is back and looking to regain the attention and traction that had become synonymous with Mr. Fun Size. After Wrestling Revolver’s official Twitter asked who would fans like to see the returning Stunt face, the winner was Fulton. Stunt will have to stick and move throughout this matchup because if he is stopped it could be a massive problem for him. Will he slay the monster or will the big man drop Mr. Fun Size where he stands?

3 Year Anniversary HAVOKBLANCHARD
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They are no strangers to one another; Havok and Blanchard have faced each other on a number of occasions, and each time the result has been a spectacular match up. They hit hard and will hit often, and after another match is added to their storied history with one another, the question is will we have a new champion? Blanchard has achieved a great deal throughout her relatively short career, based mainly on whom she has faced and defeated, and of course, she has her family lineage as well. While Havok doesn’t have that, she does have a winning attitude and the ability to ensure that anyone she steps into the ring can fall to the Havok Death Machine. This isn’t a case of whom will walk away victorious, but rather who will leave under their own power. This is likely the evening’s main event, and everyone in attendance is encouraged to stand up and take notice.

3 Year Anniversary NEVAEHRYAN
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In what is billed as a battle of the sexes, Nevah is set to face ‘The King of Dong Style,’ Joey Ryan. Ryan is in tough against the 14-year veteran. A former student of Les Thatcher, Nevah has been carving a career for herself all across North America as a member of ‘Ohio is 4 Killers.’ The former SHIMMER Champion and tag team specialist will not rest on her laurels. Fans can anticipate a brutal onslaught from Nevah, who will go toe to toe with the intergender wrestling specialist. She hits hard and hits often, and is likely to live up to her tag line ‘Nevah&Kill’ when facing Ryan. Who will likely walk away as the weaker sex in this match up? Will Ryan come out on top, or will Nevah put it in its place?

3 Year Anniversary DAGAEDWARDS
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It is being billed as an international dream match, and considering the skillset of both men involved it is easy to see why that is. The Latin star Daga is continuing to earn a name for himself competing on the independent circuit around the American Midwest. Meanwhile, Edwards has been a welcome addition to Wrestling Revolver, considering he has been everywhere and seemingly done everything. The dream match appellation suggests that these men will match up well with one another. There is experience along with notable achievements on both sides. Edwards has evolved a great deal from his earlier days, and while the ‘Diehard’ mentality is still a crucial part of whom he is, what he is willing to do these days speaks volumes.

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If this match doesn’t get you standing up, you should be checked for a pulse. Austin, Swann, and Perkins all possess an outstanding array of moves and skills and will come together and showcase them all. This match involves either current or former stars of MLW, IMPACT Wrestling and WWE in one ring. Since departing WWE, Perkins has been in great demand on the independent circuit. His familiarity with the Swann is sure to only enhance their work together in this match. When the added element of Ace Austin is included, it can only elevate the match to a whole new level. Perkins and Swann bring a wealth of experience, and fans can be assured that this match will be non-stop and riveting, with tons of action throughout.

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An interesting matchup as IMPACT Wrestling’s Moose is facing for the first time ever a former multi-time WWE tag team and Intercontinental champion in Billy Gunn, who was also recently inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as part of Degeneration X. The matchup is certainly a battle of two men whose size and strength are best described as awe-inspiring. Even though he is 55 years of age, Gunn will not relent or back down from the much younger Moose. There are other notable aspects to this match, as Gunn is now a producer and trainer with All Elite Wrestling, and as mentioned Moose is firmly entrenched in IMPACT, not to mention being a former Ring of Honor competitor. Will the much more experienced Gunn be the one that shows that, despite his age, still has it, or will Moose look to add Gunn to the list of names that have fallen victim to him?

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With their Wrestling Revolver Tag Team championships on the line, Team Tremendous has their work cut out for them as they face the likes of the Crist brothers, not to mention Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett. Each of these teams has something to prove and, in this match, will get that opportunity. With this many different and combustible elements here something is sure to happen. The biggest question going into this match is, will Dan Barry and Bill Carr continue to showcase their talents and get the best of all their challengers? It could a night when oVe once again reigns supreme, but perhaps the underrated tandem of Jimmy Jacobs and Arik Cannon will be the ones to surprise everyone and become the new champions. This is sure to be a match where the last team standing will not necessarily the best, but perhaps the most fortunate. At the end of, 3 Year Anniversary which will one team stand alone?

3 Year Anniversary SWOGGLECALLIHAN
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On the face of it, one competitor is clearly perceived to have a greater propensity to wreak havoc. However, if we put aside that initial belief as fans really should anticipate that there is another side of Swoggle. Do not allow his size to deter you from seeing what damage he can inflict on his opposition. Fans know all too well what Callihan is capable of doing, and ‘The Draw’ is likely to take as much punishment as he is willing to dish out. An Iowa deathmatch suggests that all bets are off, and when both men have a weapon in hand, the playing field is clearly equal. This is going to be a violent affair where blood may spill from both competitors like a river.

3 Year Anniversary PALMERLARRYD
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With the Wrestling Revolver championship on the line, the current champion is in tough against Larry D. Palmer has been active in making his competition eat their words not just in the ring, but while serving them to them through social media. An 11-year veteran and native of Austin, Texas, Palmer is giving up size to Larry D but does that mean he’s at a disadvantage? If not because of size, perhaps the challenger having a few more years may swing the pendulum in his favor. However, Palmer’s cagey nature and champion’s advantage may be exactly what he needs while trying to outsmart his 300 pound, MMA trained opponent. This likely won’t be a match for the weak at heart, as D is determined to walk out of 3 Year Anniversary with the title. Will 3 Year Anniversary be an event where a championship is retained, or we see a new champion?

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