#Preview: Wrestling Revolver Presents Pancakes and Piledrivers 3

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On Saturday, April 6th, Wrestling Revolver presents Pancakes and Piledrivers 3. This event is sure to keep everyone busy, and will assuredly provide excitement for those in attendance. On a card that features intergender matches, multi-person matches, tag team championship matches or gauntlet matches, Pancakes and Piledrivers will bring some of the most exciting talents from all over the world to be a part of this special event. Will the Rascalz retain their tag team championship? Who will ultimately challenge Rich Swann, and how will Tessa Blanchard fare against the hardcore specialist Ricky Shane Page? Will oVe reign over NY in their tag team match? These questions and more will all be answered as Wrestling Revolver presents Pancakes and Piledrivers 3.

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AR Fox vs. JT Dunn vs. Ace Austin vs. Sammy Guevara

If there is any match where fans best not be sitting on their hands it’s this one. If fans aren’t aware of the skill set of these four men they need to be. AR Fox has a well-earned reputation for being able as technically savvy as he is mobile and athletic in the ring. As for JT Dunn, his story is as much about redemption, recovery, and achievement as it is anything else. Dunn has made a name for himself competing along the east coast among other areas and will be at this show to put himself in the best position possible to win. Ace Austin is quickly showing that he has all the tools necessary to succeed, and this match will demonstrate that. The dark horse that is quickly gaining traction all across the independent scene is Sammy Guevara.

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Rascalz vs LAX vs Lucha Bros vs Aussie Open vs. Besties in the World vs Team Tremendous

We have seen tag team triple threats and fatal four ways, but this massive match involves six teams all vying for the Wrestling Revolver tag team championships. Fans may be more aware of the likes of LAX, Lucha Bros and The Rascalz from their time with Impact Wrestling, and growing mainstream popularity. However, it is what the Aussie Open, Besties in the World and Team Tremendous are set to do that has garnered the most attention. What is interesting to note is that it is a gauntlet, where the last team to be involved are the ones most likely, but not guaranteed, of being successful since they are the most rested. Who will walk away as the Wrestling Revolver tag team champions, and will the winners manage to look like winners after all is said and done?

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Moose vs David Starr vs Brian Cage

This triple threat match involves elements that will combine for a perfect storm. There is size, strength, speed, technique, and finesse among these three men. It also brings in two men that are familiar with one another from their time in Impact Wrestling. Cage and Moose may take any previous animosity that they had for one another and apply it to this match here. But David Starr has all the skill to take down either one of his opponents regardless of their size. Fans can anticipate that Cage will be able to use his size and strength along with being a remarkable athletic ability to take down anyone he is in the ring with. Moose is also blessed with size and strength, and is a gifted athlete as well.

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Adam Brookes vs Cross

Technique, speed, and complete class are among the words to describe this matchup between Aussie Adam Brooks and Matt Cross. Anyone that has seen Cross is aware that he gives his all in the ring. His experience and knowledge of what to do in the ring make him as much of a ring general as anyone today. Across from Cross stands a man that is one of the hottest wrestlers out of Australia and New Zealand, who is likely to be a huge threat to the very experienced Cross. Their involvement in this match is a testament to how much both men can still learn from the other regardless of where they are in their respective careers. How will Cross fare against the younger Brooks? His timeless ability to adjust to any and all situations is a testament to his resolve and means Brooks will face a true challenge.

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Fatu vs Dan Maff vs Ace Romero vs Larry D vs Madman Fulton vs Fallah Bahh

The phrase ‘I hope they reinforced the ring’ certainly applies here. However, unlike in the past, where a ‘hoss’ would often be a slow-moving and methodical figure that isn’t the case today. The deceptive mobility of men like Ace Romero and Fallah Bahh is a testament to how far the hoss has come. While every man has a chance to walk away as the winner of this match, there are certainly men to keep a keen eye out for here. The rise of men Madman Fulton as part of oVe and Jacob Fatu in MLW suggest they could surprise in this matchup. A confrontation that could prove to be the most intriguing would be between Ace Romero and Larry D. Both men are familiar with the Wrestling Revolver faithful and could make this an occasion where they turn the most heads and are elevated to a whole new level in the eyes of management.

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oVe vs The Unwanted

The emerging rivalry exists amongst these men appears to be reaching a boiling point. While Strickland and Callihan are no strangers to one another, it is the inclusion of reinforcements such as Joe Gacy, Eddie Kingston and the rest of oVe that has raised the level of violence to a whole new level. If there is a bit of a wildcard in this match it would be the involvement of Gacy. With very little revealed about him, that element of surprise could prove to be the most intriguing. If there is someone that may not be very trustworthy it would be Kingston. Can he and Strickland get along and remain on the same side, or will ego get the better of them and cause an implosion within the group? A number of questions have arisen from this six man tag, with only one team able to walk away with all the answers and the victory.

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RSP vs Tessa Blanchard

Get excited for this match, as Ricky Shane Page tangles with the third-generation wonder and perfectly cut diamond Tessa Blanchard. Blanchard has been quite active in Wrestling Revolver among other promotions, earning title matches, championships and gaining traction wherever she appears. It will be fun to see how the more technically apt Blanchard squares off against a master of the deathmatch in Page. This could be the match where we see a whole new level of violence from Blanchard, something that Page likely takes for granted. This could be the match that changes how Blanchard is seen in the eyes of those in attendance and usher in a whole new group of fans. Her skillset is unquestionable, but how will she fair against someone as capable of violence as this CZW star? This is the match fans will have to be sure to sit up and watch as Blanchard will need to go to an area that may be extreme on April 6th.

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Rich Swann vs Chuck Mambo

As of this writing, there was a last minute decision to replace PAC with another native of the UK. Chuck Mambo brings his Matt Riddle like persona to the ring as he embraces this upcoming match with Rich Swann. With PAC unable to compete a rematch of the two former WWE Cruiserweight champions will not happen now. With Mambo, the Fight Club Pro talent offers a relaxed personality that is anything but relaxed when it comes with his work in the ring. His stiff competition lends itself to something Rich Swann best be prepared for.


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