#Preview: Without A Cause Presents Volume 8 Five Moves of June

Without A Cause Volume 8
Five Moves of June
June 23, 2019
Everett Washington

On Sunday June 23rd Without A Cause puts on their eighth show since the promotions kicked off last October with Five Moves of June. Promotor Max Zaleski has made each show better than the last and with the line up he’s announced thus far, there is little doubt this trend will continue.

WAC continues to showcase local talent while bringing in talent from other places from around the world and introducing us to some of the greatest wrestlers in the industry. With the championship being introduced in April we are seeing things heat up at Without A Cause as talent from all over the globe have their eyes set on their chance to take the belt for themselves!

Singles Match
O.G.B. vs. Super Beetle

Five Moves of June
Photo / Without a Cause

O.G.B. Jordie Taylor is making his third appearance at Without A Cause and thus far he has a flawless record. Fresh off his win over Chris Cruz in May his confidence is no doubt running high. O.G.B. has no problem exuding confidence when he’s in the ring.

First they give me a nurse. Now I get a bug. June 23rd I stake yet another claim as the best in WAC. OGB – Only Getting Better.” – Jordie Taylor

At Five Moves of June O.G.B. will be facing a rather different opponent. Super Beetle! This enormous wrestling Endopterygota will be entering the ring with one purpose and one purpose only. DESTROY the Old Greedy Bastard! This is going to be a fantastic match between a powerhouse muscle man and an oversized Hemipterodea! Man vs. Insect… You know this is going to be good!

“This bug is gonna bite you Jordie… you’re gonna get a MRSA infection… then you’ll be wishing you didn’t cheat to beat me, so then maybe I’d help you… maybe…”Chris Cruz, Jordie’s opponent last month at WAC

Tag Team Match
JaCub Soumis & Chris Cruz vs. ????

Returning to Without A Cause is the fantastic JaCub Soumis! We haven’t seen him for a while, and it will be refreshing to see his return. Joining him in the ring is a gentleman who made his WAC debut last month when he faced the Old Greedy Bastard. Though Chris did not defeat his opponent he did win over the hearts of the audience. No doubt they will be more than pleased to see him return.

Facing JaCub Soumis and Chris Cruz is a mystery. Owner/Promotor Max Zaleski likes his surprises and there is little doubt he’ll throw some surprises at us on Sunday, June 16. Will the Academy come out to play or will the Strays emerge from their dumpsters to face these two? We may not find out until we see their opponents emerge from behind the curtain.

Singles Match
“Outlandish” Zicky Dice vs. “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn

Photo / Without a Cause

Traveling north from the Hellmouth of Sunnyvale California is none other than the “Outlandish” Zicky Dice. He will be making his Without a Cause debut and he claims to be the best Mid-Card Wrestler in the World. I suspect we’ll see for ourselves in just a few days!

Facing Zicky Dice is none other than one of WAC’s regulars the “Kingpin” himself, Johnny Flynn! Mr. Bowler himself will be going into the ring this time solo to face our out of town guest. A fantastic wrestler in his own right, Johnny Flynn is rarely seen without his partner in crime “Cool Dad” Chris Ross. Will we see interference in this match? We certainly could.

Bullrope Match
Guillermo Rosas vs. Sonico

Photo / Without a Cause

Lately, Guillermo Rosas has been terrorizing the region with his bull rope and Without A Cause is giving him a chance to show us what he’s got. Guillermo is fresh off wins against Nick Wayne and “Classic” Cody Chhun. Let’s see what he can do against his opponent for Five Moves of June!

“Gonna beat some respect into this poofy haired punk!” – Sonico

Facing Guillermo is a talent making their return to Without A Cause is everyone’s favorite Luchador Sonico! This young man is all over the place these days but on June 23 he’s coming home and joining us for Five Moves of June. There is little doubt Sonico is planning to put Guillermo Rosas and his bullrope in their place. These two are going to put on an incredible match!

Tag Team Match
4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl)
Re: Loaded (Jacky Lee and Shareef Morrow)

Last month we saw Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl make quite a tag team debut! Not only did 4 Minutes of Heat make their first in-ring appearance but they also defeated the preeminent tag team since the earliest days of Without A Cause, The Strays. These two men have some serious momentum behind them, and should WAC have a Tag Team Championship, there is little doubt they would be strong contenders.

Facing 4 Minutes of Heat is a tag team making their Without A Cause debut. Re: Loaded. This team consists of Jacky Lee, who made his WAC debut a couple of months ago in a fatal four-way, and Shareef Marrow! These two gentlemen hail from Canada and it is doubtful they are going to hand another victory over to their opponents. Re: Loaded no doubt wants to make an impression. Defeating 4 Minutes of Heat would certainly make an impression.


Fatal Four Way Match
Izzy McQueen vs. Riea Von Slasher vs. Rebel Kel vs. Bambi Hall

Five Moves of June
Photo / Without a Cause

In one of the most highly anticipated matches of the event, we have four incredible wresters sharing the ring. First, we have Izzy McQueen! This aspiring arsonist has been making her presence known at Without A Cause. Dante Smythe experienced her particular brand of devastation last month when she came out and obliterated him after he suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of “The Black Sheep” Dave Turner. There is little doubt Izzy is going to wreak havoc in the ring with her three competitors.

I’ve had the privilege to be in the ring with all three women individually. Now I get them all? The heads at WAC are too kind. They didn’t just give me three wrestlers — they gave me an international superstar, a powerhouse seasoned veteran and a highly decorated second-generation star. This isn’t just a challenge for me it’s a fight. It’s an opportunity to show I belong with each and every one of them. This match didn’t just happen on accident or out of spontaneity and I’m here to show them why.” –Izzy McQueen

The second wrestler who will be Riea Von Slasher. This young woman is a powerhouse hailing from British Columbia. She isn’t a warm fuzzy type and she is more likely to punch you than give you a hug. She’s worked for DEFY and 321Battle locally and now she makes her Without A Cause debut!

The third wrestler is none other than Rebel Kel! She has been a staple in the Pacific Northwest region, and she is hot off a tour of Japan! Rebel has been making a name for herself well beyond the Puget Sound and on Sunday, July 23, she will show the WACer’s just what she’s capable of.

The fourth and final entrant is Bambie Hall! We had the pleasure of seeing Bambi take on Holidead last November in a highly entertaining and memorable match. Bambi is no stranger to the wrestling scene in the area and she has proven herself to be more than a formidable opponent.

Expect these four spectacular wrestlers to kill it in the ring!

WAC Title Match
“The Attraction” Chase James vs. The “G.L.O.A.T.” Adams Brooks

Five Moves of June
Photo / Without a Cause

Four our main event we have Chase James, the current Without A Cause champion, making his second title defense as the main event for Five Moves of June. Chase is a favorite among the WACer’s and deservedly so. He has proven to be an approachable talent who loves his fans as much as the fans love him. Despite the vile musings of Owner/Promoter Max Zaleski, there is little doubt the audience at Without A Cause would love to see his reign long and entertaining!

However, on June 23rd there is a challenger who intends to cut Chase’s championship short. Hailing from the great continent of Australia is none other than Adam Brooks! This gentleman has wrestled with some of the most prestigious promotions in the world including Progress, PCW, The Crash and many, many others. In case you’re wondering what “G.L.O.A.T” means, Greatest Ledge of all Time.

This is going to be an incredible match. We will have a chance to see one of the best on the local scene take on one of the best in the world. We’re going to see some heavy hitting and you can bet these two men are going to pull out every move in their vast arsenals to put their opponent away! Especially since there is an impressive belt in play. There’s nothing like seeing grown men fight over a fashion accessory!

If you have your Sunday afternoon open on June 23rd and you happen to be in the vicinity of Everett Washington, there will be no better place to be than Normanna Lodge for Five Moves of June. Without A Cause has proven themselves to be more than capable of putting on incredibly fun shows. If you haven’t watched the show, you’re missing out.

Without A Cause is an all ages show. There are soft drinks, candy, and food available at the concessions counter. There is a lounge with a full-service bar. While beer and wine may be enjoyed at your seat ringside, all liquor must be consumed in the lounge. No worries however, the entire show can easily be watched from the lounge area (you lush!).

Doors open at 3:30 p.m. Ring time is 4:00 p.m. Please be courteous of our hosts at the Normanna Lodge they have treated the WAC community graciously. Also, if you get the chance go patron one of Without A Cause’s sponsors only a few blocks away from the venue, Tony V’s Garage. They have great food, great drinks and live entertainment at Five Moves of June.