Preview: RIPTIDE – Pride of Brighton x The Storm

RIPTIDE’s first show(s) of the year is nearly upon us. March 14th sees the Pride of Brighton tournament take place in the afternoon followed by The Storm in the evening. It’s been a long wait since Combat Panto took place in December, so it’s a delight to get a double helping of Rippy to belatedly ring in the new year. Let’s take a look at the matches –

Brighton Championship
Jordon Breaks vs Spike Trivet (c)

Preview: RIPTIDE - Pride of Brighton x The Storm
Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Spike Trivet has a rather stiff challenge on his hands as he defends the Brighton Championship against Jordon Breaks. Local lad Breaks has earned this title shot two times over. Firstly, he has a victory over Trivet at last year’s RIPTIDE Rumble, and second, he scored a win over David Starr at Combat Panto in December to seal the deal. A supreme technical, chain wrestler, Breaks will provide ample challenge to the Bullingdon champion.

Trivet surely enters the match with an intent to dominate and embarrass Breaks. Not seeing the local thrift electronics store employee as being on his level, Trivet surely hankers to even the score that was started nearly a year ago. This should be an absolute corker of a main event.

Prediction: Spike Trivet

Cara Noir vs Mike Bird

Preview: RIPTIDE - Pride of Brighton x The Storm
Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

The issue between Mike Bird and Cara Noir has been building for some time now and things will finally come to a head at The Storm. Bird has been picking away at Cara in backstage segments and through social media. Calling him by his real name of Tom, there’s an element of old school vs new school and all that that entails.

It also bears mentioning that Bird’s win-loss record in RIPTIDE is near spotless whereas Cara is yet to get a tick in the win column. As the above video shows, things became personal at the last RIPTIDE show Combat Panto. Both men attacked the other during the course of their matches and blood was spilled. How this one will play out is anybody’s guess at this point. I get the feeling that RIPTIDE is really invested in Mike Bird which suits me as he’s a highly underrated worker. Cara surely has to get a win at some point though so could this be the show for that to happen on?

Prediction: Mike Bird

Killer Kelly vs Mad Kurt

Preview: RIPTIDE - Pride of Brighton x The Storm
Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

The Storm sees an intriguing encounter between the fearsome Killer Kelly and the delusional Mad Kurt. Kelly is making strides back over to our shores after a bit of absence over the last year or so. She brings with her a tremendous intensity, stiff move set, and the intangibles that create a solid connection with the crowd.

Mad Kurt… well he brings his cape and SNES, doesn’t he? Seriously, Kurt is an excellent technical wrestler and his transition from Kurtis Chapman to the dorky Mad Kurt has gotten him over to an astonishing degree. I would expect the match to feature a lot of comedy begging off from the Mad One as Killer Kelly threatens to show exactly how she got her ring name.

Prediction: Killer Kelly

TK Cooper vs Warren Banks

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Warren Banks makes his RIPTIDE debut against a TK Cooper who appears to be bouncing back from his feud with Chuck Mambo. Making his name across the country wrestling for the likes of the now-defunct IPW, PROGRESS and Schadenfreude & Friends, Banks is a hot prospect among the new generation of wrestlers coming up in BritWres at the moment.

Despite being very young himself, TK is very much the established name of the two, particularly in RIPTIDE where he has been a genuine main eventer. Is Banks the new talent to keep an eye on as he storms up the ranks, or will TK restate his claim to a shot at Spike Trivet?

Prediction: TK Cooper

Cassius Open Challenge

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Current Pride of Brighton champion Cassius features in an Open Challenge. Obviously, just who will answer this is a mystery but what is known is that Cassius is not far away from one year as champ. The stipulation of the PoB states that if you can hold onto the medallion for one year then you will receive a shot at the Brighton Championship. Could we be heading towards Cassius facing Spike Trivet? If I were a betting man then I would think that is most likely.

Prediction: Cassius

Pride of Brighton Tournament

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Chakara and Tate Mayfairs clash in the Pride of Brighton tournament for a chance to capture the medallion. Chakara is a wrestler very much synonymous with RIPTIDE so it would be lovely to see her progress through the tournament a good amount.

Mayfairs is a standout star who is beginning to make his mark in many different companies. They should have a bit of a belter.

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Opposite them, Connor Mills battles it out with Rev Pro’s Women’s Champion Gisele Shaw. Connor too is making strides in Rev Pro, recently setting up a feud with The OJMO over the Cruiserweight title. Will their fractious relationship there spill over to Mills’ attitude whilst wrestling for RIPTIDE?

He’ll have his hands full against the excellent Shaw who is really on a roll in BritWres of late. She will challenge Jinny for the PROGRESS Title two weeks later so will she be Gisele 3 Belts (one medallion technically)?

Plenty more matches are lined up for the tournament including the contest which will pit tag partners Mad Kurt and Rob Lias against one another. Gene Munny faces off with Rishi Ghosh, and in a non-tournament match Millie McKenzie will square off with Killer Kelly – a late replacement for a scheduled Dani Luna vs Candy Floss match.

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Looks like we could be in for another sterling day of action from RIPTIDE. As always we will have a full review when the shows become available on-demand. If you’re going, have a great time; I’ll see you there one of these days.