#Preview: RevPro Wrestling Presents Seven Year Anniversary

Sunday, August 18th see Revolution Pro Wrestling celebrate seven years of business with the seven-year anniversary. Cheltenham Town Hall will host the event from the outfit renowned for presenting dream matches. Previous shows have seen big-time (or Epic) encounters such as Marty Scurll vs Hiroshi Tanahashi; PAC vs Will Ospreay; and Kurt Angle vs Zack Sabre Jr. The company has also fostered talent a degree that they are now able to perform on the world stage. See the aforementioned Ospreay, Sabre Jr, and Scurll.

At their seventh anniversary show, Rev Pro will present one more awe-inspiring dream match. They will also help to foster the new generation of British wrestlers, to fill the vacuum that NXT UK has created. Let’s see what Andy Quildan and the gang have in store for us. Here is our preview for Seven Year Anniversary.

Matt Sydal vs PAC

That’s your dream match right there! A with every dream match comes lofty expectations. What everybody is expecting is to see an impressive display of aerials, contested at pace. What may be on the cards is a PAC special. That is, that he will slow the pace right down to gain heat. The average indy fan sees him as something of a hero, given his acrimonious exit from WWE. PAC usually does his best to turn fans’ initial hero worship to ash; not giving anybody what they want to see. He eventually does give the high-flying goods, but long after he has turned the crowd against him.

Sydal has had a storied career, having worked near enough everywhere at one time or another. Dragon Gate USA, ROH, WWE, IMPACT, New Japan – he’s done it all. A naturally charming, and therefore likable, babyface, Matt Sydal has slowed down his aerial repertoire of late. As disclosed on Edge and Christian’s Pod, this is sadly due to constant pain in the ankle he broke whilst in WWE. He can still nail his signature shooting star press and works his heart out in there, and so he should be the crowd favorite. The two men who have previously passed like ships in the night should electrify in the ring. This could be one to cherish for some time to come.

Prediction: PAC

Jushin Liger & Michael Oku vs El Phantasmo & Hikuleo

Seven Year Anniversary
Photo / @RevProUK

The main selling point of this one is that it will be Liger’s final match in the UK. As we all know, he will be retiring after next year’s Wrestle Kingdom, and this will be his British bow. He teams with the incredibly promising Michael Oku (OJMO) here; Liger has always tried to help younger talent. This will be something Oku will remember for the rest of his life. What an honor.

They will face Bullet Club members El Phantasmo and Hikuleo. It’s mildly disappointing to see ELP in Bullet Club, so accomplished was he as a babyface. As soon as he finally conquered David Starr for the Cruiserweight belt he turned. Not the most opportune timing, but I’m sure the man himself has no complaints about his positioning. Aside from this being Liger’s final UK match, this will further the build for Oku vs ELP at Summer Sizzler. The two will clash for the Cruiserweight title on the 30th.

Prediction: El Phantasmo & Hikuleo

Speedball Mike Bailey vs David Starr

Photo / @RevProUK

A similar story with this match, in all fairness, as David Starr heads towards his Summer Sizzler match against Will Ospreay in this final match for seven-year anniversary. Starr is in an interesting position as his Independent label casts him as both the heel and the face, depending on your own political feelings. Traditionally a heel in Rev Pro, his attempted unionization of pro wrestling has now seen him cheered by some. Whether he can consolidate his well-publicized cause with playing a wrestling heel is unknown as yet.

Speedball is someone, to the best of my knowledge, who has never been a heel. Similar to Matt Sydal, he has a naturally affable and likable presence. Couple this with his unique martial arts-based offense, and you have a special character on the indy scene. It also helps that Beastie Boys’ ‘Funky Monkey’ plays him to and from the ring. You can’t buy that kind of cool. Look for lots of stiff strikes from both men, with Starr trying to take Bailey out as quickly as possible.

Prediction: David Starr

Also set for the shows are A-Kid vs Carlos Romo in a battle of Team White Wolf. That should be interesting; maybe they’re heading for splitsville? Dan Moloney will face Kurtis Chapman in a battle of contrasting styles and sizes. Sha Samuels faces the young bull, Gabriel Kidd. Kidd has made big strides this year; let’s see if he can continue. And finally, Mark Haskins takes on Chris Brookes in the biggest match to have no real stakes. That’s a nice undercard in all fairness. And a great looking show to celebrate Revolution Pro Wrestling’s seven years of success at seven-year anniversary.