#Preview Progress Chapter 84: Eskeewd Beef! Have Anybody Got Any Bokkle Oran Doove

This coming Sunday 24 February, PROGRESS Wrestling return to The Electric Ballroom in Camden, London for Chapter 84, and this is my official Pro Wrestling Post preview of the event.

In case you’re wondering about the very strange title of the show, you should understand that Jim Smallman, Jon Briley and Glen Joseph (PROGRESS Wrestling co-owners) like to make their shows stand out from the rest, And this title comes from a line uttered in seminal BBC comedy sketch series League Of Gentlemen. It was mentioned in an OJ commercial for those that wanted to know 😉

This is top to bottom, a stacked card. Top tier talent, feuds put to rest, championships on the line – This has all the hallmarks of a great PROGRESS card!

So without further ado, here is my preview of Chapter 84!

Millie McKenzie vs Bea Priestley


It’s been a while since both of these women have been seen at a PROGRESS show, but that doesn’t mean they havent been doing much. Millie spent her winter with the Sendai Girls in Japan, even winning their Sendai Junior Championship to further her growing reputation.

Bea, on the other hand, also worked in Japan but for STARDOM and had great match after great match.

Could this be a battle to face PROGRESS Women’s Champion Jordynne Grace? With the reputation and calibre of both women, it could very much be a number one contenders match.

Atlas Division Open Challenge Match


Trent Seven, the current Atlas Division champion returns with yet another Open Challenge. Since winning the title from Doug Williams back at Hello Wembley, Trent has taken on all comers from across the world – challengers. Could another international challenger step up, or will it be a homegrown talent?

Travis Banks vs Jordan Devlin


Oh yes! Many of you with long memories (or wrestling nerds like myself) will remember that Jordan’s first ever PROGRESS match was against Travis Banks. A match that Travis won. Fast forward two plus years and Jordan has travelled across the world and is one of the greatest talents in the world, with OTT Wrestling pushing him as their number one guy. So don’t expect the young, wideyed Devlin here, he’s a totally different beast now.

Travis Banks, since losing the PROGRESS World Championship, has had a few up’s and downs. Yes he signed for WWE via NXTUK but a couple of nasty injuries in the last year has put paid to his momentum. Could a possible match of the night against Jordan put him back on the right path?

Jinny vs Nina Samuels


These two women were teammates (not really, Jinny was in charge and Nina was the muscle, but you know what I mean) five months ago until Jinny cast aside Nina and Charlie Morgan like lint out of a pocket.

Both Charlie and Nina didn’t take that too well and have been on a mission to get to Jinny. And at this chapter, Nina gets her wish….but as the saying goes, be very careful what you wish for.

Jinny has now aligned herself with Laura Di Matteo, her former assistant, and you can bet your bottom dollar that she will be involved in this match one way or another.

But on the opposite side could Charlie help Nina even the odds? This match has so much intrigue – which is 100% better than the actual break up of the House Of Couture – and I really can’t wait to see this match. Both women can GO in the ring. Add the intrigue and I’m ready for a barnstormer!

Mark Andrews & Mark Haskins w/Vicky Haskins vs Do Not Resuscitate (Chuck Mambo & Spike Trivet)


One thing PROGRESS do better than anyone is long term booking, and this match shows that statement in full force.

Do Not Resuscitate have been a highlight of recent chapters. The fact that these four “younger” guys want the spots being held by the older veterans can be told in any format. The fact that they haven’t whined about it and gone out of their way to actually do something about it is the crux of the story.

After laying waste to Mark Andrews a few months back, and for daring to put their hands on Mark Haskins’s wife Vicky, DNR will be facing retribution. But with the numbers advantage, could DNR really do some damage to two former PROGRESS world champions?

Another intriguing storyline and another match I can’t wait to see!

PROGRESS Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Swords Of Essex (c) vs Aussie Open


At December’s Unboxing (a great event that I urge you all to watch) Will Ospreay and Paul Robinson surprised the world when they toppled Aussie Open in a huge upset. Now Davis and Fletcher get their chance of revenge.

As it was an Unboxing show – all matches are surprises as they’re not announced at all – and Aussie Open had no time to prepare, you can once again bet your bottom dollar that they’ll be uber prepared now.

But the combination of best friends Ospreay and Robinson, plus the fact that both men are unpredicatble in the ring, how can you prepare for that?

I’ll tell you what you can prepare for though….this match will be a WAR!

Main Event
PROGRESS World Championship
WALTER (c) Vs Chris Ridgeway


For months I’ve been singing the praises of Ridgeway. Of how damn talented he is, and if given a chance on the big stage he’ll take that ball and run with it. And now is his chance.

First of all, you’ve got to give the man props for calling out WALTER. I mean, come on, you don’t do that! Secondly, Chris has been on a tear in PROGRESS, beating Paul Robinson and Shingehiro Irie in recent months and in my eyes has proven his championship credentials.

WALTER on the other hand? The guy is everything that Brock Lesnar wants to be, yeah I said it! WALTER is legit. He cares about the business and no matter whose on the opposite side of the ring, he will go out of his way to gove you the best match possible.

Which is why, with so much on the line, and with both men in such great form, this really could be a Match Of The Year candidate.


And that ladies and gents is my preview of what looks like a fantastic show, and hopefully you’re all going to go out of you’re way to watch this, either live and in person (I’m totally not jealous) or via their on demand service.

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