#Preview: Prestige Wrestling – Viva La Raza

Prestige Wrestling presents: Viva La Raza
May 3rd, 2019
Hermiston Oregon

In Hermiston Oregon, Prestige kicks off their first of three events in the month of May. Prestige will be going on tour making an appearance in Corvallis Oregon, Spokane Washington and then in late June appearing in Portland Oregon. Going on tour and presenting your product in different markets is a testament to a promotion’s health. It comes as no surprise that Prestige Wrestling is doing well. When you consider the quality of talent they employ and the fact that the matches they make are top notch.

On May 3rd the folks at Prestige are putting on Viva La Raza! This will be at their home base, the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center in Hermiston Oregon. They are starting their tour season off with an incredible line up of talent. If you can make it to this show it is highly recommended!

Singles Match
Simon Grimm vs. Julian Whyt

Here we have a match between a visiting dignitary facing off against one of our very own, homegrown talents. Simon Grimm makes his way to the West Coast once again. He has been a strong presence at Prestige and he has faced some of the best talent they could put up against him. As a former talent for WWE, he has honed his skills and has achieved a level of mastery rarely seen.

Facing the indomitable Mr. Grimm is local talent Julian Whyt. This gentleman is no rookie. He’s currently one half of the DOA Tag Team Champions, the Kanomi Code. In addition, he has held the DOA Pure Wrestling Championship twice. This local talent is going to be more than a match for Simon Grimm!

Singles Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Ethan HD

Right out of the gate we have one of the most esteemed members of the wrestling community. Chavo Guerrero will be making an appearance at Viva La Raza! If you are one of the few people who do not know who this man is, he has worked for WCW and the WWE and currently a regular talent at Lucha Underground. This man has won more belts than most people can count! There is little doubt his appearance at this show is going to be the highlight for many in attendance!

Facing this incredible talent is one of our own. Someone who is one of the most talented people on the local scene, Ethan HD. This man is not only a great wrestler, but he’s also an incredible teacher. This man knows what he’s doing, and he is going to be more than a match for Chavo Guerrero. If you don’t agree, be prepared to have your opinion changed.

This is going to be an incredible match. These two men bring decades of experience into the ring. There is no way this isn’t going to be one of the best matches of the night!

Hermiston Street Fight
Tyler Bateman vs. Drexl

When this matchup was announced there was a collective grimace of both horror and excitement. When one person, Bateman, has the nickname “The Butcher” and the other, Drexl, with the nickname “The Devil,” you know this is going to get ugly… very quickly!

Tyler Bateman is huge on the independent circuit right now. He’s working for promotions across the world including Bar Wrestling, DEFY, NJPW, and Rey Mysterio’s Lucha Wonderland to name a few. If you haven’t seen him before, he is a vicious competitor. He holds nothing back and winning doesn’t seem as important as devastating whoever dares get in the ring with him.

Facing the “Butcher” is a denizen of Portland’s underworld. Summoned by some conjurer from the depths of hell is the “Devil” himself Derxl! First of all, this man is so evil and demented it is not certain if crucifixes or even holy water will keep him at bay. Fortunately for the audience, he will be focused on his opponent. If you see Drexl coming, get out of his way… you’ll regret it if you don’t!

Singles Match
Leva Bates vs. Bambi Hall

Here we have two of the best professional wrestlers in the business. Leva Bates is no stranger to Prestige Wrestling. She recently signed on with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and she has in the past worked for the NXT division at the WWE. She has well over a decade of experience under her belt and we can expect nothing less than perfection from Ms. Bates.

Entering the ring with this All Elite professional is another wrestler to whom there are insufficient words in the English language to emphasize her degree of talent. Bambi Hall has been making her mark in the Pacific Northwest. She was recently the 321Battle! Champion and a talent to keep an eye on. In addition to being a great wrestler, Bambi has great ring banter.

Seeing these two exceptional athletes compete in the ring will be an incredible treat for everyone in Hermiston Oregon on May 3rd. Hopefully, we will see these two at future events at Prestige and other promotions around the region!

Singles Match
Bull James vs. Schaff

Bull James is a behemoth of a man! He’s a major powerhouse and spent some time with the top promotion in the business. His training pedigree is impeccable. His strength and skill are impressive. He is just coming off a tour in Japan and it would appear he’s decided to make a stop in Hermiston Oregon to face one of the top powerhouses in the Pacific Northwest Region.

Facing Bull James is one of the best in the Northwest! Schaff! It has become the prevailing opinion of many that this young man is one of the rising stars in this region. This has been achieved through hard work and demonstrating how great he is in the ring. There is no doubt he is the perfect match up for Bull James. This is going to be an epic competition and has the potential to steal the show!

Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
The Eh Team vs. The Voros Twins

Viva La Raza
Photo / Prestige Wrestling

We have a championship title match. The current champions, the Eh Team, consists of Lance Pierson and Chase James. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing these two men in the ring knows they are both big, talented and frightfully strong. When they enter the ring, they don’t mess around and they get right down to business… and that business is to win!

Making the championship title challenge are one of the best tag teams ever to come from Canada, the Voros Twins!  These two brothers have been busy working hard and making a name for themselves in the industry. They have recently made an appearance at ROH and this is likely only the beginning for them. The future looks bright for these two gentlemen!

Tag Team Match
Team C4 vs. The Strays

Team C4 consists of two highly regarded wrestlers who are coming out of the Buddy Wayne Academy. “Classic” Cody Chhun and Guillermo Rosas! These two wrestlers are highly technical and do great mat work. Despite being relatively new to the profession, there is little doubt, they have done well for themselves. They have already proven they are highly polished performers.

Facing Team C4 will be the Strays. These two vagabonds are already likelily panhandling their way to Hermiston Oregon from their native Vancouver British Columbia. Being homeless has caused these two to develop a surprising level of resiliency in the ring. They also work well together off the ropes. Furthermore, once these two scamps get the momentum going, they are nearly unstoppable.

Single Match
Mike Santiago vs. Sonico

Viva La Raza
Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Mike Santiago has seen his fair share of controversy at Prestige. There was some questionable conduct over his ‘possible’ involvement in King Khash winning the Prestige Heavyweight Title. As a result, he was banned from the ring during King Khash’s match with Filthy Tom Lawlor, probably to be certain he didn’t interfere. To say Mike Santiago has had a big impact at Prestige might be an understatement. Now he stands alone on a new playing field and it will be interesting to see how this plays out for him.

Facing Mike Santiago is a Prestige crowd favorite and long-standing member of the roster, Sonico! After a brutal showdown with Drexl, is Sonico coming after Santiago to clean up the Prestige locker room? Or is Santiago going to put this upstart luchador in his place? Either way, this match is going to be very entertaining!

Championship Title Match
Filthy Tom Lawlor vs. MV Young

Viva La Raza
Photo / Prestige Wrestling

The main event for Viva La Raza features Prestige Heavyweight Champion, “Filthy” Tom Lawlor who will be making his first title defense. This man is a brutal fighter with a background in the MMA. As a result, he managed to transition over to wrestling where his previous experience has served him well. He is perhaps one of the most feared wrestlers active in the independent circuit today.

Facing off against the champion is MV Young. This young man will be making his way from Brooklyn to have his shot at the title. He hasn’t been resting up for his match either. According to some of the video’s he’s released on social media, MV Young is training hard and he’s getting ready to take the golden belt from Lawlor.

These two men have had some of the hardest hitting brutal matches in the promotion’s history. There is little doubt on May 3rd these two men are not going to hold back. This one will have you sitting on the edge of your seats!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets to Prestige Wrestling Presents Viva La Raza, don’t wait. There is a good chance this show could sell out. What else are you going to be doing in the Hermiston Oregon area on May 3rd anyway?!

You can buy your tickets at www.tinyurl.com/prestigewrestlingtickets

This is an all ages show. VIP will have an entry at 5:45 p.m. and General admissions will have an entry at 6:45 p.m. This is the place to be on May 3rd, 2019 if you want to see an incredible professional wrestling show as Prestige Wrestling presents Viva La Raza!

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