#Preview: Prestige Wrestling Presents Tower of Snakes (2/22/19)

On a cold and dark Friday evening in a quiet sleepy rural town, one of the best professional wrestling shows you can find anywhere in the country on February 22nd, will be happening in Hermiston Oregon. Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one scratching their head wondering how this happened.

When someone has a vision and the passion and business acumen to bring this vision to life, it doesn’t matter what community you live in. William Quintana is just such a person. Not just anyone can throw together a good wrestling show. Only the people behind putting on these shows know how much work it takes. To do so, in a rural Oregon community, nearly two hundred miles east of Portland, is nothing short of miraculous.

On Friday February 22, 2019, the folks behind Prestige Wrestling are putting on Tower of Snakes! If the name doesn’t pull you in, take a look at the line up below!

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Three Way Tag Team Match
The Strays vs. No Lives Matter vs. EH Team

A three-way tag team match! This is going to be a chaotic clash of supreme talent! Strategy will be the name of the game as these six talented men enter the ring to prove they are the best tag team in the region.

The Strays, hail from the urban wastelands of Vancouver British Columbia. These two street urchins have been making a splash at Without A Cause in recent months. It would seem they’ve turned their sights on Prestige. Judas Icarus and Tyler have both proven they should never be underestimated.

No Lives Matter is coming in from Portland Oregon, the Devil Drexl will be joined by Schaff! It would seem Dr. Klever is taking the night off. Drexl’s bedlam tactics in combination with Schaff’s powerhouse skills is going to make this the team to beat! Without question their participation in this match is going to be a huge wildcard where anything could happen.

The third tag team, from Spokane Washington, is the EH Team! Pierce Lance and Chase James have been regulars at Prestige and a well-established combo. Depending on how these two gentlemen play their cards, they could take the big “W” for themselves.

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Three Way Singles Match
Leva Bates vs. Mike Santiago vs. Zicky Dice

For this three-way match, the folks at Prestige Wrestling went all out. Bringing in Leva Bates was brilliant, and she is an amazing talent to catch. She is a veteran in the wrestling world having appeared on WWE’s NXT as Blue Pants and on SHIMMER among many other promotions. She is a fantastic talent and anyone lucky enough to be in Hermiston Oregon on February 22, 2019 is going to be in for a real treat.

The second entry for this competition is a true great, Mike Santiago. This man has been working in the ring for years. He’s one half of the tag team Amerikan Gunz and an accomplished singles wrestler as well. When you see this man get in the ring you know you are going to be seeing one of the best performers in the business.

The third entrant is Zicky Dice! This young man comes from Southern California and will be making his Prestige debut at Tower of Snakes! He has worked with California Wrestling from Hollywood and Blackcraft Wrestling, among many others. He’s faced some of the greatest talents on the independent scene and on Friday February 22nd he will be facing two more of the greatest!

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Singles Match
Simon Grimm vs. Ethan HD

With two great talents entering the ring you can count on a spectacular display of skill that is bound to entertain the audience. This is undoubtedly going to be one of those matches. Both Simon Grimm and Ethan HD are accomplished, seasoned performers.

Mr. Grimm has been working in this business for eighteen years. Three of those years were with the WWE. He has been fairly regular at Prestige Wrestling and clearly the fans love him. How will he do against his opponent at Tower of Snakes?

Ethan HD is a highly respected presence on the West Coast independent scene. He is so accomplished, he recently spent six months in India teaching prospective students how to do what he does so well!

It is likely this is going to be one of the stand out matches of the evening!

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Singles Match
Darby Allin vs. Julian Whyt

Anyone who watches the independent wrestling scene is familiar with Darby Allin! A regular at EVOLVE and having made multiple appearances at DEFY and Without A Cause, he’s hard to miss. He comes out with his brooding temperament and despite being small in comparison to some of his competitors he always makes a strong showing.

Facing Darby on February 22nd will be Julian Whyt! Julian has been a staple here in the Pacific Northwest, appearing at WCWC and is a former DOA Champion. He has been a regular at Prestige and on Friday night he will be facing one of the toughest opponents of his career. This is going to be good!

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Tag Team Match
Team C4 vs. DJZ & Sonico

Team C4 consisting of “Classic” Cody Chhun and Guillermo Rosas are making their return to Prestige as tag partners. These two gentlemen from the Seattle area have trained together for years at the Buddy Wayne Academy. As a result, you can count on them to impress you in the ring.

Facing these talented performers will be DJZ and Sonico. Both these guys have been working with Prestige for a while now, and both are loved by the crowd. Sonico is one of the premier luchadores on the West Coast. DJZ has been wowing crowds across the continent with his flashy entrance and impressive talents in the ring.

These four guys are going to be amazing. Expect a lot of technical displays, high flying and some good old-fashioned wrestling!

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

NWA Mexico Welterweight Championship Match
Vaquero Fantasma vs. Cazador Del Alma

We have a title challenge for a belt not belonging to Prestige Wrestling. Coming up from Mexico, Vaquero Fantasma will be making his Prestige debut. He brought a championship belt with him and will be making a title defense. He will be defending the NWA Mexico Welterweight Championship! With over twenty years under his belt, Vaquero is an outstanding talent and he isn’t likely to give up that belt without one hell of a fight!

Challenging Vaquero Fantasma is Cazador Del Alma, who is returning to Prestige Wrestling. Cazador has been a regular with PWR in San Francisco and recently appeared at Lucha Libra Volcanica in Seattle!

These two men have crossed paths before. Both as allies and competitors. No doubt PWR and NWA fans will be paying close attention to what’s going on in Hermiston Oregon on February 22nd.

Photo / Prestige Wrestling

Prestige Championship Match
King Khash vs. Tom Lawler

In what is likely to be the main event, the Prestige Title will be on the line at Tower of Snakes. Reigning champion King Khash will be facing off against one of the toughest opponents on the independent circuit, Tom Lawler.

King Khash is only the third person to hold the Prestige Heavyweight Title. It was originally held by Kenny Lush. The title then changed hands to Davey Richards who eventually retired and vacated the title. When this happened, a tournament was held and King Khash took the belt as his own! The Persian Prodigy has successfully defended this title since June of last year! This young man has truly been the King of Prestige since winning his title.

There is someone ready to end the reign of King Khash. That man is making a title challenge at Tower of Snakes and his name is… Tom Lawler! This talented gentleman, despite being filthy, is no stranger to the Prestige crowd. He’s made several appearances and he’s even faced Khash before… and was defeated. However, Lawler seems determined to take that belt for himself in what is likely going to be an epic match!

Will we see a title change or will King Khash continue his run as Prestige Champion? Those lucky enough to be in attendance on Friday night will see for themselves who is going home with the belt.

For tickets visit: www.PRESTIGEWRESTLING.net

Location: Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center, 1705 East Airport Road / Hermiston, OR