#Preview: OTT Wrestling Presents Contenders 14

Over the Top ( OTT ) Wrestling returns to the Ringside Club for Contenders 14. This one is set to go down on Easter Sunday, April the 21st. After all, there’s nothing like some good Irish wrestling to celebrate with! While the card itself is smaller in comparison to say Homecoming 2 or ScrapperMania V, it makes up for it with a punch. There will be a return on the card as well as an international debut. Enough with my yapping, let’s get to the matches! Here is our Preview as OTT Wrestling Presents Contenders 14.


More than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) vs. Club Tropicana (Aidan Epic & Captain Sexsea) & Fabulous Nicky

This should be a fun and entertaining six-man tag team match. Aidan Epic and Captain Sexsea will join forces with their friend the Fabulous Nicky! The young trio of More Than Hype will be ready for their fabulous opponents. In what was viewed as an upset, Cleary, Kearney and Martin walked away from ScrapperMania V with a win over The Rapture. They look to continue their momentum and winning ways here but don’t sell their opponents short. Club Tropicana had teamed with Colt Cabana back in July of 2018 to defeat More than Hype. Aidan, Captain Sexsea and Nicky may have made their bread and butter as comedy wrestlers. But in the Tag Team World Cup at ScrapperMania, they stepped up and performed well. This match has a hidden gem written all over it.


Gavin Fitz vs. Curtis Murray

Things haven’t been very rosy for Gavin Fitz of The Mongrels. Gavin has taken the fall for the last two of their matches which were also losses. His teammates, Eddie Stone, and Russell Dempster definitely levy the blame in his direction. In a quest to prove himself, Gavin got a singles match at Contenders 14! He’s taking on the No Limits Champion Curtis Murray in a non-title contest. Stone and Dempster were less than thrilled upon hearing it wasn’t for the title, but they’ll settle for any redemption from Fitz. His back is truly against the wall, and Murray won’t be giving him any leeway. Murray has also undergone a character transformation upon forming a team with Steven Carvel. He’ll take any advantage he can get, no matter his opponent.

Scotty Davis vs. Hyperstreak

We last saw Hyperstreak in OTT way back at Contenders 3 in 2017. In that match, he took on LJ Cleary and one Scotty Davis. A lot has changed for both men in the intervening almost two-year period. Both have become more well-versed in the ring and confident in their abilities. While Davis may still confine his work to Ireland and the United Kingdom, for now, he’s become one of the hottest stars. Hyperstreak has been away on tour in China most recently, in addition to his work in the United States. Now Hyperstreak returns to Irish shores for the first time and looks to show his evolution to the OTT faithful and pick up a coveted win over Davis.


Chris Ridgeway vs. Calum Black


Two hard-hitting, tough as nails guys will clash at Contenders 14. Ridgeway was last seen on OTT Redemption, where he unsuccessfully challenged for the Gender Neutral Championship. Black was last seen at Contenders 13 where he lost to Spanish sensation, Carlos Romo. He’s also witnessed his friends celebrate their moments in the Ringside Club. Now, he looks to prove that he is undeniable and seize a moment in the sun for himself. Ridgeway is aptly described as ‘hard as fuck’, so the sounds from this fight will surely be heard on both sides of the Atlantic.


Sugar Dunkerton & Session Moth Martina vs. Valkyrie & CT Flexor


Sugar Dunkerton will be swooping into the Ringside Club for Contenders 14 and his OTT debut! The Atlanta native has established himself in the United Kingdom and has set his sights on the Emerald Isle. In this match, he’ll be partnering with the Session Moth herself, Martina. These two both certainly know how to have a good time and to have a good match. Martina has recently gone beyond being just a comedy wrestler as well. Their opponents will be the makeshift team of Valkyrie and CT Flexor. Debbie Keitel is unavailable that day, and unfortunately, the only one around was Rough Stuff’s CT Flexor. Flexor is a tag team specialist, though he’s yet to see a victory since OTT ConTENders in 2018. Valkyrie definitely has her work cut out for her here.

Gender Neutral Championship Match
Mark Haskins (c) vs. Terry Thatcher

Terry Thatcher is on the warpath, and Mark Haskins is his target. Thatcher was part of a three-way match with Andrew Everett and Haskins, where Haskins stole the win. Now Thatcher is going to have Haskins to himself, with the Gender Neutral Championship in his sights. Mark Haskins is a world-renowned star, most recently joining Ring of Honor and is part of the Lifeblood stable. Thatcher is somewhat a best-kept secret in comparison. He also has a special place in his heart for the Ringside Club. This is where Thatcher really has proven himself in his career and where he won the No Limits Championship. Can he make it doubly lucky at Contenders 14?

Don’t sleep on this one folks! If you can’t make it out to the Ringside Club in person, it will go up on OTT’s subscription service not long after. OTT not only delivers with its incredible video packages but with consistent in-ring content as well. Definitely worth a gander! This concludes our Preview as OTT Wrestling Presents Contenders 14.

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