#Preview: OTT Presents ScrapperMania V

Over the Top Wrestling returns to the National Stadium in Ireland for ScrapperMania V! ScrapperMania V kicks off St. Patrick’s Day weekend right on March 16th. Coming off Homecoming 2, things could not possibly get any hotter. There is a ton of amazing action in store, as well as a couple of matches with HUGE implications. Jordan Devlin destroyed his former friend David Starr to get back to the man that destroyed him, WALTER. British Strong Style is returning to Dublin, to renew their rivalry with the Kings of the North for the last time. Whoever loses will have to leave OTT.

Dan Barry vs. David Starr

Ireland’s adopted son, Dan Barry is going to throw on the Hawaiian shirts once again for the OTT faithful. Ever since making his debut at A Haven for Monsters, he’s captured the hearts of Irish wrestling fans. David Starr is none too pleased with his opponent for ScrapperMania V. He views going from facing Jordan Devlin to Dan Barry as a downgrade. We’ve seen the American Starr go from being also beloved by the Irish to being loathed. His betrayal and subsequent war with Jordan Devlin did him no favors in the eyes of the fans, and he did lose in the end.

Still bitter, he claims he’s not going to “fuck around” and will hit Dan Barry hard, stretch him, and call it a match quickly. Barry is unphased by the arrogant and entitled David Starr. The New York native is a veteran of over fifteen years, so he’s paid his dues. Despite the fun-loving, finger-gun brandishing and Hawaiian shirts, Barry is more than just a comedy guy. And he’s going to prove that to David Starr at ScrapperMania.

More Than Hype vs. The Rapture

The young trio of Darren Kearney, Nathan Martin, and LJ Cleary has been under Charlie Sterling’s skin since before Homecoming 2. Sterling’s partners in the Rapture, Zack Gibson and Sha Samuels weren’t available for Homecoming 2. So, Sterling recruited the Anti-Fun Police to help him against More Than Hype. Despite a valiant effort by the youngsters, Sterling and his cronies were successful. More Than Hype has been in a bit of a dry spell when it comes to winning in OTT. They haven’t seen a W since September of 2018. The Rapture is one of the most dominant teams in OTT history, especially when all three are together. So, if More Than Hype wants to prove they are more than hype, they’re going to have to really dig deep.

The Angel Cruzers & Hurricane Helms vs. Team P.Rick, Justy, & Sammy D

After being the security team for Angel Cruz and B. Cool, Team P.Rick turned on them at Homecoming 2. The blood feud between Angel Cruz, B. Cool and Justy has raged on for months. Now, he’s turned yet more people against Cruz and Cool. While it did hurt them to have lost Team P.Rick as their security, the Angel Cruzers just want this business with Justy to be over. To help them in this mission, they had to call on a friend. A super kind of friend. Hurricane Helms will cross the Atlantic and fly in to join the Angel Cruzers at ScrapperMania V!

Tag Team World Cup
Aussie Open vs. The Lads from The Flats vs. The Besties in the World vs. Angelico & Rey Horus

Tag team wrestling is stronger than ever in OTT! With teams from around the world, it will be a four-way match for the Tag Team World Cup. Aussie Open returns to OTT for the first time since Redemption. Fletcher and Davis are a team known around the world as one of the best. They mesh well and compliment each other in-ring. Representing Ireland will be the Lads from the Flats, who are looking for a big win. They lost a grueling cage match to the Kings of the North last month at Homecoming 2.

The Besties in the World represent the United States wrestling scene and they do so quite well. They’re very accomplished on the American scene and have been slowly working themselves into international action. Finally rounding out our competitors is the lucha tandem of Angelico and Rey Horus. Of all the teams, this is perhaps the wildcard. Angelico and Rey Horus know each other well, as opponents and partners. However, they do not team on a regular basis like the three other teams. Regardless, this will be a fun match to watch.

Meiko Satomura vs. Session Moth Martina

In another example of Ireland versus the World, we have a joshi legend taking on an Irish lass. Meiko Satomura’s very name evokes respect. She’s traveled around the world, taking on men and women and raising the profile of the joshi wrestling scene. Meiko recently competed on the world stage as part of WWE’s Mae Young Classic, growing her legend even more. She’s also been to OTT before, and in her last appearance, she was not successful. The Session Moth Martina is homegrown and a fixture of OTT. She’s come a long way since she debuted as the manager for the Lads from the Flats. Martina notoriously fancies her cans, but there is one thing she loves more and that’s wrestling. She has steadily improved, even traveling to Japan to work for World Wonder Ring Stardom.

Last month, she was part of OTT’s cage match and put on the fight of her life. Now faced with an even bigger challenge, Martina will have no choice but to do the same here. Meiko Satomura is a former Stardom champion and the current Fight Club: PRO World Champion. She’s also the owner of her own promotion in Japan, Sendai Girls. Meiko is versed in every single facet of the wrestling business. This makes her possibly one of the most formidable opponents for anyone. At ScrapperMania V, we’ll see which lady gets her hand raised.

Jushin Thunder Liger vs. Scotty Davis

This match is another example of the past meeting the present and future. Another living legend from Japan clashing with a star of today. Jushin Thunder Liger recently announced his retirement would take place on January 4, 2020. Amazingly, after 35 years in wrestling, he still has debuts to make. Due to Will Ospreay being unable to make ScrapperMania, Liger was asked to step in. The most decorated and respected junior heavyweight in the world will take on Ospreay’s protégée, Scotty Davis. Scotty Davis is a rising star not just in Irish wrestling, but in wrestling in general. The technical prowess and savvy of such a young wrestler is rare and to watch him compete is a treasure. Now he will get to try his brand of technical/high flying hybrid against one of the very best.

Loser Leaves Town
British Strong Style vs. Kings of the North

One of the longest-running feuds in OTT history, this one started back at The Road ScrapperMania 3. That was when the members of British Strong Style made their OTT debut. And in their debut, they narrowly lost to the dominant Kings of the North. In the return match, Kings of the North gained another win, leaving BSS desperate to settle the score and send KOTN packing from OTT. Since the last time these two met, a lot has changed in the landscapes of Irish and British wrestling. British Strong Style has exploded on the international scene, which has made their OTT appearances fewer and far between. The Kings of the North have remained focused on OTT, holding the OTT Tag Team titles for over 1,000 days in total over three reigns.

Now a simple win just won’t do for the Kings of the North. They want to put it all on the line in an old-fashioned loser leaves town match. It will be an all-out war between two of the best factions in the world at ScrapperMania V. When the dust settles, one of them won’t be allowed to wrestle in Dublin anymore.

OTT Women’s Championship Match
Raven Creed (c) vs. Debbie Keitel

Raven Creed laid out the challenge to one half of the Woke Queens, Debbie Keitel. These two are not strangers to each other, having competed against each other many times. Twice they have faced off in OTT and much like the BSS/KOTN feud, this will be the rubber match. Raven has successfully defended the CCW Women’s title against Debbie four times. Debbie has often gotten the better of Raven in OTT when it comes to matches involving other people. Raven is determined to be the leader of the OTT Women’s Division. She’s also not afraid to beat anything into Debbie to show her who’s in charge. Debbie’s partner Valkyrie will be a wildcard in this match. It is not known if she will be in Keitel’s corner at ScrapperMania V.

OTT World Championship Match
WALTER (c) vs. Jordan Devlin

This one is possibly one of the most long-awaited rematches in a long time. At WrestleRama 2 in August of 2018, WALTER shocked the world. He defeated Jordan Devlin and ended his 200+ day reign as OTT World Champion. Devlin was distraught after the loss, understandably so. After refocusing, Devlin began his long road to getting back into the OTT World title picture. He had to get back to WALTER. Unexpectedly along the way, he found that his best friend was a viper waiting to strike. David Starr betrayed Devlin in a tag team match when Devlin was about to defeat WALTER. This sidetracked our hero’s journey as Devlin first had to confront and defeat Starr.

At Homecoming 2, Jordan Devlin gave WALTER a bit of a reminder about him. After WALTER’s match with PAC, Devlin came out and uncoiled an ungodly punch. He laid the mammoth champion out. Later that night, in an insanely personal and vicious contest, Devlin won. He earned the right to face WALTER at ScrapperMania V. Now Devlin can finally go eye to eye with the one monster still haunting him. WALTER, since “breaking” Devlin at WrestleRama, has grown increasingly confident. Borderline on cockiness, but when you’re a real-life monster, is there such a thing? He was also the breakout star of 2018, poised to also take 2019 by storm. If he can beat Jordan Devlin again.

There’s only one place to find the answer to that question and all the others posed by this card. That’s at the National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland. March the 16th, Over the Top Wrestling presents their World Cup, their Super Bowl, ScrapperMania V. If you can’t be there live, it will go up on OTT On Demand a few days after the event. You can sign up for that service here, you won’t be sorry.

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