#Preview: OTT Presents WrestleRama 3

Over the Top Wrestling returns to the National Basketball Arena in Dublin for WrestleRama 3! There’s tons of incredible action in store, including the debuts of Puma King and Darby Allin, as well as the 26th encounter between David Starr and WALTER. Former friends in Jordan Devlin and Sean Guinness will also go to war at this event.

Bandido vs. Rey Horus

Returning to Dublin are worldwide lucha sensations, Bandido and Rey Horus. Bandido participated in this year’s NJPW Best of the Super Juniors to much fanfare. We last saw him in Ireland back in 2018 at Contenders 2. He’s also yet to get a victory in OTT, as has his opponent in Rey Horus. Rey made his debut more recently, at ScrapperMania V. He’s also a regular for MLW, while Bandido works a lot for ROH. These two are no strangers to each other, having been opponents and tag team partners over the years. Their most recent encounter was for Lucha Time which saw Horus walk away with the win.

Puma King vs. Justy

Puma King is coming to OTT and WrestleRama 3! The renowned luchador has been gaining more exposure in North America as well as in Japan. Now he will journey across the Atlantic to Ireland to face the challenge of Justy Libre. Justy claims this new character of his is based on Justy Jitsu, but with the magic of lucha libre. While Justy’s gung-ho attitude and confidence are to be admired, he might be in over his head with the king of the jungle!

Valkyrie & CT Flexor vs. Raven Creed & Mystery Partner


Another chapter in the rivalry between Raven Creed and the Woke Queens is set for WrestleRama 3. Raven lost the OTT Women’s Championship to Valkyrie at Banjaxed, with some help from Debbie Keitel and CT Flexor. Tormented by the loss of the title, Creed is on the road to another title shot. First, she will have a partner of her choice to take on Valkyrie and CT Flexor. Then when OTT goes to her home turf in Cork, she will challenge Valkyrie. However, Valkyrie contends that if she and CT win here, then she shouldn’t have to defend her title at OTT Live in Cork this August.

The Rapture vs. Club Tropicana

One of the most dominant tag teams in the history of OTT returns at WrestleRama 3. The Rapture, comprised of Zack Gibson, Sha Samuels, and Charlie Sterling, continue to voice their detest of Irish wrestling. Here they will clash with one of the most popular factions in OTT, Club Tropicana. Aiden Epic and The Fabulous Nicky had to beckon Captain Sexsea to come home from Thailand in order to make this match. Hopefully, he makes it in time to help his boys. Many may be quick to write off this comedic trio, but they have worked hard to improve and win over the fans.

Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B. Cool) & Session Moth Martina vs. More Than Hype (Darren Kearney, LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin)

Now, this match has got an interesting story to it after it was made. As shown in the video below, B. Cool attempted to call the match off. He assumed that he and the More than Hype boys were mates, and therefore wouldn’t want to fight. Joined by the Session Moth, Martina, B. Cool went to confront the lads and call the whole thing off. Well, poor B. Cool found out the harsh truth that MTH hate him. Not even Martina was spared, who they said they hated too. B. Cool then found himself and Angel a partner for this match in Martina. Even if Angel Cruz wasn’t exactly thrilled upon finding this bit of information out.

More than Hype are young and hungry Irish lads working their way up on the scene. They’re coming off a victory at Contenders 14 over Club Tropicana and The Fabulous Nicky. Hopefully, they don’t overlook the abilities of Angel Cruz, B. Cool, and Martina. Appearances and personalities can be deceiving. Angel Cruz can be one sick son of a bitch, as we’ve seen before. Martina can also snap when pushed too far. At WrestleRama 3, we’ll find out which trio will walk out of Dublin as winners.

Darby Allin vs. Scotty Davis

This here is a first-time-ever match! Darby Allin treks across the Atlantic to Dublin and the National Basketball Arena for WrestleRama 3. He will take on Scotty Davis, known as one of the best pure wrestlers today and the suplex machine. Darby Allin is no slouch technically, but his style is very different. Allin likes to go “all in” on the mind games and isn’t afraid to put his body on the line. When one is willing to put their own body through whatever it takes to inflict maximum damage to their opponent, it’s probably a safe bet they have nothing to lose. It’ll be interesting to see how Davis curtails his repertoire to best battle Darby Allin.

OTT GN Championship: Mark Haskins (c) vs. Terry Thatcher

The OTT Gender Neutral Championship will be on the line between these two once again. Thatcher was actually able to overcome and defeat Haskins at Contenders 14. However, Haskins, ever the opportunist, smartly used his Golden Briefcase right away. Immediately following the match where Terry Thatcher finally beat Mark Haskins, he had to defend the Gender Neutral title. Haskins was able to walk out of the arena that night with the title after winning it back.

This time though, there is no ace up Haskins’ sleeve. He no longer has the Golden Briefcase, but he does have the champion’s advantage. Terry Thatcher knows that he has what it takes to get the best of Haskins, as he’s done it before now. And at WrestleRama 3, we will see who indeed is better.

WALTER vs. David Starr

This is a story we know well at this point, David Starr versus WALTER. WALTER is the one opponent that the man of many nicknames has been unable to defeat. Twenty-five times, in fact, they have faced off. And twenty-five times, David Starr has failed. This war with WALTER has practically driven Starr insane. His obsession with beating WALTER led to the destruction of his friendship with Jordan Devlin. Devlin went on to beat WALTER and David probably figured he was home free. No more timorous beasty standing in his way to the OTT World Championship, just his old buddy Jordan.

Jordan had a huge wakeup call for David Starr. If David wanted a shot at Jordan and his OTT World Championship, he would have to go through WALTER. As WALTER pointed out in a special report for OTT, David Starr is an emotional wrestler. This is part of his success, that he is so passionate and driven. However, it can also blind him in the moment, in the heat of competition. WALTER’s trademark un-shakability and coolness under pressure have proven to be a variable Starr can’t overcome. David Starr has everything to gain with a victory, vanquishing the one person who haunts him most and gaining a shot at the OTT Championship. That also means he has everything to lose.

Jordan Devlin vs. Sean Guinness

In another match charted with emotions, we have former friends going to war. Jordan Devlin and Sean Guinness were both trained by Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey. They were also tag team partners in the early stages of their careers as the Big Hangovers. Both men also made the trek to Pro Wrestling ZERO1 in Japan. Like most teams though, eventually, their careers diverged and went in different directions.

Sean would concentrate more on ZERO1 and other companies in Japan. Jordan would concentrate more on Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Eventually, this would lead to more mainstream success with Devlin, becoming known as the Irish Ace. Devlin helped build OTT and competed for other major companies such as PROGRESS and WWE as part of their UK division. Their last singles match against each other was many years ago, before either of them really found serious success. Now they will have a chance to prove who is better.

All of this incredible action goes down on June 23rd at the National Basketball Arena in Dublin, Ireland. If you aren’t able to make it out, it will be made available on OTT on Demand sometime after the event takes place. Older OTT shows are also available on Powerslam.TV.

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