#Preview NWA Presents Into the Fire

The National Wrestling Alliance returns to pay-per-view for the first time since the Crockett Cup in April. As has been the theme with the NWA since the launch of Powerrr, they’re going Into the Fire! At GBP Studios in Atlanta, all of the men’s championships will be on the line. Nick Aldis will entertain the challenge of James Storm, while Colt Cabana defends against both Ricky Starks and Aron Stevens. And after an incredible off the cuff victory, the Rock N Roll Express will defend the tag team championships against Royce Isaacs and Thomas Latimer. There are a few other matches on the card, so let’s get down to it.

Trevor Murdoch vs. The Question Mark

First up on the agenda for Into the Fire is the veteran Trevor Murdoch taking on the new and strangely popular Question Mark. Murdoch, much like his namesake Dick Murdoch, loves a good ol’ fight. He may not be polished but he’s got a passion and a love for wrestling, especially the NWA. Here he’ll be taking on the Mongrovian man of mystery. Hardly anything is known about The Question Mark, other than he is a ka-rah-tayyyy expert. We’ve seen multiple video packages promising that all the questions will be answered. Will it be at Into the Fire?

Allysin Kay & Ashley Vox vs. Melina & Thunder Rosa or Marti Belle

The bad blood between these ladies began when Thunder Rosa debuted on NWA Powerrr. She and Marti Belle formed an alliance that left the current reigning and defending NWA Women’s World Champion laying. Several weeks later, Melina arrived and aligned herself with Rosa and Belle. This treacherous trio is hell-bent on getting the title off of the AK47. Melina believes that Allysin Kay just doesn’t understand how a champion should act and carry herself. Allysin Kay isn’t a big fan of talking about what she’s going to do, she’d rather just get in the ring and get to it. Her only friend left in the NWA women’s division is the woman she helped bring into the company, Ashley Vox. Together, they will face Melina and either Thunder Rosa or Marti Belle at Into the Fire.

Eli Drake vs. Ken Anderson

Speaking of bad blood, these two don’t like each other much either. Both Eli Drake and Ken Anderson would love a shot at Nick Aldis’ 10 Pounds of Gold. With the crowded field, they were bound to run into each other. As both of these men are blessed with the gift of gab, which means comparisons are also bound to happen. And if there’s one thing Eli Drake does not like, it’s being compared to Ken Anderson. Drake even attacked Anderson on an episode of Powerrr and promises to settle this issue once and for all. Mr. Anderson has never been one to walk away from a fight, so at Into the Fire, it will be on.

NWA National Championship Triple Threat Match
Colt Cabana (c) vs. Ricky Starks vs. Aron Stevens

On episode six of NWA Powerrr, Ricky Starks, the young and brash Stroke Daddy declared his intention focused on Colt’s championship. Aron Stevens’ road to this championship was a bit more unusual. He came out on the season finale of NWA Powerrr and interrupted a planned exhibition match between Cabana and Starks. He demanded a title shot like the primadonna actor he claims to be. Colt then made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse. If, big if in Colt’s eyes, Stevens could defeat Ricky Starks, he would give him a shot at the National Championship. Despite sending The Question Mark to the back for the match, he, of course, figured into the finish. Starks received a Mongrovian Spike and Stevens capitalized to pick up the win and insert himself into this title match at Into the Fire.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
The Rock N Roll Express (c) vs. The Wild Cards

In a Cinderella moment during the season one finale of NWA Powerrr, the Rock N Roll Express became nine-time NWA Tag Team Champions! All it takes is three seconds, and following a roll-up, the match was over. The two veterans had held on and outsmarted Royce Isaacs and Thomas Latimer. Despite being near twice their age, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson held on and keep the Wild Cards on the ropes. Now they will give Isaacs and Latimer their rematch at Into the Fire. Will lightning strike twice for the legendary tag team?

NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship
2 out of 3 Falls Match

Nick Aldis (c) vs. James Storm

Some stories are clear cut and others aren’t. This one between Nick Aldis and James Storm is in the not clear category. Their tension goes all the way back to January and the NWA Pop-Up event. In the main event of that show, Storm challenged for the hallowed Ten Pounds of Gold. After almost 30 minutes, both competitors were on the outside and the referee was counting them out. NWA President and Executive Producer William Patrick Corgan then intervened. He told the referee that this match would not end in a count-out. The match was then made no count-out and no disqualification, much to Storm’s annoyance. Not so much with the match stipulation changing, but Corgan’s interference.

There is no love lost between Corgan and Storm. Storm would go to get his beer bottle and went up to Corgan, but Kamille got between them. Corgan then sent her to the back to prevent her from interfering with the contest. Again, Corgan’s intervention chafed the Cowboy greatly. After kicking out of two Last Call superkicks, Aldis trapped Storm with a quick roll-up to retain. Due to the controversy, the NWA would keep attention off of this match. However, one of the Cowboy’s conditions for accepting this match was that this match would be shared with the world. It is now posted and you can decide for yourself if there was a conspiracy against James Storm.

This match will also be two out of three falls, and each of the competitors got to choose an official. Should the match require the third fall, the referee would be decided by a coin toss. Storm chose NWA head official Brian Hebner. Aldis’ choice was unorthodox, but he explained that no one else could uphold the honor and the rules of the NWA like Tim Storm. Due to the recent controversy swirling around Kamille, the champion’s insurance policy, he has given her the night off at Into the Fire. With the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship on the line, it will be a true blue one-on-one situation.

All of this great action will go down on December 14th at 6:05 PM Eastern Time on Fite.TV. GBP Studios in Atlanta will be rockin and the second season of NWA Powerrr will kick off on December 17th. Who will walk into that first episode with the gold?

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