MLW Presents Kings of Colosseum

Major League Wrestling is returning to Chicago for their next MLW Fusion taping event! They are looking for a three-peat sell out of Cicero Stadium. The first hour of this show will air on beINSports as Kings of Colosseum Live. The rest of the matches will be taped and incorporated into future episodes of MLW Fusion. Let’s get down to the action! MLW Presents Kings of Colosseum.

Myron Reed vs. Rey Horus

Myron Reed’s search for #Justice will roll through Kings of Colosseum. He will take on the Tijuana Thriller himself, Rey Horus. Reed has become an activist and very vocal about what he is after. He and Rich Swann have been at the center of the controversy regarding officials in MLW. It hasn’t exactly put many W’s up for Reed either, as he’s racked up losses to Gringo Loco and Minoru Tanaka. Horus may have just lost to newcomer Flamita, but has had a couple of big wins before that. It’s rumored that Salina de la Renta has her eye on Rey Horus. A decisive win here could help elevate Horus in the empresaria’s eyes.

Gringo Loco vs. Zenshi

Kings of Colosseum will also see the debut of new MLW signee, Zenshi. Zenshi is a luchador out of Atlanta, Georgia but has relocated to South America. Prior to the move, he was active on the North American indie scene as Shynron. In the intervening years, he’s become the premier luchador in South America. Now fighting out of Santiago, Chile, Zenshi is currently a double champion. He is the Chile Lucha Libre International All Star Champion and his reign has lasted over 1,900 days and counting. Most recently added to his collection is the Leader Wrestling Association International Championship.

In Chicago, his opponent will be no pushover. The Base God is a Chicago native and is much beloved by the hometown crowds that fill Cicero Stadium. Despite his body not being that of a typical luchador, Gringo Loco is able to pull off incredible athletic feats. He’s taken some of the best MLW has to offer to the limit, like LA Park and Alexander Hammerstone. Zenshi may have the international appeal, but he will have to prove himself to league officials to work his way up the card.

Death Match
Mance Warner vs. Bestia 666 presented by Salina de la Renta

In the war between Salina de la Renta and Mance Warner, the bruja of MLW has summoned another demon from Mexico. To Kings of Colosseum, she brings Bestia 666, son of famed luchador Damien 666. Bestia, part of the stable La Rebelion Amarilla, is a regular for The Crash Lucha Libre. He’s also appeared for DTU, AIW, PCW ULTRA, and many others. This will be his MLW debut and he will be fighting a death match specialist in Mance Warner.

Ol’ Mancer has certainly demonstrated that he is not afraid to bring in the weaponry in any situation. He’s also a regular for promotions such as GCW and CZW that have hardcore and deathmatch reputations. As shown in a recent promo on MLW Fusion, Salina’s efforts to drive him from MLW has only pissed off the Bucksnort native. He now has his sights set on destroying Promociones Dorado, one piece at a time.

Marshall & Ross Von Erich vs. Simon Gotch & Josef Samael

The last time these two teams were together in the same vicinity, it was a complete donnybrook. Ever since CONTRA Unit first formed in MLW by attacking Tom Lawlor at Superfight, violence has been their calling card. Following the loss to the Von Erichs and Lawlor, CONTRA could not be contained. They continued to brawl with their opponents and laid out anyone who tried to stop them. Producer Alex Greenfield and ring announcer Tim Barr particularly felt CONTRA’s wrath as they were assaulted.

This match at Kings of Colosseum is unsanctioned by the League, but can’t hold the young Von Erichs back from attempting to take down CONTRA. This will no doubt be the biggest test to date for the third generation brothers. They will face the sadistic Josef Samael and the calculating Simon Gotch.

Air Wolf vs. Ace Austin

This next match at Kings of Colosseum is a rematch from MLW Fusion episode 61. The young Air Wolf defeated one of the other young lions in Ace Austin. Following this loss, Austin was practically frothing at the mouth and demanded a rematch. Air Wolf has agreed to this, and in Chicago, they will face off again. With Austin’s anger bring him the result he desires, or will Air Wolf pull off another daring and impressive victory?

Low-Ki vs. Ricky Martinez presented by Salina de la Renta

This one is another rematch! Low-Ki and Ricky Martinez faced off on episode 62 of MLW Fusion. This was the first official contest where Low-Ki faced off against a member of Promociones Dorado since parting from them. Martinez attempted to get one over on Low-Ki early, however, a well-placed strike sent the Sicario to the mat. The match was stopped by the official and the victory awarded to Low-Ki. Salina berated her charge, and now Martinez has asked for a rematch. He claims that Low-Ki got lucky and with a second chance, he will beat respect into The Professional.

MLW Presents Kings of Colosseum

National Openweight Championship Match
Alex Hammerstone vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Also on tap for the Kings of Colosseum is an MLW National Openweight Championship match. Alex Hammerstone of the Dynasty will see one of his first title defenses. It also happens to be against someone he’s had an issue with for several months now, Davey Boy Smith Jr. of the Hart Foundation. The two factions have been going back and forth, committing various acts of violence and property damage.

Both men in this match are the largest members of their respective teams and this has been a dream match. Now we will see who will get the better of whom. Will Hammerstone’s hubris be his downfall or can he put down the second generation star?

MLW Presents Kings of Colosseum

Ladder match for the World Tag Team Titles
Teddy Hart & Brian Pillman Jr. vs. Richard Holliday & MJF w/Aria Blake

Continuing with the theme of The Dynasty versus The Hart Foundation, next is the MLW World Tag Team Championship Match. Episode 63 of MLW Fusion saw Richard Holliday and MJF jump Teddy Hart and attack him prior to a scheduled match between Hart and Holliday. They then absconded with one of the MLW World Tag Team Titles, running out to meet Hammerstone in his waiting car. In a clever move, the Dynasty agreed to return the belt…in exchange for a shot at the tag team titles.

Now the two factions will wage war with ladders involved. The last time Teddy was in a ladder match, he won the MLW World Middleweight Championship. Brian Pillman Jr. will join his cousin in the fight. He is still reeling from the loss in the finals of the National Openweight Championship tournament. Can the Hart Foundation turn their luck around or will the Dynasty outsmart them once again?

MLW Presents Kings of Colosseum

Dr. Wagner Jr & Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Los Parks presented by Salina de la Renta

Kings of Colosseum will see the debut of another king, Dr. Wagner Jr. He is also known as Rey (king) Wagner and he is joined by his son, El Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. Dr. Wagner. Jr. has been wrestling for over thirty years, following in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Wagner. A rival that has continued to pop up in Wagner’s career is LA Park. Now they will bring their blood feud to the ring of MLW, with their sons in tow.

Salina de la Renta has somehow managed to turn up the ruthlessness in LA Park, as well as grooming El Hijo de LA Park. It will be interesting to see how Los Wagners interact with the empresaria, who brokered this dream match.

MLW Presents Kings of Colosseum

World Heavyweight Title fight
Filthy Tom Lawlor vs. Jacob Fatu

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor will also get a shot at a member of CONTRA Unit at Kings of Colosseum. Lawlor has been dealing with CONTRA and their sneak attacks ever since their first appearance. Teaming with the Von Erichs, they were able to get the victory over CONTRA Unit, but from the aftermath, it was clear the war was far from over.

Lawlor has accepted a championship fight with the Samoan Werewolf, Jacob Fatu. Fatu is the powerhouse and the most physically destructive member of CONTRA. Fatu was the one to hand Barrington Hughes his first loss in MLW in mere moments. Tom Lawlor is a fighting champion, filled to the bring with heart and determination. But he could have bitten off just a little more than he can handle here.

There’s only a couple of to find out what goes down at Cicero Stadium. One, you can try to grab one of the few remaining tickets. Or two, you can tune in to beINSports on Saturday nights.

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