#Review MLW Fusion Episode 61 – The Dynasty Reigns?

Welcome to the latest review of MLW Fusion here on the Pro Wrestling Post. This will focus on episode 61, main evented by Davey Boy Smith Jr and MJF as the war between their factions continue. The show opens with a recap of MLW Fury Road Live from last week, especially the rivalry between The Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. Next, we go to an interview from earlier in the day with Alexander Hammerstone, the new MLW National Openweight Champion. It’s now clear that Hammerstone is the alpha male of The Dynasty, that MJF and Holliday aligned themselves with him and not the other way around. He also makes fun of Rich Bocchini and ends up tossing Bocchini over his shoulders and using him as a weight for his squat reps.

Inside the arena, we are greeted by Rich and Jim Cornette. They recap the despicable acts of the CONTRA Unit from last week against “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. League officials encouraged Lawlor to pursue legal action, however, Lawlor would prefer retribution to “justice.” Jim and Rich also touch on the main event, another battle between The Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. Next, we go to ring announcer Tim Barr, it’s time for the first match of the show. Kotto Brazil will take on another member of The Dynasty in Richard Holliday. As Brazil makes his entrance, he removes the eyepatch he has had to wear for several months. His eye was damaged in an attack by Ricky Martinez in Miami and he’s been hampered with it ever since. Now with the patch no longer necessary, he can concentrate completely on getting back in the hunt in the crowded Middleweight Division.

Holliday is accompanied by both Hammerstone and MJF, as well as Aria Blake. We haven’t seen Blake in several months in MLW, and it appears she is aligned with The Dynasty now. Holliday has a distinct height advantage as well as weight advantage over Kotto Brazil. Kotto’s frame may be slight and shorter, but when he is able to hit on all cylinders, he can take control of any contest. There were a couple of instances in this match were Brazil was able to get some momentum going and punish Holliday. However, Holliday was simply stronger than Brazil and used his size and strength to throw Brazil around like a toy. Holliday finished off the Haitian Sensation with a gutwrench powerbomb and picked up the win.

Things keep right on rolling on this very The Dynasty centered episode of MLW Fusion. Our next match features more of the star-studded Middleweight division. Ace Austin will be taking on Air Wolf in a battle of the young lions of MLW. Both are 22 and 19 respectively and are already extremely impressive competitors. Air Wolf famously holds a victory over Rey Fenix; Ace Austin has also been displaying some heel tendencies in order to try and boost himself by any means necessary. In the early moments, much of the momentum would be traded by both men. Eventually, Austin gained control by taking advantage of Air Wolf’s vulnerabilities. However, Air Wolf has a lot of heart. He would fight back and keep the Gambit of Wrestling on the ropes. Air Wolf would soar to victory following a top rope inverted bulldog-type move.

Still to come in this episode, the main event between Davey Boy Smith Jr and MJF of the Dynasty. Also, we will hear from “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and get our first check in at the Kings of Colosseum Control Center. Standing by is next week’s executive producer, Salina de la Renta. Salina announces that the main event will be Sami Callihan versus Mance Warner in a falls count anywhere match. As if that wasn’t already crazy enough, it’s also a loser leaves the promotion match. Whichever one of these two enemies of Promociones Dorado loses will have to leave MLW. A very brilliant way to get your enemies to take each other out, Ms. De la Renta! Next, we go to the Kings of Colosseum Control Center for our first update on the July 6th event.

The main event of Kings of Colosseum is set, it will be “Filthy” Tom Lawlor taking on the Samoan Werewolf of CONTRA Unit, Jacob Fatu. Lawlor will defend his MLW World Heavyweight Championship against one of the most destructive fighters in MLW. He’s laid waste to virtually every single opponent he’s faced, as well as many other fighters in MLW. Of course, when one member of CONTRA Unit is involved, the other two usually aren’t far behind. Following this revelation, we go to “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. He acknowledges that CONTRA has beaten him up and even cut his hair. That’s what he has signed up for though, and now he’s found people who will stand beside him and fight CONTRA. Unlike CONTRA, Lawlor says these men have integrity and respect and will help him clean up around here. Who are his partners? The newly signed Marshall and Ross Von Erich.

It’s almost time for The Dynasty and the Hart Foundation main event, but first, we go to Sami Callihan and Mance Warner. The Mid-West Mega Powers are not intimidated or impressed by Salina’s matchmaking. Both Warner and Callihan love to fight, so next week they will fight and only one will get to stay. Also, on next week’s episode, we will see the debut of Flamita as he takes on fellow luchador Rey Horus. Low-Ki, formally of Promociones Dorado, will take on Salina’s Sicario, Ricky Martinez. We also hear from Jacob Fatu and Josef Samael of CONTRA Unit. As usual, they lead with their missives of being global dealers in violence. They also accept Tom Lawlor’s challenge for King of Colosseum.

Now it’s time for MJF, accompanied by all members of the Dynasty and Aria Blake to take on Davey Boy Smith Jr. Davey comes to the ring by himself, though this does prove to be a factor. Physically, MJF is no match for the nearly 6’6, 250-pound second-generation star. MJF chooses to use mind games and leaves the ring multiple times, to Smith’s frustration. When the action finally gets underway, the much-bigger Smith easily takes control. It’s only when MJF can wrap one of Davey’s long legs around the ring post does he gain the advantage. He then uses his Dynasty teammates to his advantage to add further injury to Smith behind the referee’s back. The damaged wheel of Davey Boy Smith Jr. would continue to plague him throughout the match.

Late in the match, Brian Pillman Jr and Teddy Hart both came to ringside to even the odds for their cousin. They take care of Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone so that MJF is left alone with Smith. MJF almost gets the win by attempting to use the ropes on a roll-up but is caught by the official. After attempting to intimidate the referee, MJF turns around to the waiting arms of Davey Boy Smith Jr. Delivering a powerslam reminiscent of his father, Smith picks up the win. We couldn’t stay with the post-match celebration as long as there is some commotion going on in the back. We see broken bodies of MLW fighters and Simon Gotch of CONTRA Unit commandeers the camera. It reveals that this attack was another by CONTRA Unit and Josef Samael throws a fireball into the camera.

The feed cuts out, and that’s it for this episode of MLW Fusion. Next week we will be back as the show is presented by Salina de la Renta and Promociones Dorado!

Originally written by Brandi Wagner