#Preview MLW Presents Fury Road

MLW returns for another set of TV tapings as well as another one-hour live special on beINSports! This time they are making their debut in Wisconsin with MLW Fury Road. There are tons of great matches set to take place and several major debuts for the promotion. Making their debuts are Austin Aries, Flamita, Adam Brooks, and Marshall and Ross Von Erich. Also during this show, it is expected for “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is expected to reveal where his next title fight will be and who it will be against. Let’s get down to the action!

Flamita vs. Rey Horus

It was announced not long ago that third-generation lucha libre sensation Flamita has signed with the league. Flamita will get a chance to show his skills to the MLW faithful against another luchador in Rey Horus. Flamita debuted in 2009 and has worked for promotions like AAA, Dragon Gate, and The Crash. In addition to his singles work, Flamita has teamed quite a bit with Bandido as MexaBlood. This will be just a taste of Flamita for now, as he is obligated to Dragon Gate for the summer. In September he will return and begin with MLW full time. As far as these two wrestlers go, they know each other quite well. They have been teammates and opponents on many occasions. Most recently they teamed together for Pro Wrestling Guerilla in early May. When two world-class luchadores come together, everyone wins.

Richard Holliday vs. Kotto Brazil

In a match that was originally scheduled to have Daga face Kotto Brazil, has been changed up a little bit. Daga’s loss is Richard Holliday’s gain. Holliday will have a shot a singles competition at MLW Fury Road against Brazil. As a member of the Dynasty, Holliday is sometimes overlooked due to the large personalities of Alexander Hammerstone and MJF. Here he will have an opportunity to remind us what The Most Marketable Man in MLW is all about. Kotto Brazil will also be looking to use this match to turn his fortunes around. Brazil just hasn’t been the same since the attack by Ricky Martinez in Miami. Promociones Dorado has also continued to interfere in his matches, leaving him unable to move on. Kotto will look to finally turn things around in his favor at MLW Fury Road.

Austin Aries vs. Adam Brooks

This match will feature two worldwide superstars. Austin Aries has been with every major company in the United States. He bills himself as The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived. Aries is a former IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion along with many other titles. And not only is he returning to MLW, but he’s also coming home. Aries is a Wisconsin native who went to a high school near Waukesha. “Brooksy” Adam Brooks is an Australian wrestling sensation making his MLW debut. He’s been on a tour of the United States for the last couple of months. Now his sights are set on MLW and Austin Aries.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. MJF

The feud between The Dynasty and The Hart Foundation continues here. The mouthy MJF continues to espouse the Dynasty as the very best in MLW. He will get a chance against the big man of the Foundation, Davey Boy Smith Jr. Smith has a distinct size advantage over MJF. However, it’s been proven on many occasions MJF is unafraid of doing whatever it takes to win. With other members of both groups occupied during the show, we also may have a chance to get a true one-on-one match.

Air Wolf vs. Ace Austin

Two of the youngest rising stars in wrestling will tussle for dominance in the Middleweight Division. Air Wolf has racked up a few impressive victories, including one over Rey Fenix. Ace Austin has turned over a new, aggressive leaf. The two have even jabbed at each other on social media ahead of this fight. In the crowded Middleweight Division, both will look to use this match to stand out.

Gringo Loco vs. Myron Reed

Another exciting match courtesy of the Middleweight division is set for Fury Road! Gringo Loco has been a smash hit favorite with the MLW faithful. The Base God is very exciting, unorthodox, and passionate. This is also appreciated by MLW management as they continue to give him high profile matches. Gringo Loco also participated in the recent National Openweight Championship tournament. Here he will take on another exciting wrestler in Myron Reed. Reed though doesn’t always make it easy to support him. He is still on the #Justice crusade with Rich Swann, coming to the ring with tape across their mouths. They also continue to accuse league referees of bias. These factors shouldn’t detract from Reed’s in-ring ability though. Few can touch what he can do in the ring. Outside factors aside, these two should mesh well together.

Low-Ki vs. Ricky Martinez presented by Salina de la Renta

Salina de la Renta and Ricky Martinez shocked everyone this past week on MLW Fusion. They left Low-Ki high and dry in the face of CONTRA Unit and allowed him to be decimated. This comes on the heels of weeks of issues between Low-Ki and Salina. With Low-Ki’s contract with Promociones Dorado nearing its end, this seemingly confirms that the partnership is over. It’ll be interesting to see how this one shakes out. Martinez and Low-Ki know each other very well. Low-Ki has mentored Martinez on all he knows but has Low-Ki taught him everything he knows? We’ll find out at Fury Road.

Falls Count Anywhere
Sami Callihan vs. Mance Warner

These two birds of a feather will flock together in a Falls Count Anywhere match. The newfound friends and sometimes tag team partners find themselves here thanks to a mutual enemy. Salina de la Renta made this match when she was executive producer. Her hope is these two rabid wrestlers will end each other for her gain. Both Callihan and Warner have been continual thorns to the empresaria, so she will relish watching them destroy each other. Callihan and Warner are no strangers to fights and weapons and don’t mind punishing their own bodies to inflict it on others. Will these two survive this match at Fury Road?

National Openweight Championship Finals
Alexander Hammerstone vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

This match will crown the first ever MLW National Openweight Champion! Both Hammerstone and Pillman earned their way into the finals. It also furthers the feud between The Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. Both of these wrestlers are young in their careers but winning this title could catapult them to the next level. Hammerstone has been relentless in his critique of Pillman going into this match. He’s been ramping up his own training and concentrating on preparing for this match. Hammerstone has also been pointing out that Pillman hasn’t been as serious about his training. We’ll find out at Fury Road who’s technique works out for the best.

MLW Middleweight Championship Match
Teddy Hart vs. Jimmy Havoc

The reign of Teddy Hart continues to roll on and his next challenger is Jimmy Havoc. 2019 has been the year of the Hart Foundation and Teddy became a double champion. Now he will face a unique challenge in Jimmy Havoc. Havoc is dubbed as England’s Most Dangerous Man with good reason. He’s taken MLW World Champion Tom Lawlor to the limit. Jimmy is another man who doesn’t mind torturing his own body to inflict punishment on his opponent. Teddy Hart also has no fear and isn’t intimidated by anyone, not even Havoc. Will Teddy’s path of redemption continue or will Jimmy Havoc derail it?

Tornado Tag Team Match
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor & The Von Erichs vs. CONTRA Unit

The main event of Fury Road will be a special grudge match. Tom Lawlor has had issues with CONTRA Unit for months now. They’ve attacked him on several occasions and Lawlor has reached his limit. Joining him on this mission are two new MLW superstars. Ross and Marshall Von Erich are third generation wrestlers from the legendary Von Erich family. The brothers have found success in Japan like their father and uncles before them. Now they will have a chance on a bigger stage in the US with MLW.

CONTRA Unit has been running rampant on MLW and few have been safe of their wrath. They’ve attacked the champion, Tom Lawlor, the former champion Low-Ki, Pentagon, Jr. and Rey Fenix, and many others. The worldwide dealers in violence are also unopposed to using weapons like spikes and fireballs. The triumvirate of Simon Gotch, Jacob Fatu, and Josef Samael are dangerous enough as wrestlers. When you add in the ruthlessness and weaponry, it’s a recipe for anarchy. CONTRA’s attacks are usually two and three on one. With the sides even in this match, it’ll be interesting to see how CONTRA responds.

You can see this action live in the Waukesha, WI area but if you can’t make it out, that’s okay too. One hour will be live on beINSports on June 1st at 9:00 PM Eastern. The rest is being taped as well for future episodes of MLW Fusion. If you can’t watch MLW on beINSports, the episodes are put up on YouTube and Fite.TV.

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