MLW Fusion Episode 59 #Review

Welcome to this edition of the Pro Wrestling Post MLW Fusion review for episode 59 is here. Episode 59 opens with a video montage of “Filthy” Tom Lawlor’s title reign thus far. This is in anticipation of his MLW World Heavyweight Championship defense against Robert Dreissker on the show. Rich Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcome us to the show. In addition to the World Title match, we have the Lucha Brothers set for action tonight as well. Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero will join forces to take on the CONTRA Unit as well. Before we get to that match, we revisit last week.

Last week, Brian Pillman, Jr. overcame Rich Swann to get to the finals of the MLW National Openweight Championship tournament. He will be facing Alexander Hammerstone of The Dynasty. Kaci Lennox is standing by with Hammerstone and Richard Holliday. Holliday explains away MJF’s absence and talks down the Hart Foundation. Hammerstone cuts another scintillating promo worthy of championship gold. That match will be part of MLW Fury Road next week. Now we move onto our first official contest of MLW Fusion. Clocking in at almost a thousand pounds of humanity, the team of Hughes and Romero is imposing.

So are their opponents, Jacob Fatu, and Josef Samael. They have dominated both men on separate occasions, as well as various other MLW fighters. The fight starts right away, as soon as CONTRA Unit hits the ring. Just as quickly, Samael returns to his sinister ways, spiking Romero in the back of the head. This left Romero crumpled on the outside while they could concentrate on Barrington Hughes. After another devastating moonsault, the victory was elementary. CONTRA Unit wasn’t done with Hughes though. Samael removed his curl-toed boot and beat Hughes with it. They finally retreat to the back after several moments. We see footage from earlier when MLW cameras caught up with Salina de la Renta.

Salina comments that LA Park is looking forward to the outcome of the World Heavyweight Title match. When further pressed on whether Park would be cashing in tonight, all she would say is “We’ll have to wait and see.” We then see more footage from backstage, where the Lucha Brothers were violently attacked by CONTRA Unit. Josef Samael throws a fireball into the face of Rey Fenix and the feed cuts away quickly. Footage featuring new MLW signees, Ross and Marshall Von Erich is shown next. It features action from their time with Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. This is followed by a sizzle reel spot highlighting MLW’s upcoming live event dates.

Rich Bocchini throws to “Filthy” Tom Lawlor in the locker room, who is very confident. He is unafraid of CONTRA Unit, LA Park, or Avalanche Robert Dreissker. It’s now time to check in with the MLW Event Center for an update on MLW Fury Road. Signed matches for the live MLW Fury Road special are:

MLW World Middleweight Championship Match Teddy Hart vs. Jimmy Havoc
Gringo Loco vs. Myron Reed
National Openweight Championship Match Brian Pillman, Jr. vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Also signed to appear are Daga, the Von Erichs, Kotto Brazil, and many more. Up next, Ricky Martinez and Low-Ki will be in tag team action. Of course, whenever anyone from Promociones Dorado is involved, so is Salina de la Renta. Before that though, we get a video promo from Ol’ Mancer himself. We find Mance Warner at the pay window, collecting his winnings before he’s off to drink more light beers. As Promociones Dorado make their way to the ring, it’s clear not all is well for them. Low-Ki and Salina have words on the entry ramp.

Martinez and Low-Ki attack their opponents right out of the gate, making quick work of them. Low-Ki pins Trey Hollywood following a double footstomp. After the match, CONTRA Unit hits the ring once again. Jacob Fatu comes from the entry area. Martinez bows out quickly, whereas Low-Ki goes right after Fatu. Simon Gotch and Josef Samael enter the ring soon after as Salina and Ricky make their exit. Outnumbered and alone, Low-Ki is another body added to the pile for CONTRA Unit. So far tonight alone they have laid out Barrington Hughes, Ace Romero, Rey Fenix, Pentagon, Jr., and now Low-Ki. They weren’t lying when they said the body count would rise.

Next, we are treated to another episode of H2 TV. Davey Boy Smith, Jr. and Teddy offer advice to Brian ahead of his championship finals match. Mr. Velvet and Caspian are also hanging out and the group share words in the vein of Grandpa Stu Hart and Brian’s father Brian Pillman Sr. Rich and Jim then recap CONTRA Unit’s path of destruction over the course of this episode of MLW Fusion. Now all the chaos aside, it’s time for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship match.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor defends against wXw superstar “Avalanche” Robert Dreissker. It should be noted that while Salina was soon nowhere to be found while Low-Ki was being attacked, she’s in the skybox for this match. Lawlor is used to having the power advantage over his opponents. However, he isn’t bigger and stronger than the nearly 300-pound Avalanche. This doesn’t deter the Filthy One though, who goes on the attack as often as he can. Dreissker’s size though allows him to power back and throw the champ around as few have in MLW. He concentrates on Lawlor’s midsection, dropping several avalanche-like splashes. Lawlor uses strikes and a suplex in order to create space. This allows him to get his breath back and back on the attack.

Despite Dreissker’s attempt to dominate the contest, he was no match for the champion. Following a huge knee strike, Lawlor locked in the rear naked choke. This hold equalizes all, no matter your size and soon the Avalanche was tapping out. As Lawlor attempted to celebrate his victory, he is attacked from behind by CONTRA Unit. The three dealers in violence ravage the champion, planting him with a Gotch driver and a moonsault. Going backstage, Salina is seen attempting to bring LA Park to the ring to cash in his golden opportunity. Before that can happen, Sami Callihan and Mance Warner arrive on the scene. They pummel LA Park and prevent la empresaria from getting her way.

That’s it for this episode of MLW Fusion, we’ll have to wait and see what happens at MLW Fury Road next week!

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