Preview: MLW – Intimidation Games (3/2/19)

Major League Wrestling (MLW) returns to Cicero Stadium in Chicago on March 2nd with Intimidation Games! A lot has changed in the MLW landscape since they were last in Cicero Stadium. Of course, the old saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. What is the same is the unbeatable level of competition and in-ring action that MLW is known for. This will be a television taping for MLW Fusion on beINSports. So, if you can’t make it out to Chicago, you will get a chance to see these incredible matches later.

Air Wolf vs. Ricky Martinez w/Salina de la Renta

Starting this preview off is a debut for MLW. At Intimidation Games, a 19-year-old Air Wolf will touch down in Cicero Stadium. The young cub trained at the Academy in Minnesota under Ken Anderson. He’s worked mostly in the mid-west with occasional jaunts out. Not much is known about this new fighter to MLW, other than he likes to fly. El Sicario has started 2019 off by crossing Kotto Brazil off his list. Now as he looks to make waves in the crowded Middleweight division, he’ll have an unknown challenge before him. Air Wolf will, of course, have to be mindful of Salina de la Renta on the outside.

Gringo Loco vs. Myron Reed

Intimidation Games will be a homecoming for Gringo Loco. The Chicago native made his debut the last time MLW came to town. And now he’s a regular fighter for the League and always captures people’s attention. His reputation as the Base God sets him apart in the crowded Middleweight division, which is important when title shots come up. Myron Reed also sets himself apart in the Middleweight scene, but his attitude may be taking a hit. Reed has stood by recently-suspended fighter Rich Swann and has spoken out against the League, and specifically about biased officials. This is something that was first spoken about by Shane Strickland, then Swann and now Reed. It’ll be interesting to see if this issue comes up with Reed’s match with Gringo Loco.

Brian Pillman, Jr. vs Alex Hammerstone

The future big stars of MLW will be front and center at Intimidation Games! Brian Pillman, Jr., fresh off his blood feud with Tommy Dreamer and the 2018 Rookie of the Year award, looks to take his career to the next level. His challenge stands 6’3 and hails from Phoenix, Arizona. Alex Hammerstone only recently made his MLW debut on episode 46. There he was able to showcase his strength against a much smaller opponent. What Pillman lacks in size he makes up for in natural ability and talent, which is often tempered by his ego. He also faces a relatively unknown opponent in Hammerstone. Based on the one match we’ve seen in the League, Hammerstone is a unique individual. Whichever one of these young bucks walks away a winner will have a proverbial feather in their hat.

Puma King vs. Hijo de LA Park w/Salina de la Renta

It wouldn’t be an MLW show if we didn’t have some world-class lucha libre on display. Two bearers of storied lucha family legends will tangle at Intimidation Games. Puma King, the light-hearted and fierce king of the jungle will prance and pounce in Chicago. Hijo de LA Park, accompanied as always by la empresaria, Salina de la Renta. Hijo de LA Park has the win at all costs mentality of his father, as well as his violent streak. Puma King will have to keep his eyes on both Hijo and Salina if he hopes to win here.

Battle Riot Qualification Match
DJZ vs. Ace Austin

In the first of many Battle Riot qualification matches, we have our first here. The real-life DJ and wrestling’s answer to Gambit will face off at Intimidation Games. Whoever wins, they will go on to the 40-man Battle Riot II in New York City. That Battle Riot has proved to be lucky so far, Tom Lawlor won the first-ever in 2018. He would also go on to win the MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Both are high-flying standouts from the Middleweight Division. DJZ does have an experience advantage over the young Ace Austin. There is something to be said for being young, hungry and looking for your first big breakthrough. Either of these men could easily walk away with the win.

Death Match
Mance Warner vs. LA Park w/Salina de la Renta

Mance Warner may have just made his MLW debut, but he clearly leaves an impression quickly. It’s been reported by MLW officials that Salina and the rest of Promociones Dorado are not fans of Ol’ Mancer. There may have been a light beer spilled on her. Mance Warner claims that Promociones Dorado “big leagued” him while waiting for the media event to begin. Now the rivalry will go from 0-60 real quick.

At Intimidation Games, the Southern Psychopath will clash with the original Grim Reaper of Wrestling in a deathmatch. LA Park’s reputation for all things violent and hardcore has persisted for more than twenty years. Mance Warner, despite being newer to the game, isn’t afraid to get his hands on some weapons either. Warner is a regular competitor for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), infamous for hardcore violence and deathmatches. They will definitely have their hands full here, and Salina de la Renta as always will be omnipresent in Promociones Dorado’s corner.

Lucha Bros (Pentagon, Jr. & Rey Fenix) vs. Team AAA (Taurus & Laredo Kid)

On episode 44 of MLW Fusion, the Lucha Brothers ended speculation on their future in MLW. They proclaimed that MLW was their home. A challenge was also laid out, Pentagon, Jr. and Rey Fenix challenged any team to come and face them at Intimidation Games. In no time at all, that challenge was answered by AAA or Triple-A from Mexico. They announced in turn that they would be sending two of their best stars to Chicago. Triple A’s team is that of Taurus and Laredo Kid. Taurus is a veteran of more than a decade and Laredo Kid has more than fifteen under his belt. Laredo Kid is also the current AAA World Cruiserweight Champion. All four of these men will be putting on a lucha libre showcase. But which team will reign supreme? We’ll have to wait and see.

MLW World Tag Team Championship Match
Hart Foundation (c) vs. MJF & Richard Holliday

We just saw the team of Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) and Richard Holliday form this past week on MLW Fusion. Holliday aided MJF in attacking one half of the tag team champions and MLW World Middleweight Champion Teddy Hart. Hart may also have a broken rib or ribs from that attack. To settle their issues, League officials have put together this tag team championship match. Teddy was on his own this past week on MLW Fusion. It’ll be interesting to see how the team of MJF and Holliday fare with the Hart Foundation at full capacity at Intimidation Games. Davey Boy Smith, Jr. is perhaps the strongest member of the MLW roster and that will certainly make a difference. However, there is no way that so soon after the vicious attack that Teddy will be 100%.

Steel Cage Match for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor (c) vs. Low-Ki w/Salina de la Renta

Tom Lawlor shocked the world at MLW Superfight Live when he defeated Low-Ki. He not only took the MLW World Heavyweight Championship but ended Low-Ki’s 15-year undefeated streak in MLW. Lawlor won his ability to challenge Low-Ki by winning the first-ever Battle Riot. That started a seven-month chase to Low-Ki, dodging everything Promociones Dorado did to derail him. Following the shock, Salina de la Renta almost immediately invoked Low-Ki’s contractually obligated rematch. Lawlor countered by demanding that it go down inside a steel cage.

In theory, the cage will keep the fighters in and all other members of Promociones Dorado out. The cage is also where Tom Lawlor made his name in UFC. Inside a cage, Tom Lawlor is comfortable, in his element and at home. Despite the deck seemingly stacked against whatever nefarious plans Low-Ki and Salina de la Renta may have, they surely have thought of even more.

All this amazing action goes down on Saturday, March 2nd from Cicero Stadium in Chicago. As has been the norm lately, MLW Fusion will air live from Intimidation Games only on beINSports. If you don’t get beINSports, it will be made available via YouTube and Fite.TV in the days following. Also signed to appear in Chicago are Daga, Rey Horus, Ace Romero, Ariel Dominguez, Simon Gotch, Jacob Fatu, and Josef Samael.

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