MLW Fusion Episode 46 | Review

Welcome to this week’s edition of the MLW Fusion review for Episode 46! This time we will be looking at episode number 46. This episode is highlighted by the debut of the Southern Psychopath, Mance Warner and a lucha main event between Rey Horus and Aerostar. This is also the final episode of MLW Fusion as we get ready for MLW Intimidation Games on March 2nd! Without any further ado, let’s get right into the action.

This episode opens with a recap from last week’s MLW Fusion, namely from the MLW World Middleweight Championship match. We see highlights from the match itself between MJF and champion Teddy Hart. The after-match attack on Teddy Hart by MJF and Richard Holliday is also shown. We’ll be hearing from MJF and Holliday on this vicious attack later in the evening. Also, on tonight’s episode, we will hear from “Filthy” Tom Lawlor as he prepares for Intimidation Games. Another interesting situation from last week’s episode were the actions of Rich Swann. We have observed his change in attitude in the last several weeks, and he finally snapped. Swann attacked an MLW official and for this, he was fined and suspended by the league. He has appealed the decision and while this is re-examined, Swann will be allowed to compete.

MLW Fusion Episode 46

Rich Swann will indeed compete here tonight as he takes on the debuting Lance Anoa’i. Lance is a third-generation wrestler in the historic Anoa’i family. He is the son of Samu and grandson of Afa of the Wild Samoans. Lance wrestled in MLW once before, teaming with his father. This is though, his singles debut. Swann makes his entrance into the 2300 Arena and immediately told the fans to suck it. Clearly, the change of attitude with Swann is now complete. Swann goes into this match with the experience and the speed advantage. Anoa’i does have the size advantage, which he uses to keep Swann on the defense in this match. Lance also showcases a unique hybrid of strength and high flying.

Swann’s experience would prove to be the difference-maker. Anoa’i goes to the top rope and attempts a 450 splash, and Swann moves out of the way. He makes the cover and uses a little extra advantage from the ropes to get the victory. Despite losing, Lance Anoa’i had a great debut and it’ll be interesting to see his next outing for MLW. Up next on MLW Fusion, we will hear from MJF and Richard Holliday, as well as the MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor.

First, we check in with Tom Lawlor at his compound in Las Vegas. Lawlor points out that the cage has been his life for more than ten years. This is his playground. No matter how much training and preparation Low-Ki does, it will always be his home. Next up we hear from the most privileged member of the MLW roster, MJF. As per the usual with MJF, he attempts to use Teddy Hart’s past against him. That his past of addiction issues and has been to jail makes him lower than MJF. MJF also takes shots at the rest of the Hart Foundation, saying that his partner in Richard Holliday is better than the puppy dogs that follow Teddy Hart.

Next, we go backstage to Kaci Lennox, who is standing by with Mance Warner. Warner has a plan, which he illustrates on a whiteboard with Kaci’s assistance. Number one, light beers;  two eye pokes; number three kneepad up and kneepad down; and number four is lariats. Mance says if he hits all these things, he’s definitely gonna win, and with his paycheck, he will buy more light beers. Before we go onto Mance’s match, we are treated to an Aerostar highlight package.

Jimmy Yuta is out first, and he is another member of the Middleweight Division. He’s got quickness and a lot of innovative moves. It’s unsure how these will work with the new MLW fighter, Mance Warner. The Southern Psychopath comes out to the ring with very old school Southern vibes. He’s wearing a long-sleeve red shirt, jeans, suspenders, and boots. As Matt Striker mentions on commentary, think of a modern-day version of Dick Slater. A beer-drinking brawler and business is fixing to pick up. Warner isn’t brand new to the sport, and that shows as is he able to slip ahead and around Yuta. Throughout the match ol’ Mancer can hit a couple of eye pokes, he brings the kneepad up and the kneepad down and hits Yuta with a vicious knee.

The knee leads Mance to be able to hit a deadly lariat. He then covers Yuta for the three count and wins in his MLW debut! Now, assuming he finishes the rest of his plan, he will be hitting the “pay window” and going to buy more light beers. We then move onto clips from H2 TV. Davey Boy Smith, Jr. talks about his love of animals, both dogs, and cats. We also see some cute backstage footage of Puma King meeting Mr. Velvet. Teddy Hart talks about how they are products of the Dungeon, meaning legitimate shooters. Despite all his legal problems over the years, this part of him remains. Teddy also praises Davey Boy as a fighter in addition to wrestler, saying he could beat Brock Lesnar.

Up next we check in with Matt Striker in the MLW Control Center. There he runs down all the action and fighters currently signed for MLW Intimidation Games. The biggest match of the night will be the steel cage match between Tom Lawlor and Low-Ki. Following this, we are treated to a Rey Horus highlight reel. The match between Aerostar and Horus is up next! As Rey Horus makes his way to the ring, we are reminded that the last time we saw him in MLW, fans threw money into the ring. We’ve also seen highlights of both wrestlers throughout the night and now we’ll get to see the next additions to that.

Rey Horus does have a slight weight advantage over Aerostar, but this doesn’t appear to come into play that often. This match is definitely one to seek out and enjoy for some good ol’ lucha libre action. Rey Horus is able to get the victory following a Cassandro bomb from the top rope. The action isn’t over on MLW Fusion though! MLW cameras caught up with Salina de la Renta outside of the Low-Ki’s training compound in Puerto Rico. Salina refuses them entry to see Low-Ki or any member of Promociones Dorado. She does give a special message for Tom Lawlor though, that will be below.  That’s it for this week’s edition of MLW Fusion! We’ll catch you right back here with MLW Fusion for episode 46 Live from Intimidation Games!

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