#Preview: Limitless Wrestling Presents Vacationland Cup 2019

On Friday, July 12th, Limitless Wrestling returns with their latest event, Vacationland Cup 2019 from Portland, Maine. After not running a show in June, Limitless has long been in preparation for an event that is a year in the making. This year the added stipulation of the winner challenging for the Limitless Championship certainly suggests that it will be a night no one will soon forget. The names and faces involved in this event are some of the premier talents not just the New England area, but all over North America.

The night features the likes of current AEW star Shawn Spears, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer and hometown native and budding superstar Anthony Greene. Here is Pro Wrestling Post presents the Limitless Wrestling presentation of Vacationland Cup 2019.

Smart Mark Sterling vs. ??

The dude himself returns and this time lays an open challenge to anyone on this night at Limitless Wrestling. While the Vacationland Cup is ultimately the match and focal point of the evening, this open challenge could be the match that will likely leave fans guessing who it could be. With no idea as to whom it could be fans could any number of past talents that have faced Sterling that could be the one’s to answer the challenge. Would DL Hurst be someone that could the one that answers the challenge? Is this the night MJF comes out and answers the open challenge and could want to make a surprising statement on this night? The open challenge certainly lends itself to a number of possibilities and one’s fans could anticipate a huge surprise for.

Vacationland Cup 2019
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

JT Dunn vs. Eli Everfly

As one of the four matches of the Vacationland Cup 2019 tournament, it will likely be a blink or you will miss the action. While the winner will move on to the final four men to be the winner and challenge for the Limitless Championship, it doesn’t mean they should look past this match up. Dunn is no stranger to Limitless and has long been a notable star in the Maine area. A veteran of ten years, Dunn is sure to take full advantage of his experience in Limitless and knowing how to use the fans to his advantage. Despite being four years, Dunn’s junior Everfly has carved out a niche for himself as both a tag team wrestler alongside Delilah Doom and a singles wrestler gaining notoriety competing for such companies as the West coast’s, Bar Wrestling.

Will the man who calls California home be able to adapt to the East coast flavor that Dunn will bring?

Vacationland Cup 2019
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Christian Casanova vs. Kevin Blackwood

If ever a time to see a Limitless Wrestling show this is the time. With Christian Casanova once again attempting to showcase why he is the can’t miss athlete of the promotion, along comes the UNKILLABLE one. Kevin Blackwood makes his return to wrestling and in doing so has an unparalleled focus to be the man to watch. The Buffalo, New York native has returned to Limitless and in doing so appears to have fully recovered from his near-fatal car accident this past January. His return is set to be against someone that has earned the right to be called the thriller from New England.

Casanova’s flashy and highly engaging ring style isn’t unlike that of Shane ‘Swerve’ Strickland. His fedora frog splash will often put any of his challengers down for the count. For Blackwood, he is returning to remind others why he is one of the premier talents to come out of the upstate New York area.

Vacationland Cup 2019
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Anthony Greene vs. Shawn Spears vs. Tommy Dreamer

A last-minute booking made this match easily one of the most talked-about, but at the same time hardest to keep up with. Limitless Wrestling owner Randy Carver had originally had this Vacationland Cup 2019 match up originally slated as a one on one contest between the Retrosexual Anthony Greene and The Perfect Ten Shawn Spears. However, in what seemed as though what originally wasn’t going to happen as Spears is now under contract to All Elite Wrestling was going to be replaced with the innovator of violence, Tommy Dreamer. It seemed like the stage was set for Greene and Dreamer to once again face each other.

This was until AEW decided not to prevent Spears from competing and allowing him to be what will now be a triple threat match. If that was hard to keep up with that’s understandable because it certainly was to likely book.

Maine State Horsemen
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Maine State Posse vs. The Work Horsemen

For the combination of Anthony Henry and JD Drake, this duo looks to make longtime Limitless veteran Aiden Aggro and Danger Kid sit up and take notice. Whether they are known as the Lethal Enforcers or as the Work Horsemen it is clear that their name certainly lends itself to inspiration from arguably the most recognized faction in wrestling history. As former EVOLVE tag team champions, Drake and Henry walk into Limitless not asking for permission from Aggro and Kid to show them respect but coming in to take it.

Since their time together, Aggro and Kid have been a crucial part of Limitless Wrestling and are recognized by their ability to take the action to their opponents and never resting on their laurels. They have held the Chaotic Wrestling and Northeast Championship Wrestling tag team championships themselves. It is sure to be a match that could have greater implications down the road.

Hollister Romero
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Brad Hollister vs. Ace Romero

As one of the four matches as part of the Vacationland Cup 2019, both Hollister and Romero are likely going to beat the living hell out of one another. A trainee of Antonio Thomas, Hollister may not have the size that Romero has, but don’t let that stop you. Hollister is considered by some as a talent with exceptional potential. This could be the tournament where Hollister’s potential is finally achieved. Romero is a beloved talent in Limitless and his success tends to move part and parcel with that of the company. Romero has broken out and competed in AEW, the U.S west coast and everywhere in between. What this match can’t be for either man is something that either one of them should look beyond.

While the tournament as a whole is important to both men it is how they tell the story along the way that is also important. Hollister may be tough but he doesn’t want to get caught into a battle of strength with Romero or that could be his undoing at Vacationland Cup 2019.

Skyler Statlander
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Skyler w/ Jeremy Leary vs. Kris Statlander

One of the most compelling matches fans should keep an eye on involves the alien and Skyler. Despite any potential outside interference that Jeremy Leary may cause in this match, it is the performances of these two outstanding women that fans should keep their close eye on. Statlander and Limitless Wrestling are as synonymous as any tandem anywhere. Kris has faced some of the most notable names that have come through the Maine area and even has appeared on WWE television as well. This time though the crafty and cagey nature of Skyler poses a different threat. A number of questions could emerge from the result of this match.

For one do either of these women help to forge a potential Limitless Wrestling women’s championship? If that isn’t the case, will they be considered a threat much like their male counterparts for the Limitless championship? Regardless of who wins the biggest question that likely will result in entertainment for all.

Six Way
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Leon Ruff vs. Covey Christ vs. Jeremy Leary vs. Swoggle vs. Ashley Vox vs. Lil Blay

A six-pack challenge is often so difficult to call that predicting a winner is nearly impossible. Of those involved, fans can be assured if anyone is likely to scare the life out of the rest of competitors in the ring its Ashley Vox. Vox took the current Limitless Wrestling champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, to the limit when she challenged him for the company’s championship back at Hooked on a Friedman. Swoggle is no stranger to these types of matches and is likely not considered a threat in this match which could benefit him.

Leary may be preoccupied with his involvement in Skyler’s match and may not be focused on this one. The Maritimer in Christ is looking to make his time in Limitless count. Another man that isn’t a stranger to Limitless when a fellow Canuck, Lil Blay will also look to make a name for himself in this match as well.

Garcia Parks
Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Daniel Garcia vs. Pepper Parks

In his return to wrestling after a six-month absence as a nearly fatal car accident put him on the shelf, Red Death returns. Daniel Garcia goes to war with someone he is all too familiar with. The Blade, Pepper Parks could be seen as a mentor of sorts to Garcia as Daniel is from Buffalo, NY and his home promotion is ESW, Empire State Wrestling. Garcia’s relationship with Parks plays a crucial role in ESW where Garcia has become a household name. As part of the promotion, Garcia recently captured the company’s championship. It is a championship that Parks could take Umbridge with knowing that Garcia has returned.

Red Death could be playing the part of the student in this match but that isn’t to say that he will be the one left to learn something when all is said and done. Will the Blade bring something Garcia has never seen before?