#Preview: Limitless Wrestling Presents Hooked on a Friedman

On Friday, May 10th, 2019 from Westbrook, Maine Limitless Wrestling presents Hooked on a Friedman. The event is named after the newly crowned Limitless Wrestling champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman, otherwise known as MJF. This night will not only settle some existing storylines but also set things up for upcoming Limitless events. Two Vacationland Cup qualifying matches are set to take place, both fatal four-way matches.

Other notable matches include a match that is part of Lisa Marie Varon’s retirement tour, as she faces a challenge from Skylar. However, the night begins and ends with MJF’s title defense against one Ashley Vox. This will certainly prove to be a spectacular match for the Limitless faithful. What will happen when Vox and MJF lock up? Who will qualify for the Vacationland Cup, and will Lisa Marie Varon leave Limitless successful?

Photo / Limitless Wrestling

Pat Buck vs. Kris Statlander

It is being billed as teacher versus student, but what fans are most excited about seeing is the veteran ‘Buzzkiller’ squaring off against the ‘Galaxy’s Greatest Alien’ in a matchup that seems to have been years in the making. A veteran of 16 years, some may wonder if this match could be a turning point in Buck’s career, which in recent years has seen him spend as much time helping develop talent as he has spent competing against them.

With Statlander, her in-ring experience doesn’t compare to that of Buck’s, but she has surely benefited from the training and development she received from Buck and the Create A Pro Wrestling Academy. Has there been tension that has led to this? Clearly, everyone has a breaking point, so any tension that exists could grow during the matchup. This could very well be a case of ‘I’ve taught you everything you know, but I haven’t taught you everything I know’ when all is said and done.

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Vacationland Cup 2019 Qualifier:

JT Dunn vs. Adam Brooks vs. Ethan Page vs. Brandon Kirk

In a separate fatal four-way qualifier, Limitless puts another four tremendous athletes in the ring. Brooks is in the midst of a tour of the United States and has appeared for a number of promotions, including PCW ULTRA at their Wrestle Summit. Page is an active in IMPACT Wrestling as part of the tag team ‘The North’. JT Dunn is no stranger to the New England area and has frequently competed for Limitless during his career.

For Brandon Kirk, he last appeared in Limitless during their Snakebitten event this past January and was victorious in his match. This match is too close to call, with each man having a legitimate shot. It is quite the contrast from the other qualifying matchup, as this is likely to a fast-paced bout.

Photo / Limitless

Vacationland Cup 2019 Qualifier:

Chris Dickinson vs Mance Warner vs. John Silver vs Ace Romero

When four massive and intense talents such as these men step into the ring, the result is sure to be a reckoning. Limitless Wrestling’s own Randy Carver says ‘Pick a winner, I dare you’. Romero and Silver will surely initially catch people off guard, but don’t let looks fool you. A veteran of the ring, Silver is highly regarded for his powerful moveset despite being only 5’7. Ace Romero, on the other hand, is an incredibly agile big man.

They will bring the fire and intensity in a matchup that also features 17-year-pro Dickinson, who can use his extensive MMA background to wear down his opponents. Capping the four-man field off is rising star Mance Warner, and the end result is sure to be magic. It is remarkable how quickly the brawling Warner has risen up the independent wrestling ranks, and he will be ready for a fight. This is sure to be a hard-hitting affair.

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The New Hart Foundation vs. The Maine State Posse

With the announcement a few weeks ago that Teddy Hart would be returning to Limitless and the more recent news that Davey Boy Smith Jr would be making his debut, it was only a matter of time before a tag team match involving the duo would be announced. United, they will take on longtime Limitless Wrestling mainstays Danger Kid and Aiden Aggro, the Maine State Posse. Tag team wrestling on the independent scene has proven to be just as compelling and exciting as any singles match.

These four men are likely to tear the house down and leave the audience in attendance in awe. These teams aren’t simply here to compete; The Maine State Posse won’t want to face the embarrassment of losing in front of the hometown crowd and the New Hart Foundation won’t roll over regardless of whom they are in the ring with.

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Christian Casanova vs Brad Hollister

Casanova is dealing with the departure of his manager Stokley Hathaway, not to mention having to recover from a loss to the Alien, Kris Statlander. The Thriller from New England is now tasked with a matchup against fellow New Englander Hollister. What is interesting to note about these two is that although Hollister has been competing longer, Casanova has been in a greater number of matches since he first entered the business.

The current Chaotic Wrestling heavyweight champion, Hollister has shown that he can win the big one. This match could be a step forward for both men and potentially set up the future for the Limitless Championship. After the high-flying Casanova and young Hollister face off with one another, MJF may have to pay close attention to who emerges victorious.

Hooked On A Friedman KATMCKENZIE
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Allie Kat vs Shazza McKenzie

When the seven-year pro out of Yakima, Washington, Allie Kat, squares off against the ten-year pro out of Sydney, Australia, the debuting Shazza McKenzie, it is sure to be a fight. Years of experience may work slightly in the favor McKenzie, and what she has gained my traveling the world will further her advantage. Both women are faces, and neither seems to have gained a psychological advantage over the other.

This could be a case where one moment in the match determines who gets the advantage. Will Allie Kat be pushed to the edge or will McKenzie be the one to put Allie on notice? This could be a dark horse match on the card, and we are likely to see the envelope pushed with both women!

Limitless Wrestling Hooked On A Friedman SKYLARMARIEVARON
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Skylar with Jeremy Leary vs Lis Marie Varon

After it was announced she would be facing Lisa Marie Varon, Skylar unleashed a promo about wanting to reclaim her place as the most dominant woman in Limitless Wrestling. She has threatened to not only beat Varon but end her retirement tour early. Skylar has discussed how she and Leary were the first to achieve a number of things in Limitless, and now she refuses to sit idly by while other talent is elevated and she is held back.

She is not just happy to be in the match against Varon, she wants to make a statement. Once a WWE women’s champion using the name Victoria, Varon will not go gently into that good night. She is determined to make the most of this opportunity walk out of Hooked on a Friedman victorious. Could Skylar prove to be a major obstacle during Varon’s retirement tour?

Limitless Wrestling Hooked on a Friedman MJFVOX
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Limitless Championship

MJF vs Ashley Vox

As mentioned the event’s featured match is focused on one man, the current Limitless Wrestling Champion. He is arguably one of the most talked about talents in independent wrestling today, and on May 10th he will once again have to prove his worth. The salt of the earth will face-off against the reel catch, and it will not be for the faint at heart. Vox has carved a reputation for herself in the Maine area, and this match will only further that growing popularity.

Don’t be fooled by this five-year pro’s 5’3 frame; she is small but hits something fierce, and its best MJF best not take her lightly. He may need to have eyes in the back of his head on this night. With Ethan Page in the building, it is also likely that he will look to put the champion on notice on this evening. MJF has shown a lot of disrespect to the Canadian wrestling star, and he had best be prepared to face a backlash to that, potentially during this match and maybe even costing him the championship.