#Preview: Fight Club PRO Presents WrestleHouse

After wowing Tokyo – and the world – with their Project Tokyo show held at the world famous Koruken Hall just a few weeks ago, Martin Zaki (FCP founder and owner) brings his merry band of folks back home to Wolverhampton (a town outside of Birmingham, England) for the annual event….WrestleHouse with Fight Club Pro.

WrestleHouse is an event that marks the beginning of the year – or season as some have called it – and always lays down a huge marker of how the forthcoming year will be.

Past events have seen cross promotional shows with ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, 10 person elimination matches, Travis Banks looking sexy in a string vest and much much more.

But you don’t want to hear all about the past, you want to hear what’s going to happen with the now. So here exclusively at Pro Wrestling Post, is the WrestleHouse 2019 preview!


The Hunter Brothers vs Team WHITE WOLF

Now I’m not sure on the order of the card, so don’t have a go at me if these matches are switched around ok? 🙂 Here we see the current FCP Tag Team champions The Hunter Brothers take on Team WHITE WOLF.

I’ve seen WHITE WOLF a few times, most recently on the now deceased Rev Pro tv show, and they impressed me so much. Very fluid, very quick, very strong. A-Kid and Carlos Romo are a match for any team in the world right now. Which is why this match intrigues me.

The Hunter’s are veterans of the UK team and deserve all the glory coming their way, whether it’s in Rev Pro, ATTACK! Or right here in Fight Club Pro. The way they can still mix it up with the younger talent with the strong style or high flying, The Hunter’s are riding the crest of a huge wave and long may it continue.


Irie vs ELP vs Strickland vs Bailey

Now here is a matchup with an international flavour. The Canadian sensations of El Phantasmo and Speedball. The strong style is represented by Irie, while the flash, brash Strickland is keeping the USA involved.

If this match doesn’t make you sit up, take notice and go WOW then you’re dead inside. It’s safe to say that the ringside crowd will be asked to move a good 6 or 7 times due to the amount of tope’s and other such high flying moves.

Could this be one of Strickland’s last indie matches before he joins the WWE? Or will he buck the trend and join AEW? Could he just stay as he is? In any fact, just enjoy watching Shane strut his stuff in an amazing match.


Millie McKenzie vs Yuu

I’m going to have to fess up now and admit I have not seen Yuu in action at all, anywhere. I feel really bad about this as she’s being highlighted in a great match here against Millie, one of the best women’s wrestlers in the world right now.

Looking upon Yuu and it’s obvious from the start that she will give McKenzie a match. A 19-year veteran, trained by Taka Michinoku and Mariko Yoshida, that has extensively been a tag wrestler for most of her career and is now branching out into singles.

Millie is one of the brightest stars in the UK crown and recently competed for STARDOM in Japan along with Bea Priestley, Viper and Session Moth Martina. Her young career has highlight after highlight and I’m sure she’ll be looking to start her FCP year with a victory, and push forward into the Fight Club Pro Championship picture.


Kyle Fletcher vs Will Ospreay

This match here is my sleeper match of the night! The Aussie Arrow versus the Aerial Assassin. This match right here will be a barometer of how far Kyle has come and how far he can actually go.

Since his time over here in the UK, Kyle has won tag gold with his partner Mark Davis as half of Aussie Open, not often highlighted in singles matches. And what a way to showcase your singles skills…..against arguably the best wrestler in the world right now.

Will is coming back of a toe injury (check his Twitter to find out more) but that won’t hamper him I’m sure. There’s nothing he likes more than a challenge, and this is certainly that. The NEVER Openweight champion is always ready, always fighting, and always looking to put on a show and a half for his audience. This match is going to be great!



At the last UK Fight Club Pro show, WELTSCHERMZ, the SCHADENFREUDE faction sent the British Strong Style boys of Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate packing from the promotion, as per the rules of the event. Travis Banks, Dan Moloney, and Jordan Devlin will be looking for retribution in this six-man tag war.

SCHADENFREUDE actually means getting pleasure from someone else’s misfortune. And the fact that CCK, Aussie Open and RINGKAMPF thought they were overlooked at each and every show made the three teams join forces to eliminate the competition and enjoy their misfortune.

Kid Lykos was booked for this match but unfortunately suffered a shoulder injury at a recent PROGRESS event and will be unable to compete, which gives a high profile match to Lucky Kid, joining the SCHADENFREUDE boys and getting the run.

This will be a full on, drag out, war of a match. And I can’t wait to watch all six tear each other limb from limb!


WALTER vs Mark Davis

As I stated above, SCHADENFREUDE banded together as they thought they were being passed over, not being spotlighted enough. Well. how’s about this for a spotlight!

Both men, from the same faction, battling it out at the top of the card, all in the name of competition….or is it?

WALTER has held championships across the globe and is possibly the most intimidating wrestler walking the planet (bar Brock Lesnar).

Davis has a chip on his shoulder and will be looking to show the world, and more importantly his stable-mates, just what he’s got. And what better measuring stick to be measured against than WALTER.


Folks, this match could have huge ramifications for this next year of Fight Club Pro, mark my words.

And that’s that my fellow wrestling buds. My quick concise preview of a very important event for FCP this year. How will the land lie after this show? I have some ideas, but they’ll stay with me for now, as at the moment I just want to enjoy a great card at a fantastic venue.

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