#Preview Fight Club: Pro – International Tekkers

Hello and welcome to the Pro Wrestling Post preview of Fight Club: Pro’s next event, the aptly named International Tekkers!

This event takes place tomorrow night, Friday March 15 at the home from home The Hanger in Wolverhampton. As always with a Fight Club event, the card is stacked top to bottom with some amazing talent. So lets take a closer look at this years International Tekkers!

CIMA vs Chris Brookes

International Tekkers

OOOOOOO! I can’t wait for this match. This is giving me feels already!

CIMA is a legend in the Far East. He was one of the Dragon Gate originals when the company formed in 2004 and worked for them until he left to form Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (who recently announced a working relationship with All Elite Wrestling).

He’s won every championship available in Dragon Gate and has won titles in every promotion he’s worked for. Seriously, the guy is an elite level performer.

And Chris Brookes? You don’t need me to say that he’s been and still is an important part of BritWres. That he’s an integral cog of CCK. That since British Strong Style (Tyler Bate, Trent Seven, and Pete Dunne) left Fight Club Pro, Chris has stepped up and taken the promotion on his shoulders.

Folks this match is gonna be frickin good!

The Hunter Brothers Open Challenge


Jim and Lee Hunter are FCP through and through, and are literally atop of the company’s mountain. With that in mind, they seem to be taking a leaf out of the John Cena/Aussie Open play book, and are implementing an open challenge for their Fight Club Pro Tag Team Titles.

Who will take them up on their challenge? They publicly declared they would take on any team from around the world….

Daisuke Sekimoto vs Kyle Fletcher


After a show-stealing performance at the last show WrestleHouse, Kyle proved he could hang with the big boys. And they don’t come much bigger than the returning Daisuke Sekimoto!

Being a member of SCHADENFREUDE he knows that he must continue to show his worth to the group. He has recently wrestled more heavyweights then ever before to prove his worth. And with his tag partner Davis in the main event, he knows he must be at the top of his game to topple Daisuke.

Sekimoto typifies Japanese Strong Style. He is a bruiser of a heavyweight and has worked in every reputable company you can think of in Japan. All Japan, NOAH, Pro Wrestling Zero, DDT. He’s even worked and become champion of wXw. The guy has a pedigree and is a big step up in competition for Fletcher.

Both men will put their heart and soul on the line to show the world that they deserve the next shot at the Fight Club Pro Championship.

Rey Horus vs Jordan Devlin


The Killer Import becomes the Import Killer? Devlin has been wowing fans across the world with his high paced style, and in particular the fans in Fight Club. He may have been on the losing side at WrestleHouse but endeared himself to the FCP faithful.

Horus is a 12-year luchador veteran who has worked extensively in Mexico but is more famous for appearing in Lucha Underground and Pro Wrestling Guerilla.

Coming from a lucha background, you can expect Rey to keep Jordan on his toes in every sense of the word. A sleeper match for Match Of The Night here folks.

Dan Moloney vs Timothy Thatcher


On opposing sides at WrestleHouse, you could sense some friction between these two men every time they stepped foot in the ring. An air of inevitablitity that these two would face off again at some point down the road. Well, we didn’t have to wait long!

With Moloney representing Team Fight Club at WrestleHouse and Thatcher representing SCHADENFREUDE, FCP officials decided to bring that bubbling rivalry over to this event.

Thatcher is a world star and one of the best technical wrestlers around. He also packs one hell of a european uppercut! With his RINGKAMPF team mate now left FCP for pastures new, he will look to assert himself and prove his value to his SCHADENFREUDE members.

Dan Moloney is the same as The Hunter Brothers – Fight Club through and through. He has grown from a boy into a man before the fans eyes. He won’t take things lying down and when he saw Thatcher and SCHADENFREUDE taking over the company he loves, he stepped up and continues to do so.

Sendai Girls Junior Championship
Charlie Evans vs Millie McKenzie

International Tekkers

I’m not sure who was more shocked when Charli Evans brutally attacked Millie McKenzie at WrestleHouse. The fans or Millie herself going into International Tekkers.

Charli seems to feel slighted by Millie for reasons unknown at this time, and took her frustrations out by beating McKenzie after her match against Yuu last time out.

Millie may look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but rest assured, she is a woman who shouldn’t be messed with. This is a woman who has stood toe to toe with Jimmy Havoc and didn’t buckle.

A rivalry that has gotten personal super quick, and with the Sendai Girls Junior Championship on the line? Expect fireworks here!

Fight Club: Pro Championship
Meiko Satomura (c) vs Mark Davis

International Tekkers

The main event of the evening, and the biggest main event of Fight Club Pro this year in International Tekkers. Dunkzilla himself has set his sights on bringing the FCP Championship back to these shores by snatching it away from another Japanese legend on the card…..Meiko Satomura.

Davis has been a major part of the SCHADENFREUDE group that has been running roughshod over the Fight Club roster in recent months. And after WALTER’s “sell out ” to WWE and subsequent removal from the group, Mark has taken the mantle of leader and called out Meiko at the end of the last FCP show, WrestleHouse.

What can I say about Satomura? She is on a par with Liger standards in regards to her legendary status. Meiko has wrestled around the world and for the biggest companies, with WCW and WWE being the most famous. She founded Sendai Girls and is the current Fight Club champion.

This match has huge ramifications for the future landscape of FCP, with the Dream Tag Team Invitational around the corner.

International Tekkers

I did say it was a stacked card! All you lucky lot that are attending, feel free to let me know how the show was at International Tekkers. Fight Club Pro are on my hitlist of promotions I want to see this year!

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