Preview: AEW Presents Revolution

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) will be live with their latest PPV event, AEW Revolution, on Saturday, February 29th, 2020. Revolution will emanate from the Wintrust Arena in downtown Chicago Illinois. The windy city will be the hottest place in town with the latest wrestling action from the stars of All Elite Wrestling. The show will be headlined by a massive main event match for the AEW Championship.

Preview: AEW Revolution
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AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley vs Chris Jericho

It has been many months of great solid building. Teasing the fans with it. And now, this Saturday, AEW is delivering on it. Jon Moxley is stepping up to the Le Champion Chris Jericho with intent. To completely put an end to the Inner Circles fearless leader and living legend Chris Jericho. Moxley obviously needs no introduction to wrestling fans. Whether it is the hardcore fans who remember his early days under the moniker, Jon Moxley, as part of companies such as CZW. Or it is the fans who recall his run as Dean Ambrose in WWE.

Chris Jericho has now managed to span a career into four different decades. He continues to reinvent himself and establish that he is the definition of what a wrestling star truly is. Le Champion has continued to conquer and dominate throughout his entire career. No matter where in the world he has ended up. Since the introduction of AEW and the unveiling of the AEW World Championship, Jericho has provided immediate prestige and class to the AEW World Championship. This match is not the first time that these two wrestlers have come head to head though. Their paths have in fact crossed before during their time in the WWE. In fact, their bad blood boiled over in a brutal encounter known as the asylum match.

AEW may not have Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho surrounded by a cage of weapons. But that will not prevent these two from utilizing all of their surroundings in order to inflict serious levels of pain upon their opponents.

This match is just as much about the bad blood between these two as it is about the AEW World Championship. Jon Moxley wants to get his hands on Chris Jericho. It would be a truly epic and monumental occasion if he is able to overcome the champ and raise his hand as the new AEW World Champion. Chris Jericho, Le Champion, will stop at nothing though. He will do anything to assure that the championship does not change hands. And then at the end of the night, Chris Jericho will then be able to celebrate…with a little bit of the bubbly.

Preview: AEW Revolution
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AEW World Tag Team Championship
The Young Bucks vs Kenny Omega & Hangman Page

On that one magic evening, onboard, a cruise ship the tag team of Kenny Omega and Hangman Page became the new AEW Tag Team Champions. Since then the duo has managed to hang on to the tag team gold, coming into their own as a team. At AEW Revolution, four of the companies’ largest names are going to be delivering tag team action that is certain to have AEW fans on the edge of their seats. Those fans out there who have dedicated the time to following the careers of these four men, know all about the history that this match is mired in as well.


The Young Bucks for years has been one of the most recognizable tag teams in the industry. Sowing fans all over the world the electric teamwork that these brothers have formed. The brotherhood of Matt and Nick Jackson is one that will be a difficult hurdle for the current tag team champions. Is it possible for Kenny Omega and Hangman Page to rely solely on their individual in-ring skill? Or will the champions need to channel teamwork like they never have before? Kenny Omega and Hangman Page certainly are going to need to be at their absolute best in order to find themselves retaining their tag team gold by the time this match is all said and done.

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Dustin Rhodes vs Jake Hager

While at the time of this writing the match has not been made official through the AEW Website, the company has all but confirmed that this Saturday we are going to get a match between Dustin Rhodes and Jack Hager. Tensions between these two have been on an absolute rise, and this one is certain to be one of the best wrestling matches of the entire night.

These two men can really deliver some good old fashioned wrestling action. While keeping up the pace expected of the modern-day wrestling fan. This blend and style lead to some of the best encounters in modern professional wrestling today. Fans should expect to get an excellent match out of these two well seasoned in-ring performers.


Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin

Darby Allin has made quite the statements ahead of his one on one match with opponent Sammy Guevara this Saturday. Darby Allin is a performer that has quickly grabbed the attention of the fans. He continues to be one of the most lethal opponents to go up against in an AEW ring. Sammy Guevara has shown mass amounts of promise and made a wise choice in joining up with the Inner Circle. He instantly obtained worldwide notoriety in associating himself with such well-positioned wrestlers within the company.

Guevara has all the makings of a future star. Will have his Inner Circle brothers be keeping an eye on him during this one on one encounter? Could the odds come in to play and be a little too much for the ever-popular Darby Allin? Or will the tenacity of Allin shine through and lead him to victory against Sammy Guevara? One thing is for sure if you enjoy fast-paced and athletic competition then this match will easily provide all of that and more.


Cody vs MJF

When a match has been built up so perfectly as this has, it doesn’t need to be about championships. Simply because it is about two wrestlers who despise one another. So much so that you just know that all if hell is about to break loose. It is a question right now if the match is still going to happen. Reports mentioned that Cody broke his toe during his moonsault off the cage at AEW Dynamite. The move was out of passion which was seen through the entire match. It showed the world just how much it means to Cody to get his hands on MJF.

One could only imagine that something like a broken toe would never prevent someone like Cody – who eats and breathes this business – from showing up for his match this Saturday at Revolution. MJF is so cunning that he is hoping that Cody shows up at less than 100%.  Maxwell will more than likely take the opportunity to expose the injury and continue to work it to his own advantage. There will be absolutely nothing pretty about this match at all. This is simply going to be an all-out war between two men who absolutely hate one another. The skill that these two wrestler posses mean that we could end up seeing one of the most memorable matches of the year this Saturday at AEW Revolution.

AEW Women’s World Championship Match

Kris Statlander vs. Nyla Rose (c)

Nyla Rose has quickly become the talk of the entire wrestling community.  She managed to defeat Riho to become the new AEW Women’s Champion.  The win was obviously met with some negative views by members of the community, but despite that, there are those of us who found the win to be a great accomplishment for Nyla Rose.  Kris Statlander made an instant impact in AEW upon her arrival in the company.  It was inevitable that Kris Statlander would make her way to the top and earn an opportunity for the AEW Women’s Championship.  Now at Revolution Kris Statlander has the opportunity of a lifetime to put a quick end to the championship run of Nyla Rose.


PAC vs Orange Cassidy

We now come to a match that was added on last week’s edition of Dynamite. PAC attacked the Freshly Squeezed one after his loss to Kenny Omega in the 30 Minute Iron Man match.

Speaking on behalf of Cassidy, Chuckie T told PAC that he should be very very scared. Why? Because Orange is going to TRY! It’s worth noting that this match will mark Orange Cassidy’s singles debut for All Elite Wrestling.

Will the high octane vicious offense of PAC be able to contain the mildness of Cassidy?

AEW Revolution will more than likely feature many more of our favorite AEW wrestlers as the match cards have previously hosted more matches, so expect to see the company add some more matches as we draw closer to Saturday. Their PPV’s have been impactful and capturing a lot of attention from the entire wrestling community each and every time that they are broadcast. AEW Revolution will be all the buzz this Saturday night. There are some matches on this card that have insane amounts of potential to become instant classics.

Tune in this Saturday along with the rest of the world to find out what happens in the next chapter of All Elite Wrestling as they present Revolution.

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