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Lance Storm

Lance Storm | Canada’s Unsung Wrestling Machine

Lance Storm is arguably one of the best in-ring performers in Pro Wrestling history. Wrestling should be about telling a story. It is the...

Christian | Wrestling’s Unsung Charismatic Champion

Christian Cage made his wrestling debut in 1995 for a wrestling company owned by his trainer, Ron Hutchinson. In 1997 Christian Cage started a...
ASUKA / Veny

ASUKA / Veny – Blazing A Trail In Wrestling For Women Today

If the name ASUKA sounds familiar, the belief is that we are discussing former WWE SmackDown, Women's Tag Team, and NXT Women's Champion. However,...
Leyla Hirsch

Leyla Hirsch | Proving She’s ‘Legit’ From Day 1

On the best of days, wrestling can come easy for many in particular for Leyla Hirsch. The business can have an incredibly grueling schedule...
Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling: A Brief History

Against all odds, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling was founded by coincidence. During the introductory press conference in June 2012, the big boss of DDT...
Prince Iaukea

Prince Iaukea – The New Power Generation Superstar

Art is the most subjective thing there is. Whether it appeals to you or repulses you, true art should illicit an emotion. What constitutes...
Toshiaki Kawada

Toshiaki Kawada – The Baddest Wrestler In Japan | TrailBlazers

Few wrestlers are able to conjure up as much fear as Toshiaki Kawada. He’s a wrestler of mythic proportions. He exudes an aura of...
The Islanders

The Islanders – Wrestlings’ Forgotten Bloodline Lineage

King Tonga and The Tonga Kid/ Haku and Tama were The Islanders. Both men are of Polynesian descent, and with that comes a great...
Michinoku Pro-Wrestling

Michinoku Pro-Wrestling – Turning Insults Into Valor

Rivers symbolize freedom. If you place a rock into a river, the water will flow around it. If you block a river, it will...
Akira Taue

Akira Taue: An Oft-Ignored Legend In Japanese Pro Wrestling Trailblazer

Every famous group of wrestlers has that one person that ranks below the rest. For the SmackDown Six, it was Chavo Guerrero. The Four...