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CHIKARA Action Arcade Episode 2 3 4 6

Action Arcade Episode 2: CHIKARA Action Arcade Review

The follow-up to the first Action Arcade was just as much of a good time! Week two featured something new to go along with...
CHIKARA Action Arcade Episode 2 3 4 6

CHIKARA Action Arcade Episode 1: Review

Saturday morning wrestling was a big thing when I was a kid. Especially when I was a little older and cartoons didn't do it...

Preview: CHIKARA Presents Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka (2/29/20)

With the Young Lions Cup XVI in the CHIKARA rosters rearview, we are getting a rare leap year event with Saturday's Stem the Hemorrhaging...

#Preview: CHIKARA Pro Presents Tug Of War (11/9/19)

Since 2002, CHIKARA has been home of the most colorful characters and playful stories in the wrestling business, you cannot help to name them...
Shoko Nakajima

Shoko Nakajima – Rise of the Big Kaiju

When you’re 147 cm tall, the world can seem like big and scary place. However, few 4’10 wrestlers have made it as...
Ruby Soho

Ruby Soho – She Goes Where The Wind Takes Her

Over the course of this eleven-year career of, Ruby Soho has seen joy, pain, success, heartbreak, and redemption. The journey of every professional wrestler...
MLW Fusion Alpha Has Arrived

MLW Fusion Alpha for 10/6/21 (Jacob Fatu vs Matt Cross)

On Thursday night, October 7th, 2021, Major League Wrestling presents Fightland on Vice TV. This first-ever Vice TV pay-per-view will feature the biggest fight...
Fred Rosser Darren Young

Fred Rosser | The Fierce Story of Mr. No Days Off

The story of Fred Rosser is a tumultuous one. His career has always been about change, about evolving and altering himself. From a member...

Cassandro the Exotico – A Celebration of El Exotico

Cassandro the Exotico - A Celebration of El Exotico by Roy Lucier Cassandro the Exotico. It’s often the story in the world of pro wrestling...
Kyle OReilly and Adam Cole

Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole | The Journey of An Undisputed Rivalry

Their story goes beyond their Unsanctioned match at NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver. Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole are joined at the hip with...