Preview: CHIKARA Presents Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka (2/29/20)

With the Young Lions Cup XVI in the CHIKARA rosters rearview, we are getting a rare leap year event with Saturday’s Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka event going down at The Wrestle Factory! With Season 21 in full stride, let’s check out which CHIKARA superstars are looking to once again make a statement heading into the Spring!


Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

Xavier Farady vs. Tunku Amir

In the first of three Forged vs. The Crucible matches on the card, the exciting Xavier Farady faces against the rising star and IMPACT Wrestling feature, Tunku Amir. While The Crucible continues to grow in ranks, Forged looks to be the men CHIKARA never knew they needed in this war of attrition. While both men are looking to bounce back from their Young Lions Cup elimination, it was Amir who pinned Farady in CHIKARA’S special National Pro Wrestling day event, it comes down to who wants it more.

Prediction: Xavier Farady secures the first salvo win in the battle 


Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

JoSue Ibanez vs. E.M. DeMorest

In the second of three Forged vs. The Crucible matches on the card, the man known as JoSue Ibanez looks to break the jaw of the intense E.M. DeMorest in this hard-hitting affair. While Ibanez has had some standout matches, this war with The Crucible has become a focus for all parties especially the already high strung DeMorest. While JoSue has the energy to go up 2-0 in these string of matches, DeMorest looks to carry the Crucible flag high throughout the night.

Prediction: DeMorest gets The Crucible on the board with the win!


Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

Joshua Wells vs. Matt Makowski

In the last of the three Forged vs. The Crucible matches on the card, Joshua Wells and Matt Makowski looks to secure the final victory in the clash between factions. For Wells, it’s once again showing why he is one of Chikara’s most resilient men answering the challenge of the Philly based company’s resident BJJ black belt. Because this is my prediction tiebreaker, there may be some interference involved in the match, but it will not affect the skill and utter talent that pours off Makowski in this one.

Prediction: Matt Makowski finalizes the series and earns another W for The Crucible


Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

Masked Enforcer #2 vs. The Spoiler

In a battle of the masked men, the unknown Masked Enforcer #2 goes up against the man simply known as The Spoiler. A very unknown caveat in this match with not much known about ME #2, it’s The Spoiler who needs he victory as he looks to continue his rocky Season 21 after being disqualified in the Young Lions Cup but bouncing back in tag action with Sonny Defarge just a few weeks ago. Not sure how to call this but this may be a head-scratcher when it’s all said and done…

Prediction: The Spoiler gets the win, hi-jinx ensues, and we find out who dons the mask of Masked Enforcer #2


Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka
Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

Mobius vs. The Whisper

Mobius has been a man possessed since his win against Todd Overbow back at ? in November 2019, but it’s The Whisper whose become Chikara’s workhorse since his absolute war against Solo Darling back at Live At The Regency Furniture Stadium last August. But not resting on either of the laurels, the two men who’ve found themselves entrenched in Chikara and The Crucible matters look to steal the show at Saturday’s event. While The Whisper is looking to recover from his beat down from Ophidian back at Tug Of War which costs him his Grand Championship of CHIKARA title match, its Mobius who continues to keep himself at the top of the card after teaming with Quackenbush and Jigsaw at Young Lions Cup. Again, a show-stealer, but not to where The Whisper doesn’t show why he’s deserving another swing at the title.

Prediction: The Whisper earns his W in this hard-hitting affair


Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka
Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

Xyberhawx2000 vs. Dasher Hatfield & Molly McCoy

The tandem known as Xyberhawx2000 may be high flying threats and aerial masters, but no one hits harder than the Grand Champion himself Dasher Hatfield and the equally hard-hitting Molly McCoy. Xyberhawx may easily become one of the hottest teams in Chikara and, mark my words, will be future tag team champions but this is the classic Hatfield & McCoy… can you really bet against them coming out of Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka?

Prediction: The Champ and Wrestling’s Hatfield and McCoy ground the ‘Hawx’s


Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka
Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

Boomer Hatfield & ZERO vs. F.I.S.T.

F.I.S.T. may one of the most dominant teams in Chikara but when you combine the championship experience and high caliber matches Boomer Hatfield and ZERO have put together, expect this one to be hard-hitting bout.

While even Chikara’s official Twitter account thinks the mustached mask and the Son of a Business Tyrant may be in over there heads, I fully expect some surprising chemistry from them in this match. However, Travis Huckabee and Tony Deppen are former Campeonatos de Parejas for a reason and there is no changing that.

Prediction: F.I.S.T. gets back on their winning ways over Boomer & ZERO


Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

The Bird and the Bee vs. The Colony

If you don’t believe in the power of Willow Nightingale and Solo Darling, who are literally on a historic reign as Chikara’s Campeonatos de Parejas then you have not paid attention to the dominating run their own. Since beating F.I.S.T. for the championships, these two continue to show out on every level. But they are running into the buzz saw known as The Colony. Green and Thief Ant are Chikara royalty and still compete on a high level in the Philly based company. But even with the titles not on the line, this may be a big test for champs. Expect a rematch, with the Campeonatos de Parejas on the line the 2nd time around as…

Prediction: The Colony get a big win towards a future title shot


Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka
Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

Mike Quackenbush vs. Ophidian

Mike Quackenbush and Ophidian may literally fight forever in this sure-fire main event matchup. Quackenbush looks to erase any doubt that he cannot fight the war Ophidian brought to his doorstep. While Quackenbush is coming off an absolute classic against Hallowicked and Ophidian is coming off his battle against Still Life at the National Pro Wrestling Day event, both men look to come out of Polka with big wins. Too close to call on this one, but the legendary Quackenbush may be too much for the Master of the Snake Style and defending The Factory restoring order once more at Stem the Hemorrhaging of Polka.

Prediction: The ‘Patriarch of The Wrestle Factory’ once again reigns supreme


Photo Courtesy of CHIKARA

Adding on late editions to the card with the above pictured Cabana Man Dan and Devantes in action, tomorrow will surely put Chikara on pace for an epic 2020. But who will come out on top? The Crucible? Forged? Will Quackenbush survive another shot at the throne? For tickets, click here.

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John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.