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Puroresu Press for 11/10/19

It's time for another edition of the Puroresu Press where we will be talking about various news, rumors, and all sorts of goodies involving...

Puroresu Press for 10/19/19 (Bushiroad Purchases Stardom)

Welcome to the latest addition to the Puroresu Press and it looks like I will be making it into a bi-weekly piece. Here we...
Puroresu Press

The Puroresu Press for 10/5/19

Welcome to a new little piece I’ll be doing for the site known as the Puroresu Press. This is where I’ll be talking about...
Kento Miyahara

Kento Miyahara | All Japan’s Best of the Best

Historically one of the biggest companies in Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling have confronted a number of challenges that changed the face of...
The Ones To Watch 2024 - British Pro-Wrestling

The Ones To Watch 2024 in British Pro-Wrestling

2023 marked a groundbreaking period for professional wrestling in Great Britain, highlighted by All Elite Wrestling's historic showcase at Wembley Stadium. Drawing in leading global...
Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay | The Ascension of An Aerial Assassin

Will Ospreay has taken the wrestling world by storm in recent years as a human highlight reel and one of the first names mentioned...
Okada, Omega, and the Global Age Pt 1

Okada, Omega, and the Global Age Pt 1 | Wrestle Kingdom

January 4, 2016: lightning struck twice on the same day. One was a rare, but long-term plan. Hiroshi Tanahashi had passed the torch to...
Jun Akiyama

Jun Akiyama | The Unsung Pillar of All Japan Pro-Wrestling

Jun Akiyama is unjustly forgotten when people talk about AJPW's success in the 1990s. When one heard the words ‘All Japan Pro-Wrestling’, a few...
The Longest Wrestling PPV Ever

The Longest Wrestling PPV Ever – Big Egg Wrestling Universe

When people think of  ‘the longest wrestling PPV ever’, the first name that usually comes to mind is (pre-COVID) WrestleMania. Before the pandemic hit,...
Katsuhiko Nakajima

Katsuhiko Nakajima | Chronicles of The Mad Wolf

To earn the reputation as being a dangerous person is not easy. A few bad incidents and you may become known as someone who...