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James ‘Kamala’ Harris | Missing My Friend

This week after his valiant heath and financial issues battle, the wrestling world lost 'Kamala' James Harris. Cauliflower Alley Club and, more recently, the kind...

John ‘Xavier’ Bedoya Passes Away | The ‘All Around Best’

On Sunday, August 16th, former Ring of Honor World Champion John 'Xavier' Bedoya has passed away. It was reported by the family of Bedoya...
Wrestling Radio Part 2 - The Later Years

Wrestling Radio The Later Years | Origins

Much like part one of the history of wrestling radio, we continue with the evolution. We continue by focusing on its programming, shows, and...
Wrestling Radio Early Years

Wrestling Radio – The Early Years | Origins

Pro Wrestling Radio, or at least terrestrial radio shows dedicated primarily to wrestling, appears to have begun in the very early '70s. They all...

Killer Kowalski Paid Homage to Woody Strode at the 1992 Sam Muchnick Convention

In 1992, revered long-time St. Louis based wrestling promoter Sam Muchnick was honored at a convention organized by noted wrestling journalist/historian/photographer Dr. Mike Lano....

Imperial World Wrestling Debuts -The Hip Hop & Wrestling Connection

On Saturday, June 29th, I was at yet another NYC indie- as I’ve spent so many of my weekends the past several decades. Summoned...

Riding The WrestleMania Week Whirlwind

Evan discusses his rather active WrestleMania week promoting 350 Days other encounters along the way.

350 Days Documentary Update

On July 12th of 2018, the “350 Days” documentary update played in nearly 400 theaters nationwide in a one-nighter. Critically acclaimed, it’s...

R.I.P King Kong Bundy

In “real life”- as wrestling people are oft to say- the massive King Kong Bundy was an eclectic mix of highly...

#Review: ICW New York Presents Party and Bullshit

Teddy Hart Steals the Show on ICW New York Card Featuring Scott Steiner, Nick Gage. Promoter Jac Sabboth’s ICW (Impact Championship Wrestling)...