Over The Top Wrestling Announced Sweeping Changes

In a statement earlier today, Irish indie promotion Over The Top Wrestling announced a number of staff and policy changes.

Firstly, OTT has appointed Anne O’Brien as new head of talent relations. She will be the designated contact for wrestlers experiencing issues within the industry. Anne O’Brien will also be working with their OTT training schools to ensure they remain a safe space for trainees. OTT selected Anne for her 20 years of experience in the industry. Over The Top has also put in place a new board of members, consisting of a number of wrestlers and trainers. On the board are LJ Cleary, Kaydee McKeon Joyce, Karen Glennon, and Katey Harvey, as well as promoter Joe Cabray. The board will meet monthly to discuss issues within the wrestling industry in Ireland. In consultation with shareholders, The promotion has updated their codes of conduct, safety and disciplinary procedures. Additionally, all new staff and wrestlers will undergo a police background check.


“OTT Wrestling takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously,” Cabray says in the statement. “In light of the issues highlighted by the #SpeakingOut movement, no performer will appear in an OTT ring until any and all allegations are investigated in full.”

Cabray also mentions that the board is drafting a code of conduct for fans, which will be posted at the entrance of future events. The board is open to fan input through fans@ottwrestling.com and will keep that address open for fan issues in the future. “We believe that wrestling should be enjoyed by everyone, and safety is key,” the statement reads. “These emails will be monitored by talent relations.”

School of Wrestling NI

Additionally, Over The Top announced the opening of The School Of Wrestling NI. Previously part of Northern Ireland’s Wrespect Wrestling, the new school will have a focus on creating a safe environment for trainees.

Over The Top Wrestling Announced Sweeping Changes

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