NXT Weekly for 09/20/22 (Bate vs. McDonagh)

Kicking off this week’s NXT Weekly for 09/20/22 with North American Champion Solo Sikoa & Carmelo Hayes entering Shawn Michaels’ office. He tells Sikoa that he competed in a match that he was not sanctioned to participate in, and therefore, the results do not stand.

He tells him he has to relinquish his North American Title, and Sikoa gives it to him, saying he has some unfinished business. Michaels wishes him the best in his future on SmackDown as Sikoa walks away. Hayes thanks Michaels and looks to grab the North American Title, but Michaels doesn’t give it to him due to his actions last week.

He then informs him that he will receive a Title shot at Halloween Havoc in a 5-way ladder match.

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
2nd Match Of The Best Of 3 Series

Nathan Frazer (0) vs. Axiom (1)

Nathan Frazer & Axiom lock up to start this match off then they exchange submissions before Frazer delivers a pair of shoulder tackles. Axiom delivers an armdrag followed by a dropkick and a northern lights suplex. Axiom ascends to the top rope and looks for a crossbody, but Frazer hits him with a dropkick mid air that sends us to a break.

After the break both men are exchanging forearms. Axiom delivers a dropkick, followed by a flying forearm. He goes for a pin, but Fazer kicks out. Axiom delivers an enziguri, then goes for a pin, but Frazer kicks out. Frazer delivers a superkick, then goes for a pin of his own, but Axiom kicks out.

Both men ascend to the top rope before Axiom sends Frazer to the mat. He goes for a pin, but Frazer kicks out. Frazer goes flying off the ropes, but Axiom counters into the sleeper. Frazer gets his foot on the bottom rope to break the submission. Axiom ascends to the top rope and Frazer meets him there. Frazer hits a superplex and a twisting neckbreaker. He hits a Phoenix Splash off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Nathan Frazer (1)

We then head to a video of Alba Fyre saying she will burn Mandy Rose’s empire to the ground.

We then head to NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose, watching the message from the Toxic Lounge as Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin walk in and check on her. Rose says she’s fine, and the trio then head to the ring.

Damon Kemp was in a vignette where he revealed that he got bribed by Tony D’Angelo to stop Creed Brothers to being the NXT Tag Team Champions and revealing that he attacked Roderick Strong before Worlds Collide. Kemp challenged one of the Creed Brothers to a match for the next week.

Ivy Nile was hooting and hollering backstage after discovering Kemp betrayed Diamond Mine, telling Paxley she was focused after seeing the footage.

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
Tag Team Match

Toxic Attraction vs. Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley

Tatum Paxley & Gigi Dolin locked up before Dolin got a wrist lock on Paxley. Paxley evaded Dolin’s moves before hitting a dropkick on Dolin. Paxley flipped on Dolin, but Dolin caught her with a lariat.

Toxic Attraction hit a leg trip/senton combo on Paxley for a near fall. Paxley got an O’Connor Roll on Jacy Jayne for a near fall, but Jayne dropped Paxley for a near fall. Dolin hit a kick on Paxley for a near fall.

Dolin got Paxley in a modified kimura lock before hitting a forearm strike on Paxley. Paxley got a roll-up on Dolin for a near fall before Paxley hit a face slam on Dolin. Ivy Nile hit a lariat, a series of forearm strikes, side kicks, an enziguri, a leaping mule kick, and an overhead suplex on Jayne for a near fall.

Jayne hit a rolling elbow on Nile. Nile hit an enziguri kick on Dolin. Jayne and Dolin tossed Nile out of the ring then they got Nile back in the ring before hitting the Total Elimination on Nile for the win.

Winners: Toxic Attraction 

The Schism are in the ring to cut a promo with Jagger Reid telling that those who do not want to join The Schism have been warned, while Rip Fowler said that he welcomes anyone that joins. Joe Gacy said that change can be scary, but he said that he had given people enough time and that they will now see the world within their eyes.

Gacy says that Grimes made a life-altering decision when he rejected The Schism’s offer. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade interrupted and attacked The Dyad.

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
Tag Team Match

The Dyad vs. Malik Blade & Edris Enofe

Rip Fowler & Edris Enofe begin the action & Enofe delivers a dropkick. Malik Blade & Jagger Reid both tag in. Reid beats Enofe down before tagging Fowler back in. Fowler goes to work on Enofe, but he escapes and tags Blade back in. Blade goes flying over the top rope and takes The Dyad down on the outside, which sends us to a break.

After the break, Reid delivers several forearms to Blade. Fowler tags in and beats down Blade. He delivers a forearm before tagging Reid back in. Reid delivers a pair of elbows before tagging in Fowler. Blade hits him with a couple of elbows before making the hot tag to Enofe. Enofe sends Folower’s head into the top turnbuckle, then delivers a running uppercut. He hits a slingblade, but Fowler sends him into the corner.

Blade makes the blind tag. He gets Fowler up on his shoulders, but Fowler rolls him up. Enofe counters it into one of his own, but Fowler kicks out and tags in Reid. Reid delivers a Code Red using Fowler’s back as a launching pad before One Way Ticket gets the win.

Winners: The Dyad

We get a recap of Quincy Elliot’s debut last week.

We head to a video package of Roxanne Perez & Meiko Satomura discussing their match with one another 2 weeks ago.

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
Cora Jade vs. Wendy Choo

Cora Jade & Wendy Choo lock up to get this match started. Jade sends Choo into the corner and mocks her. Choo shoves her and delivers a snap mare. The two exchange submissions before Choo sends Jade to the mat. Choo delivers an enziguri, but Jade then sends her into the bottom rope.

She chokes her, then delivers an elbow to her back. She goes for a pin, but Choo kicks out. Jade delivers a double stomp on Choo’s spine, but Choo fires back with a clothesline and a belly 2 back suplex. She hits a flipping forearm, then delivers a German suplex. She charges at Jade in the corner, but Jade moves out of the way and manages to hit a DDT for the win.

Winner: Cora Jade

After the match, Lash Legend gets in the ring and delivers a pump kick to Choo.

We then go backstage to where McKenzie Mitchell is with the NXT Champion Bron Breakker. She asks for his thoughts on the number one contender’s match. He says that the odds are even, but it’s the main event match. Breaker says that if he had to choose, he would pick Bate as he wants to face him again.

Trick Williams told Carmelo Hayes that he was Carmelo Hayes and to pick his head up.

We get a video hyping up the debut of Oro Mensah later tonight.

We then head backstage to Mensah, who says that he came to NXT to compete against the best. He says that Oro means gold, and he comes from the country of gold.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams then head to the ring. Hayes says that vote or no vote; he is the biggest star in NXT. He then calls for the audio crew, the timekeeper, and the referee from his match last week to be fired. He says that Solo Sikoa stole something that belonged to him and says that he is still the A Champion.

Chase U’s music hits, and Chase U then come to the ring. Hayes says that now is not the time for them. Andre Chase says that they have a teachable moment before Chase U hit Williams & Hayes, leading to an impromptu match between both teams.

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
Tag Team Match

Chase U vs. Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams

Andre Chase delivers an arm drag to Trick Williams. Williams tags in Carmelo Hayes and they beat Chase down. Bodhi Hayward tags in, and Hayes hits him with a chop. Williams tags back in and delivers a suplex. Hayward delivers a shoulder tackle before tagging Chase back in.

Chase delivers a leg sweep to Williams before delivering the Chase U Stomps. Hayward tags in and locks in a Torture Rack. Williams manages to escape and tag in Hayes, who then hits a kick to Hayward’s face. He goes for a pin, but Hayward kicks out. Williams tags in and delivers several stomps to Hayward. He delivers an uppercut.

Chase tags in and delivers a chop and an atomic drop. He hits a bodyslam, but Williams fires back with a right hand. Hayes tags in and hits a pump kick then looks for the Fade Away, but Chase counters it into a roll-up for the win.

Winners: Chase U

Gallus were drinking beers backstage before Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley confronted them. Briggs & Jensen challenged Gallus to a fight while they were drinking pints, but security escorted Briggs & Jensen out of the minibar.

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
Sanga vs. Von Wagner

Sanga hit a rebound shoulder tackle on Von Wagner. Wagner hit a back elbow on Sanga, but Sanga responded with a lariat. Wagner hit corner lariats on Sanga, but Sanga responded with a series of punches.

Wagner laid the strikes on Sanga before getting a chin lock on Sanga, but Sanga hit body shots and a corner splash on Wagner, followed by a Sideslam on Wagner. Sanga hit a big boot in Wagner to send him to the outside. Sanga hit a lariat on Wagner; don’t he outside of the ring.

Wagner attacked Sanga after Mr. Stone’s distraction. Wagner hit a big boot on Sanga before hitting a Death Valley Driver on Sanga to get the win.

Winner: Von Wagner

Wes Lee revealed that he was cleared to compete, saying that he will earn his way into the North American Title Ladder Match at Halloween Havoc.

We then head to Stacks. He says that Wes Lee will regret not taking the easy way out when Tony D’Angelo faces him.

We head backstage to Cameron Grimes. He says that he will chop down the Schism Tree, put it through the wood chopper and use it as fuel to send himself to the moon.

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
North American Title Qualifying Match
Oro Mensah vs. Grayson Waller

Grayson Waller sends Oro Mensah to the mat with a shoulder block. Waller locks in a shoulder submission, but Mensah escapes. Mensah delivers a couple of arm drags, followed by the Soul Food. Waller manages to get him up and deliver a belly-to-back suplex. He goes for a pin, but Mensah kicks out.

Waller steps on Mensah’s neck, then fires off several right hands. Mensah fires back with some forearms of his own, then delivers a couple of back elbows. He hits a moonsault off the ropes, then hits a kick.

Waller heads up to the ramp to set up for his signature move. Apollo Crews shows up and inserts himself between him and Mensah. This allows Mensah to hit a tope suicida through the middle rope, toss him back in the ring and hit a spinning back kick for the win.

Winner & Gets Into The North American Title Ladder Match: Oro Mensah

We head backstage to the Diamond Mine dojo and see Creed Brothers hitting a punching back and a dummy they begin bickering about who will face him in singles action next week before Julius agrees to let Brutus face him.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker then heads to the ring, with Landon “The Conqueror” Chase of Connor’s Cure.

We get a video hyping up Sol Roca ahead of her debut next week.

Vic Joseph & Wade Barrett then runs down the card for next week’s show.

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
[Photo: WWE NXT]

NXT Weekly for 09/20/22
NXT Title #1 Contenders Match

Tyler Bate vs. JD McDonagh

The match starts off with a lock-up then they exchange submissions before Tyler Bate delivers an uppercut off the middle rope. He looks for an airplane spin, but McDonagh counters into a roll-up; then they roll one another up several times before hitting one another with a double clothesline that sends us to a break.

After the break, McDonagh has Bate in a Boston Crab. Bate makes it to the ropes to break up the hold. McDonagh hits Bate with a series of kicks, but Bate sends him straight out of the ring. He delivers a dive over the top rope and sends McDonagh into the commentary desk. Bate tosses him back into the ring and delivers a suplex.

He hits a Standing Shooting Star Press, then goes for a pin but McDonagh kicks out. Bate delivers multiple kicks to McDonagh, followed by an Airplane Spin. He goes for a pin, but McDonagh kicks out. McDonagh hits a moonsault off the ropes, followed by a 450 Splash. He goes for a pin, but Bate kicks out. McDonagh then hits a brainbuster, then goes for another pin but Bate kicks out once again.

Both men exchange forearms with one another before Bate delivers a vicious right hand. Bate goes off the ropes, but McDonagh catches him and sends him to the mat. Bate delivers a left hand as they ascend to the top rope. They teeter before McDonagh hits a Spanish Fly, then follows it up with the Devil Inside for the win.

Winner & #1 Contender To The NXT Title: JD McDonagh

After the match, Breakker and McDonagh stare down one another. Ilja Dragunov’s music hits, and he heads to the ring to face off with the two men.

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