NXT UK Inclination 2/13/20 (Gallus vs Burch/Lorcan)

Welcome everyone to your Sunday supplement. To the reason why you love Sunday’s so much….ME and my NXT UK Inclination! 🙂 This week we have the in-ring debut of Aoife Valkyrie. An Irish talent that could do some great work in NXT UK. Plus that main event of Gallus versus Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. That’s gonna be a slugfest peeps! Enough chatter from me lets get straight to the action!

Aoife Valkyrie vs Amale

Well, that’s how you book a debut! Aoife Valkyrie was so dominant here that I’m hoping she will be a force to be reckoned with in the women’s division soon enough. I mean, did you see those strikes?

But for every winner, there is, unfortunately, a loser. But I saw enough of Amale (and in her previous efforts) to see that she is a talent that will thrive in the NXT UK Performance Center. Give her 9-12 months and she could be a credible threat.

But back to Aoife. There’s something about her. I get a Killer Kelly vibe from her. But I’m hoping beyond hope that she’ll be booked a lot better than Kelly.

Winner – Aoife Valkyrie

A backstage altercation between Alexander Wolfe and Travis Banks as Wolfe gets in Travis’s face. The New Zealander replies by saying that The Axeman is riding the coattails of NXT UK Champion WALTER and leaves. Wolfe is rather perturbed with Banks’s comment.

 Dave Mastiff vs Saxon Huxley

Heads up folks! Here’s another squash match for ya!

It’s looking increasingly likely that Big Dave will be challenging WALTER for the NXT UK Championship. A great showing last week, and a convincing win here, yup all points to a WALTER match down the line.

Huxley did have a little offense in this quick three-minute match, but nothing to really write home about. Saxon has impressed me over the few times I’ve seen him. He definitely has the look and skillset. If he could get that connection with the audience, he could be golden.

Mastiff picks up the workout win with his now-infamous cannonball senton splash in the corner.

Winner – Dave Mastiff

After the match, he stands tall in the ring and poses Imperium style. Now that will draw the ire of WALTER surely?

We’re backstage again as Toni Storm speaks to Sid Scala. She agrees to the I Quit match with Kay Lee Ray. As she signs the contract, Scala reminds her that if she loses, she can never challenge for the NXT UK Women’s Championship ever again. Well, that just seals Toni’s call up to NXT then!

The Grizzled Young Veterans venture to the ring, mics in hand. Gibson immediately gets the boos from the crowd as he cuts his usual “world’s number one” promo. Man, I love these two. Gibson is an old school heel that just WANTS to be hated.

He bashes the city of York (where today’s taping is) and says the place is remembered for nothing. Unlike his home town of Liverpool. Or the hometown of William Regal, Blackpool. He recognized their ability and talent in the Dusty Rhodes Classic. GYV was the first NXT UK Tag Team Champions and made history. Since then they have been screwed over at every opportunity. He demands that the people of York take their picture. They have conquered Europe and will continue to dominate across the world.

Backstage again and (yawn) Joseph Conners berates Tyler Bate once again. He will defeat him next week. His promos are as boring as his in-ring work. I really hope Tyler lights a fire under his ass. Conners could have it all, but right now…it’s just not clicking. Maybe take a look at Jordan Devlin. There’s a guy that found himself and now look at him!

Joe Coffey vs Amir Jordan

Those Gallus boys are at ringside to watch their boss against Jordan. I wonder if they’re getting involved? Hmmm…

This was a pretty decent match, even if you knew the outcome before the bell rang. Jordan, unlike Conners, has that affinity with the crowd. He can get the crowd behind him and looks like a babyface in peril really well. Unlike the earlier squash matches, this wasn’t really a squash. I mean it was close, but Coffey ground out a hard-fought win. And by that I mean he lengthened the physicality. Possibly to show Dragunov just how dangerous he can be?

Amir looked really good as he fired up for his comeback. Again with the crowd behind him, and Wolfgang & Joe trying to hush them down, Jordan delivered some fast high flying offense. A crossbody from the top followed by a suicide dive to the outside. It eventually went wrong for him when his attempted Swanton Bombay was met with Joe’s knees. A Glasgow Sendoff and a vicious lariat pick up the win for the leader of Gallus.

Winner – Joe Coffey

Joe grabs a mic after the match and talks to Ilja Dragunov. He says that he will collect on the debt, and his boys will be victorious in the match next.

Gallus vs Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

Joe Coffey remained at ringside in this non-title match up. And as you could imagine with these two teams, this was a knockdown, drag-out brawl of a match. And I liked it! Nothing better than seeing four men beat the tar out of each other in the name of competition.

Well, I say competition, Lorcan and Burch were hoping for a title shot if they could knock off the champs here. And they very nearly did it too. There was a part of this match where I honestly thought that L&B had them. Only to see the closest of near falls instead. I’ve read online that this match didn’t go down that well. I’m not part of them. I enjoyed this match immensely. And to be honest, it could have done with an extra 3-4 minutes too.

The finish of the match was great and well thought out. The match breaks down and all four men go at it. A Blockbuster by Lorcan onto Mark, who is then duly thrown out the ring. A Crossface by Burch nearly pulls the win out the bag for L&B but Wolfgang comes in and breaks the hold. He then spears Lorcan out of his boots and out of the ring! He then teams with Mark Coffey for the Enzuguri/Powerslam combination finisher for the win. Good match, great finish.

Winners – Gallus

Ilja Dragunov foolishly runs to the ring to take on Gallus and send a message. He’s soon overpowered and beaten down. Joe, Wolfgang, and Mark delivered a message of their own it seems, as the show fades to black.

Today’s show felt incredibly short this week. Mainly due to the two and a half squash matches, I think. Looking back, this wasn’t NXT UK’s greatest show, but it definitely wasn’t the worst. A 5-6/10 show for me. But there were high points. Valkyrie looked great and has plenty of promise. Mastiff antagonizing WALTER could be something special. And Dragunov wanting Gallus could be the making of all four men involved.

Next week we have Tyler Bate against Joseph Conners. I’ll promise you readers this. If Conners looks halfway decent. If it looks like he’s improved. I’ll lay off him…promise!

So until next week’s Inclination, it’s…