NXT UK Inclination 12/12/19 (Gallus vs Imperium)

Hands up whose feeling Christmassy? Wearing their super warm Xmas jumper/sweater, sat in their living rooms surrounded by the Xmas decorations and the lightly lit tree? OK, I’ve just described myself and I’m looking for others to say that feel like me to. I’m also looking for the NXT UK fans as I’m back with another Inclination!

Three (well four but I’ll get to that) matches are up for discussion today. And that main event of Gallus vs Imperium? OOOOFFF! Along with a couple of promos that move along some storylines quite nicely. Enough guff from me, let me take you into this week’s NXT UK….now where’s my mince pies?

Kay Lee Ray vs Isla Dawn

Last week I talked about how Killer Kelly was being underutilized on the show. This week we have the total opposite. This match was around the four and a half minute mark and Isla Dawn got so much offense in this match, that to the untrained eye, she would have looked like the bigger star! I’m at a loss as to why Kelly gets zero and Dawn gets a hundred. Anywayyyyy…

The tide turned when KLR targeted Dawn’s knee. Rather ruthlessly to be honest. And to the crowd’s disappointment too. Is Isla over? Interesting.

A Dirty Bomb later and Kay Lee Ray was announced as your winner. Pretty standard opening match. Apart from the huge amount of offense from Isla.

Winner – Kay Lee Ray

Post-match, just as the champ was about to gloat, Piper Niven made her way out. She took exception of KLR using her name in recent weeks. Then Toni Storm came running down the aisle and made a beeline for the champ! Ray pushed Niven into Storm and powdered out the ring. All this commotion brought out Sid Scala. He had seen enough and made a match for Takeover: Blackpool II….Niven vs Storm vs KLR for the women’s title!

The Ace…no, not THAT ace, the ace that is Jordan Devlin…quickly popped on screen for another enjoyable promo. Here he gave us a highlight package for Moustache Mountain’s best bits. Losing to the GYV, Tyler getting dismantled at the Download festival, and then Bate losing to WALTER at Takeover: Cardiff. All to prove to the world that Tyler Bate crumbles in the big moments. That although Bate pretends to be a star, there is only one ace. Great promo!

After last year’s embarrassment, Joe Coffey wants revenge on WALTER. And the best way to do that? To take away the United Kingdom Championship. A short, sweet and straight to the point promo. Sometimes simplicity is the best option.

Trent Seven vs Michael May

In the intro, I spoke about how we technically had four matches on this card? Well, this is that “match”. As you can see, it was supposed to be Trent versus May. That didn’t happen as May was completely taken apart by Eddie Dennis before the bell was even rung. All the while Dennis was staring at Seven. Creepy.

This is obviously setting up Dennis versus Seven for Takeover: Blackpool II. I’m liking how this is going so far. Let’s see how this plays out.

Ridge Holland vs Jack Starz

NXT UK’s newest monster, Ridge Holland made short work of Jack Starz here. I do feel sorry for Jack as he really is a talent. But it looks like the machine is behind Holland, and they want big things out of him sooner or later.

Jack was a bumping machine in this match. He made every throw and suplex look like it hurt a hundred times more than it should due to his bumping ability. Hopefully, that particular attribute doesn’t shorten his promising career.

A Pounce and a brutal Northern Grit finisher later, and Holland was once again celebrating the victory.

Winner – Ridge Holland

NXT UK Tag Team Championships
Gallus (c) vs Imperium

Question – How do you finish a great brawl? Answer – With an even greater brawl!

This evoked so many memories for me. Memories of DX versus The Nation. Wyatts vs The Shield. Factions that bitterly hated their rival faction. Blood feud levels of hatred. Add Gallus vs Imperium to that list.

Mark Coffey was seen as the weakest link by Imperium. Singling him out and keeping his distance from his partner Wolfgang was the obvious plan. In some parts of this isolation, it looked absolutely brutal. Coffey took an absolute kicking from Marcel Barthel. And because of that, when the hot tag to Wolfgang was made, the place erupted! Wolfgang took apart Imperium and nearly won the match for the Scottish duo. If it wasn’t for more gang warfare.

During the hot tag, Gibson and Drake aka GYV came to ringside and tried to make off with the Tag Team championships. But were stopped in their tracks by Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster – South Wales SubCulture. All four teams then went hell for leather in a huge brawl that resulted in the referee calling a no contest.

Winner – No Contest

With the timekeeper bashing the ring bell for what it’s worth, the four teams went to town on each other. Brawling across the arena, in the ring, in the crowd. Serious old school vibes. Eventually, NXT UK GM Johnny Saint and his assistant Sid Scala walked out. Stamping their authority doing so. Johnny made a match for Takeover: Blackpool II…a four-way ladder match for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships! That card is getting better folks!

Another solid hour of British wrestling action. The birth of the next big thing? Takeover: Blackpool II card progression. A great main event of Gallus vs Imperium, along with some special guests. And a hot hot finish. We’re still around three weeks away from that Takeover show. What else do you think is planned? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on the socials (I think that’s what the youngsters call it?) Until next week me old muckas…