NXT UK Inclination 11/23/19 (Wolfe vs Dragunov)

I’m currently sat in my parent’s house (visiting) watching their reactions as they too watch this week’s NXT UK. This could be a very interesting article peeps! Four matches with a main event of Wolfe vs Dragunov, and a great promo are in store this week. Let’s get on with this week’s NXT UK Inclination!

Trent Seven vs Kona Reeves

The ultra-confident Kona made his way to the ring, mic in hand. He legitimately made me pop as he announced that he was more talented than the entire NXT UK roster. This is the guy that has hardly been seen on NXT. And he comes out spouting this?! Brilliant heel heat!

Straight from the ring bell, Kona rushes Trent. But the wiser Seven saw it coming and immediately gave the Hawaiian a warm welcome. By the way of some stiff British physicality!

Reeves did little in the way of any offense. Seven was all over him like a rash. It does make you wonder why NXT UK officials brought over a US NXT star to just have him get squashed by an NXT UK talent. I know it’s Trent and he should go over but in this fashion? I don’t know.

Kona, to give him his due, did kick out of the Seven Stars Lariat. But he succumbed to the ever amazing Burning Hammer. One of my most favorite moves in all of professional wrestling!

Winner – Trent Seven

After the match, a returning Eddie Dennis (who was sat in the crowd) grabbed Seven’s arm as he walked past. Pretty much leeching himself, looking rather creepy at the same time. Could this be a future Seven vs Dennis feud in the making? Oh yes please!

Quick promo from Ilya Dragunov. He said that although Wolfe trained him, he has consistently disrespected him. From during his training, to now. And tonight, he will step out of Wolfe’s shadow.

A-Kid vs Jack Starz

Ahhh, Mr. Starz! The UK crash test dummy. I’m not being harsh, it is legit what some fans have been calling him due to the way he takes these beatings each and every week.

He was facing off against the newest flavor of the month, A-Kid. Again I’m not being harsh, but I can’t see A-Kid giving Starz that same style of beating here…And I was right. Starz held his own in a really good technical match.

From trading locks and submissions to power moves out of said submissions, this match was technically good. Starz showed a new side of himself here too. Maybe it was a new style or something, but he went toe to toe with A-Kid here. He really looked the part.

He was unlucky to lose this match, as up until the finish, it looked like it could have to either guy. But A-Kid slapped on a sweet deep Arm Bar to win a good contest. Out of this, I think Starz came out looking stronger, knowing that he’s usually ragdolled around the ring. More of this new and improved version of Jack please NXT UK bigwigs!

Winner – A-Kid

Backstage interview time as Jinny and Jazzy Gabert begin to spout off. Jinny says that there are too many little girls in this women’s division looking to be a queen. Add to that that Piper Niven is the flavor of the month, and you have one annoyed Jinny. Only she, Jinny is championship material.

The Grizzled Young Veterans make their way out to huge boos from the crowd, mics in hand. The greatest stick man in the UK scene right now begins to explain, in great detail, how GYV had been screwed over the past few weeks.

Gibson goes on to make everyone know that both Gallus and Imperium had not suffered any repercussions due to their interference over those same weeks. Both himself and James Drake were absolutely livid at the apparent lack of discipline.

He then went on to beg and plead with NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint to do the right thing. He needs to add the Grizzled Young Veterans to the Takeover: Blackpool II tag team match. To make the people happy. Of course 😉

A video package for Jordan Devlin airs. He is an inspiration to the NXT UK roster. They should be happy that he is such a star, to show the roster how it should be done. And as an aside, he will face off against the undefeated A-Kid!

Oliver Carter vs Ridge Holland

The heavily promoted Holland debut is next. I’ll tell you what, the hype videos don’t do him justice. He is one BIG boy! He’s an ex-rugby league star so I knew he was gonna be thick but man, he is Batista levels of big! Add to the fact that he was trained by World Of Sport legend Marty Jones, and you can see why everyone thinks he has a huge upside in this industry.

As you would imagine, Holland has taken on the big bully role. His sheer size is enough to strike fear in any opponent. But with Carter a little on the smaller side, he looked petrified. Great facials by him here in this match to really get that over. Plus he was thrown around the ring so much, that I think he warranted the Crash Test Dummy persona of Jack Starz!

But don’t think Holland is just a brute. The way he slapped on a Half Straight Jacket submission was beautiful. But it really was his strength that won the match for him. A nasty headbutt called Tip Of The Cap (Holland’s character is heavily inspired by Peaky Blinders. Google it to understand kids!) looked as vicious as a heavily scripted headbutt could look. And his Northern Grit finisher looked BRUTAL!

Winner – Ridge Holland

Yup, as long as he keeps putting these performances in, Ridge really has a huge future in NXT UK.

Alexander Wolfe vs Ilja Dragunov

There are many reasons why I love NXT UK. I’m British and I love seeing British talent on WWE. The fans we have some over here are the very best in the world (yeah I’m biased). And the physicality. It’s something we share with the Japanese…Strong Style.

And once again an NXT UK main event is a balls-out strong style physical encounter. This match is not for the faint of heart. The fact that there’s a personal story to it just adds to the drama. Wolfe trained Dragunov, and Ilya declined Wolfe’s invitation to join Imperium. It’s the little things when added together, that means so much to this boy right here!

There were stiff shots, there were dirty heel maneuvers, there were stiff shots…did I mention the stiff shots? It feels like every other move is a hard brutal punch, chop or kick. But again, it wasn’t all brutal physicality.

Dragunov went to the top rope on numerous occasions, connecting more often than not. He showed off his strength with a quite simply amazing Gotch style powerbomb. The crowd reaction was one of total awe!

He even hit his Torpedo Moscow finisher and was about to gain the victory over his former mentor, but Imperium made sure shenanigans won the day for Wolfe. In my eyes, this was another fantastic NXT UK main event.

Winner – Alexander Wolfe

I make that two great episodes in a row for NXT UK. I really enjoyed this. Even the Kota Reeves “squash” match was enjoyable for what it’s worth.

We have Jinny vs Piper Niven and A-Kid vs Jordan Devlin announced for next week. I’m telling you now, Devlin/A-Kid is going to be clinic! Let’s hope for a hat-trick of great NXT UK shows my peeps!

So until next week, ta ta!

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