NWA-TNA PPV 57 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

On Wednesday, August 6, 2003, NWA-TNA presented NWA-TNA PPV 57 from the TNA Asylum in Nashville, TN, in the latest of our NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroViews.

Strap Match
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger with Glenn Gilbertti vs. America’s Most Wanted (c)

All four men start brawling on the floor to kick off the match. Harris and Storm are getting the better of the exchange on the floor. Diamond and Harris legally start the match with Harris pummeling Diamond with right hands and a clothesline.

Gilbertti prevents Harris from using a strap, and Diamond drops Harris with a quick clothesline. Harris is worked over in the corner briefly by Diamond, and Swinger hits a side slam/reverse DDT, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two-count.

Diamond whips Harris with a strap that is attached to the ropes. Diamond dumps Harris to the floor, and Gilbertti gets a shot in with the strap. Diamond with a snap suplex on Harris goes for a pinfall and gets a two count.

Swinger tags in and hits a running clothesline in the corner, but Harris drops Simon and backdrops Swinger over the top to the floor. Storm tags in and cleans house on Diamond with strikes and a DDT.

Storm gets a strap and chokes Diamond but is attacked by Swinger from behind. Storm is hung over the top rope with the strap, and Diamond stomps on Storm while the referee is distracted by Harris.

Swinger goes for a pinfall and gets a two-count. Diamond misses a slingshot cross-body and takes Gilbertti out on the floor. Storm kicks Swinger, and Harris gets the hot tag to hit a full Nelson slam on Swinger!

Harris continues his offense with a backdrop and continues to work over Swinger with a strap across the back. Diamond comes back in, but Harris hits a leaping clothesline to keep Simon down.

Storm is back and whips Diamond several times with a strap. Gilbertti causes a distraction and enters the ring, trying to attack Harris, but is instead met with a spear! Gilbertti gets whipped by the champs!

Diamond backdrops Storm over the top rope to the floor. Diamond and Swinger hit a double flapjack on Harris, goes for a pinfall and gets a two count. Storm nails Diamond with a missile dropkick.

A tower of doom in the corner involving Swinger, Harris, and Storm. Harris locks in the Sharpshooter on Diamond, and Storm whips Diamond several times. However, the referee goes to the floor to control brawling.

Swinger enters and hits Harris over the back with a steel chair! Swinger has the cover, but Harris kicks out at two! Swinger is prevented from using the chair but gets a second one.

Harris ducks and super kicks the steel chair into Swinger’s face and, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two count!

AMW looks for the Death Sentence, but Diamond super-kicks Storm and nearly pins him! Harris sends Swinger into Gilbertti and tosses Swinger over the top rope to the floor.

Harris has Diamond on his shoulders, and they hit a top rope swinging reverse DDT. Storm goes for a pinfall on Diamond and gets the 1-2-3!

Winners: America’s Most Wanted

After the match, Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, and Glenn Gilbertti attack NWA World Tag Team champions ”Cowboy” James Storm & “Wildcat” Chris Harris in the ring.

Gilbertti grabs the NWA World Tag Team championships Diamond, Swinger & Gilbertti leave the ring with the belts. NWA World Tag Team champions ”Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris are layer out in the ring.

Backstage, Don Callis informs Jerry Lynn that he has been banned from the TNA Asylum unless he follows certain rules because Lynn has been accused of excessive violence. Lynn tosses the list at Callis before walking away.

#1 Contenders Elimination Match
Danny Doring vs. Joey Matthews vs. Shark Boy vs. Michael Shane.

Doring and Shane start the match with Shane spitting at Doring, who takes him down and hammers away at Shane.

Matthews sneaks a tag and pummels Doring from behind with Shane. Doring is met with a double backdrop and continues to be worked over.

Shark Boy tags in and comes off the top rope to hit a missile dropkick on both Matthews and Shane.

Matthews counters a suplex attempt by Shark Boy but not a head scissors attempt. Doring tags back in and works over Matthews with Shark Boy briefly.

Doring just did a tit twister to Matthews. Doring is worked over in the corner by Shane and Matthews. Doring drops Matthews with a big boot, and Shark Boy enters to clean house with dropkicks.

Shark Boy drops Shane face-first across his knee and taunts Matthews. Matthews backdrops Shark Boy over the top rope to the floor and baseball slides Doring on the floor.

Doring takes Matthews out with a slingshot cross-body. Shane nails Shark Boy with an elbow strike and hits a somersault dive over the top onto Doring and Joey.

Boy gets on the top and takes Shane out with a cross-body on the floor. Matthews plants Doring with the Virginia Necktie, but Shark Boy enters, trying to hit the DSD. Matthews counters but can’t hit a top rope hurricanrana and Shark Boy hits the DSD on a second try.

Doring heads to the top rope and hits a leg drop on Shark Boy but doesn’t go for the cover. Elix Skipper enters the ring and attacks Doring, Matthews, and Shark Boy.

Skipper gets a microphone and says that he had every intention to beat up Jerry Lynn this week, but this week, he beat these punks up.

He will continue to do this until he gets Lynn in the ring. Shane with the super kick for the first elimination. Doring gets a super kick as well for the second elimination.

Shark Boy stumbles up and blocks a super kick to hit a neckbreaker, a pinfall! Shark Boy hammers away on Shane in the corner with right hands. Shark Boy does the Big Wiggle, but Shane hits a fisherman DDT on Shark Boy and goes for a pinfall, and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Michael Shane.

Backstage, Erik Watts tells us that Trinity, Legend, and Sonny Siaki are banned from the steel cage match tonight, or Styles will lose the belt. Russo will be handcuffed to Erik Watts.

Shane Douglas comes out and brags about pinning Raven last week in the six-man tag match. Raven makes his way out with a body bag and attacks Douglas.

Raven is about to use the bag until we see Julio Dinero and Alexis Laree tied up backstage, with Brian Lee threatening to use a flaming stick on them.

Mitchell told Raven he can either finish Douglas off or come and save his friends. Raven leaves the ring and runs to the back, trying to save his friends.

Backstage, Larry Zbyszko is interviewed about his match with Kid Kash. Zbyszko says he has seen countless stories of wannabes come and go. Tonight, it is time for Kid Kash to simply go.

Larry Zbyszko vs. Kid Kash.

Early on, Zbyszko has Kash on the mat and kicks Kash away on an attempted figure four. Zbyszko takes Kash back down to the canvas, working over his arm for a few moments.

Larry works over Kash in the corner with right hands, but Kash hits a double springboard crossbody, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two count.

Kid Kash argues with the referee, who decks Kash! Kash gets out of a sleeper hold and puts the claw on Zbyszko.

Zbyszko gets out of it by grabbing Kash’s groin and decks Kash with a right hand, followed by a backdrop.

Zbyszko has Kash over his shoulder, but here comes Abyss, who accidentally splashes Kash in the corner. The referee is distracted as Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam on Zbyszko Kash goes for a pinfall and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kid Kash.

Backstage, Raven enters a room that his friend was apparently in but nobody is there. Raven slams a chair against the wall and declares he is coming for Father James Mitchell.

James Mitchell and the New Church come to the ring with Alexis Laree and Julio DiNero still tied to the ring ropes.

Mitchell believes that Raven has gone soft in his old age by trying to help his friends. Raven enters the ring and hits Brian Lee and Slash with a trash can lid.

Shane Douglas prevents Raven from attacking Mitchell by hitting a belly-to-belly suplex. Raven is beaten down big time now. Douglas ends up putting Raven in the body bag to end the segment.

Backstage, Glen Gilbertti, Simon Diamond, and Johnny Swinger show off the tag titles they stole. AMW comes over, and they brawl for a little bit.

They eventually got to the ring, where Gilbertti hit Harris and Storm with a tag title, and the heels whipped AMW with the straps.

NWA X-Division Championship Match
Frankie Kazarian vs. © Chris Sabin.

Kazarian hammers away on Sabin to kick off the match and hits a spinning heel kick. Kazarian works over Sabin in the corner and dropkicks the champ in the corner for a two-count.

Sabin back elbows Kazarian and hits a release German suplex, sending Kazarian into the corner back first.

Sabin hits a somersault clothesline, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two count. Sabin knee-lifts Kazarian in the corner a couple of times and, hits a snap suplex, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two-count.

Kazarian counters a swinging slam with a rollup, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two-count. Sabin attempts a springboard, but Kazarian nails Sabin with a kick to the head and goes to the floor, where they begin to trade blows.

Kazarian plants Sabin with a handspring DDT on the floor! Kazarian goes for a pinfall and gets a two-count! Sabin goes to the top rope, but Kazarian stops him and hits an electric chair slam off the middle rope, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two count!

Sabin runs into a big boot but meets Kazarian on the top but is knocked off to the mat. Sabin runs up the ropes to hit a release overhead suplex, goes for a pinfall, and gets a two-count.

They begin to trade right hands while kneeling but stand up, trading a series of right hands. Sabin kicks Kazarian, who collides with the referee Mike Posey.

Sabin gets the championship and hits Kazarian with it, goes for a pinfall, and gets the 1-2-3!

NWA Senior Referee Rudy Charles came down to the ring and explained to referee Mike Posey that Kazarian hit Sabin with the Wave of the Future on the NWA X-Division Championship and got the 1-2-3!

Winner and NEW NWA X-Division Champion Frankie Kazarian! NWA Senior Referee Rudy Charles reverses the decision.

Winner: AND STILL: NWA X-Division Champion, Chris Sabin!

Backstage, Scott Hudson conducts an interview with New Jack and Shark Boy.

Christopher Daniels is in the crowd cutting a promo about how following tradition for nine years got him nowhere in his career.

Daniels praised Sports Entertainment, and eventually, a fan tossed a pop at him, causing Daniels to attack the fan until Jeff Jarrett came out and chased Daniels away.

Jeff Jarrett remained in the ring with a steel chair and sat down, calling Daniels to the ring. Instead, the red shirt security came out and were held at bay as Jarrett had a steel chair in hand.

NWA-TNA security came out to confront the red-shirt security. Daniels attacks from behind, and with help from the red shirt, security is able to low blow Jarrett, followed by the Last Rites to end the segment.

America’s Most Wanted reveals that next week, they will compete in a six-man tag match with Dusty Rhodes as their partner!

Earlier in the day, Mike Tenay sat down with NWA World Champion AJ Styles and Vince Russo. Tenay asks why Styles would associate himself with Vince Russo.

Styles asks why he wouldn’t associate himself with Russo. Styles says he will do whatever it takes to be champion forever.

Tenay asks if Russo was why Styles stabbed Brown in the back. Styles thinks that Brown might have learned from him. Styles isn’t worried about the cage match with D’Lo Brown.

Styles says that if Russo is at ringside, then that is his strength. Tenay says that Styles has been blinded by Vince Russo and tells Styles that Russo is all about himself and nobody else.

Russo tells Styles they can go now. Russo gets in Tenay’s face and tells Tenay to talk to him to his face. Tenay has no problem doing that, saying that Russo is all about getting power.

Russo tells Tenay the next time he disrespects him or Styles, he will be held responsible, and Tenay doesn’t want to find that out the hard way. Russo says that Jeff Jarrett dug his own hole and tells Tenay to pay Styles the proper respect.

Earlier in the day, D’Lo Brown was interviewed about his cage match coming up. Brown knows the pressure is huge. Brown has always been the guy to make others look good.

However, tonight is his night, and it will be his night to shine. Brown says it went past business, and now it is personal.

He will do whatever it takes to win the championship but will not align himself with Russo to get that done. Brown doesn’t know how many more chances he has for the belt, so tonight is his night to get the job done.

NWA-TNA PPV 57 (August 6, 2003) - TNA Wrestling
[Photo:TNA Wrestling]

Steel Cage
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
D’Lo Brown vs. © AJ Styles.

Styles works over Brown to kick off the main event, kicking Brown on the thigh. Styles dropkicks Brown from behind, but Brown avoids hitting the cage face-first.

Brown clubs away on Styles as the fans chant their hatred for Russo. Styles hip tosses Brown but is kicked away. AJ Styles attempts a kip-up hurricane.

Styles lands on the middle rope and knocks Brown off his feet with a back elbow strike. Styles clotheslines Brown, but Brown quickly comes back with one of his own.

Styles low blows Brown in the corner and kicks away on Brown. Brown catches Styles on a springboard and rams the champ into the cage a couple of times.

Brown rams Styles face-first into the steel cage. Brown rubs Styles face across the steel. Brown bodyslam Styles and heads to the top rope but Styles crotches Brown on the top rope and springboards off the ropes to kick Brown on the head.

Styles has been busted open as he delivers a running dropkick to Brown. Brown is busted open as well but hits a Samoan Drop. Brown takes Styles over with a release German suplex and backdrop.

Brown attempts the Styles Clash, but Brown drives Brown down with a double-leg slam. Brown hits the top rope frog splash, but Styles kicks out at ’two!

Styles power bombs Brown out of the corner and quickly hits the Styles Clash, but Brown kicks out at two.

Brown drives Styles back first into the cage and hits a running sit-out powerbomb. Brown with a spine buster to Styles.

Brown heads to the top of the cage! Russo tosses powder into Watts’ eyes! Watts drives Russo into the cage, seemingly causing Brown to fall off the top rope to the mat. Styles goes for a pinfall and gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: AND STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles.

After the match, Styles celebrates his victory in the ring with Sonny Siaki, Trinity, and Joe. E. Legend and Vince Russo.

Russo says there are no more contenders for the championship.

NWA-TNA PPV 57 goes off the air.