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NWA-TNA PPV 27 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroViews

On Wednesday, January 8, 2003, NWA-TNA presented NWA-TNA PPV 27. In the latest of our NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroViews, we begin with an opening video package. A video from November 20th, 2002, is shown where Vince Russo helped Jeff Jarrett win the NWA World Championship.

The video mainly hypes up the interactions between Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett. The video also highlights BG James heel turn. Well, the video continues with AJ Styles telling Bob Armstrong he deserves to be a World Champion and his attack on Jarrett. Basically, the video highlights everything that S.E.X. has done in the past several weeks. Six minute opening video to get caught up.

[Photo: TNA Crossing The Line]
Mike Tenay is standing in the ring with Jerry Lynn, Ron Killings Chris Harris and James Storm. Tenay’s focus is on Vince Russo and his group. Tenay introduces some people at ringside who are past, present and s I future. Security guys are considered the future, Rick Santo and Chris Vaughn.

Tenay introduces the present in the guys I mentioned first. Tenay wants the progression of TNA to continue. Tenay cuts a promo about a production meeting where Vince Russo told he and Bobby Heenan that he could make anyone a wrestler. Tenay says that Russo has a lack of respect for this business.

Tenay puts down the material that Russo put on WCW television. Tenay wants the fans to contact them and share their thoughts on the product compared to Vince Russo’s product. Tenay says they need to get rid Vince Russo from the wrestling business. Vince Russo has some new music as he makes his way through the crowd. Russo actually falls off the apron as he tries to leap over it.

Russo has all of the guys involved in S.E.X with him. Russo enters the ring, alone. Tenay refuses to give Russo the microphone. Russo just gets his own microphone. Russo says that he has friends in management. Tenay tells Russo that everyone is ready to fight Russo and S.E.X.

Russo threatens he could beat up Mike Tenay but he will remain calm. Russo believes the business is at a all time low, because people like Tenay run their mouth. Russo mentions that when he was in charge buy-rates and rating were through the roof. Russo also says that the fans didn’t come out here until Russo showed up Russo believes that Jeff Jarrett is in the back regretting his mistake.

Russo asks Jerry Lynn what he will do when their isn’t a wrestling business in a year. Russo gives TNA six months before they are out of business. Russo insults both James Storm and Chris Harris before turning his attention to Ron Killings. Russo mocks Killings rapping ability/career choice.

Tenay tells Russo they aren’t drinking his Kool-Aid. Russo insults the legends of NWA and Tenay defends them by saying they are the reason Russo is here today. Russo specifically rips on Sara Lee which causes her to come into the ring and gets in Russo’s face and flips him off.

Eventually, a big brawl starts out with the baby faces getting their butt kicked. That is until Jeff Jarrett and the Road Warriors storm the ring fight back against Vince Russo’s S.E.X.group.

Backstage, SEX take over the TNA girls locker room making it their own locker room, officially.

David Young and Tony Mamaluke vs. EZ Money and Kid Kash

Mamaluke and Young attack Kash and Mamaluke before the bell. Kash & Money with a Double Dropkick on Mamaluke Money goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Money with a Step over Spin Heel Kick on Mamaluke goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Money with a Neck breaker out of the corner on Mamaluke Money goes for a pin-fall gets a two count.

Money tags Kash with a Jumping DDT on Mamaluke goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Kash leaps to the top rope Somersault Dive on Mamaluke goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Money with a Standing Moonsault on both Mamaluke and Young Money goes for a pin-fall gets a two count.

Money comes off the top rope Frog Splash on Young Money goes for a pin-fall gets a two count before, Mamaluke breaks it up. Kash with a Springboard Hurricanrana followed by a Tornado DDT on Young goes for a pin-fall gets a two count before, it’s broken up by Mamaluke.

Young with a Sit-out Powerbomb on Kash goes for a pin-fall gets a two count before,  Money breaks it up with a Dropkick on Young. Young with a spine buster on Money goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winners: Tony Mamaluke & David Young.

After the match, Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Low Ki hit the ring attack David Young and Tony Mamaluke, EZ Money & Kid Kash Skipper has a microphone and says that TNA didn’t know what to do with them. Skipper claims that TNA didn’t want pay them or fly them out here. Skipper says “the best part about S.E.X is Triple X”.

Apparently, that is their new name. Jeff Jarrett enters the ring and takes out Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Low Ki with right hands. Jarrett says this is his house and not S.E.X. Jarrett challenges them to three different singles matches. Triple X quickly accept to the match. Jarrett wants them to bring out Vince Russo once he beats all three men so he can kick Russo’s butt.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with “ Bullet” Bob Armstrong and his troops. Armstrong isn’t stupid enough to think he can win the war by himself. Jerry Lynn is not happy and tells Armstrong that he is making a stand. Ron Killings chimes and says that TNA is his asylum. Armstrong is on the phone and is telling someone he needs them right now. Armstrong doesn’t tell Goldylocks who he was talking to.

NWA X-Division Championship Match
Jason Cross vs. Sonny Siaki (c) Desire

Nice chain wrestling from Cross and Siaki to start the match. Cross with a School Boy goes for a pin-fall gets two count. Cross wants to shake hands Desire at ringside, shakes her head no Siaki refuses that and nails Cross with a right hand. Cross takes Siaki down with a Hurricanrana and a spinning heel kick goes for a pin-fall gets two count.

Cross dropkicks Siaki off the apron to the floor and Cross leaps off the top taking Siaki out with a twisting senton splash! Desire holds Cross foot as he attempts a slingshot. Cross kicks her off but suffers a low blow from Siaki. Siaki drops Cross chest first across the top rope and goes for a pin-fall gets two count.

Siaki with several chops in the corner, but Cross comes back with a few of his own. Siaki with a overhead belly to belly suplex sending Cross into the corner hard and Siaki goes for a pin-fall gets two count. Desire takes Cross out with a running clothesline on the outside. Siaki twists Cross head first into the ring steps before sending him back into the ring where Siaki goes for a pin-fall gets two count.

Cross plants Siaki with a DDT and both men are down in the ring. Cross with several right hands and drives Siaki down with a wheelbarrow bulldog and Cross with a jumping back kick and Siaki is sent to the floor. Cross with a slingshot senton splash on the floor. Siaki with a nice pump handle into a sit down tombstone goes for a pin-fall gets two count.

Siaki goes for his finisher but Cross shoves him and Siaki takes out the referee Andrew Thomas. Cross with a brain buster on Siaki and goes for the Crossfire. Cross leaps off the top and hits Crossfire but referee Andrew Thomas is down, not able to count the pin-fall. Desire crotches Cross into the ring post and Siaki with an Inside Cradle gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: AND STILL NWA X-Division Champion, Sonny Siaki.

“Bullet” Bob Armstrong makes his way out and says this isn’t going to happen. Armstrong restarts the match. Well, Vince Russo comes in and tells Bob that the match will not be restarted. Russo tells Bob that the fans came here to see S.E.X. Russo says that Cross is unable to continue, so he has Don Harris beat up Cross and send him, over the top rope to the floor.

Russo tells Bob that he is going to have BG James to beat up his father! Before BG James can do anything they are attacked by Jerry Lynn. Apparently we have a tag match going on.

Jerry Lynn and Ron Killings vs. “Heavy D” Don Harris and BG James

Lynn takes BG James out with a leg drop and a cross body on the floor. Don catches Killings and sends him into the guardrail. BG has a chair and misses a chair shot. Lynn dropkicks the chair into the face of BG. Don and Killings have brawled into the crowd throwing chairs at each other.

BG and Lynn are trading right hands in the ring. BG with a series of jabs but misses a right hand. Lynn with a cross body off the middle rope for a two count. BG nails Lynn with a right hand and misses a knee drop. Lynn drives James down with a springboard bulldog and a leg drop goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. James with a series of right hands on Lynn.

Don with a big boot on Lynn to control the contest for his team. Don works on Lynn with several shoulder rams in the corner but is rolled up by Lynn moments later for a one count. Lynn runs into a big boot that stops his momentum. James enters and delivers a double team back elbow on Lynn and gets a near fall.

Lynn with a double DDT on James and Don as he battles to his corner. Lynn manages to tag in Killings who delivers several right hands on both James and Don. Killings with a leg lariat on Don and a scissors kick on James. Killings with a sit out front suplex on James and goes to the top rope. Killings leaps off hitting the 450 splash. MIKE SANDERS slides into the ring and attacks Killings causing the DQ. 

Winners via Disqualification Jerry Lynn & Ron Killings.

After the match, Sanders continues to work on Killings and Lynn. Security runs down to stop the beating by S.E.X. Vince Russo is seen with a smirk on his face nodding as his troops go to the back with him. Sanders embraces Russo and has joined S.E.X.

Mike Tenay had a sit down interview with Percy Pringle. Pringle says that he was a wrestling fan when he was growing up and mentions some of the people he went to go see as a child. Tenay brings up Pringle’s FCW run and eventually a run in Texas. Pringle worked with Rick Rude and said their was a nig connection with him.

Tenay mentions Pringle’s run with the WWF and asks for the memories. Pringle says that most of it was good. Pringle says things were really different their with all the scripts and whatnot. Pringle says that he was in the WWF working as a road agent and helped develop young talent.

Tenay asks Pringle where he stands on Sports Entertainment and Wrestling. Pringle says that he doesn’t know where he stands on the whole debate. Pringle says there is no telling what he is going to do. Pringle says there is no telling what he will do in regards to managing in TNA. Pringle makes sure to be clear that he is NOT with TNA all the way. At least not yet.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
“Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris America’s Most Wanted vs. Brian Lee and Slash The New Church with Father James Mitchell & BellDonna

Tenay and West mention that this is “the final showdown” between these two teams. AMW attack New Church before the bell and they brawl n the floor, just like all of their matches. Storm is dropped across the guardrail and Harris is sent into the ring steps. Slash rams Storm into the tag team titles on the announcers table.

Storm sends Slash into the guard railing while Lee chokes Harris. Slash suplexes Storm on the concrete floor and delivers several right hands. Lee drops a knee to the groin of Harris. Slash with a sit down scoop slam on Storm as they battled on the entrance ramp. Slash and Storm are in the ring and Slash drives Storm down to the mat with a spinning slam goes for pin-fall gets two count.

Lee with a big boot on Storm to maintain control. Lee works on Storm with several right hands in the corner and Slash works on Storm behind the referees back. Slash with a running shoulder ram to the gut of Storm and works on the knee of Storm. Slash with a chop on Storm and bites him in the corner.

Slash stops a brief momentum run by Storm with a DDT goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Lee enters and connects with a series of running elbow drops. Double clothesline on Storm behind the referees back and Slash goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Storm battles his way to his corner but Slash prevents Storm from making a tag.

Storm with a kicks Slash head tags in Harris, but the referee didn’t see the tag. Storm is sent to the floor and Lee nails Storm with a tag team belt and Slash gets a two count back in the ring. Slash with a series of head butts on Storm in the corner. Lee slows the match down with a chin lock by his corner.

Harris with a leaping clothesline on Lee and sends Lee to the floor. Slash with a reverse neck breaker on Harris but Storm nails Slash with a super kick goes for a pin-fall gets two count. Slash has powder goes to throw the powder in Harris’ eyes he ducts it. Slash threw the powder in his tag team partner Lee’s eyes.

Harris with a spear on Lee goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Storm places Slash in the sharpshooter BellDonna gets upon the ring apron, to distract referee Scott Armstrong. James Mitchell hits Storm with the spike Slash goes for a pin-fall gets a two count.Lee hits Harris with his wrapped around his fist but Harris kicks out as well.

Storm with a head scissors on Slash but Lee plants Storm with a tombstone goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Harris gets out of a tombstone attempt on Lee and drives Lee down with one of his own but Lee kicks out! Slash gets a steel chair and bridges it in the corner. Slash catapults Storm into the chair in the corner goes for a pin-fall gets a two count.

Slash grabs the chair but is kicked by Storm. Storm with a jaw breaker and sets Slash up for the Death Sentence and they hit it on the steel chair! Storm goes for a pin-fall 1-2-3!

Winners: AND NEW NWA World Tag Team champions, “Cowboy” James Storm & “Wildcat” Chris Harris America’s Most Wanted!

After the match, AMW celebrate their win. Backstage, Goldylocks wants “Bullet” Bob Armstrong to tell her who he was on the phone with. Armstrong refuses as he is “busy”.

Before the next match, Curt Hennig has a microphone. Hennig says he has heard a lot of whining and crying lately and he is sick of it. Hennig has a saying and it goes like this “pay your dues, $147 million dollar. Being the number one wrestler in the world, another 41 million dollars. Taking down Brock Lesnar, priceless.”

Hennig says that David Flair will make history and face him tonight. Hennig believes that Flair doesn’t have what it takes. Flair tries to attack Hennig from behind but that didn’t work.” Hennig says that David Flair will make history and face him tonight. Hennig believes that Flair doesn’t have what it takes.

Hennig says I beat your dad in the WWF years ago. Hennig making reference to the Loser Leave Town Match “Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig Monday, January 25, 1993, on the third episode of WWF Monday Night Raw.

Axe Handle on a Pole Match
Curt Hennig vs. David Flair

Hennig with several chops in and outside the ring. Hennig and Flair trade chops on the floor. Hennig sends Flair head first into the guardrail and goes for the axe handle on the pole but chops Flair off the apron. Tenay mentioned Curt Hennig being “Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s

Flair low blows Hennig as he goes for the axe handle and is met with chops and a rolling neck breaker by Flair. Flair with a flapjack and continues to stomp on Hennig. Flair goes for the axe handle but is stopped by Hennig who takes Flair down with a electric chair slam.

Hennig tells Chris Vaughn to get the axe handle and Hennig grabs it from Vaughn. Hennig knocks Vaughn off the apron and Hennig simply hits flair to win the match. Winner Curt Hennig.

After the match, Flair beats Hennig down with something inside a bag. Flair with several right hands. Flair also chokes Hennig. Several referees run down and stop Flair attack on Hennig. Flair enters his locker room. Goldylocks goes to send it back to the guys but is attacked by Desire who is then attacked by Athena.

Mike Tenay asked Don West to rundown next week’s NWA-TNA PPV match card NWA X-Division Championship Match Amazing Red vs. (c) Sonny Siaki with Desire. Mike Sanders comes to the announce table to confront Mike Tenay tells him, next week he’s going to get his one-on-one interview with Vince Russo.

[Photo: IMPACT!]

NWA-TNA World Champion
Jeff Jarrett vs. Triple X Christopher Daniels
Elix Skipper and Low-Ki in three Singles matches.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels tried to attack Jarrett before the bell but was met with a series of right hands. Jarrett catapults Daniels over the top to the floor and plays to the crowd. Daniels with a knee to the midsection and delivers several head butts. Daniels takes Jarrett down with a spinning heel kick and continues taunts the fans.

Christopher Daniels sends Jarrett into the corner and delivers several boots but Jarrett comes back with a few of his own. Daniels counters a vertical suplex with a reverse neck breaker and works on Jarrett with head butts and right hands. Jarrett with a clothesline and trips Daniels down to the mat locking in the figure four.

Daniels quickly rolls over and Jarrett reaches the ropes. Daniels works on Jarrett with a few blows to the back. They trade right hands until Daniels connects with a jawbreaker and a kick to the side of Jarrett’s head Daniels goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Daniels drops a knee and a rolling neck snap goes for a pin-fall gets a two count.

Daniels with a bodyslam and a slingshot leg drop goes for a pin-fall gets a two count. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Daniels goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett.

After the match, Elix Skipper hits the ring attacks Jarrett from behind. BG James joins Mike Tenay and Don West on commentary. 

 Jeff Jarrett vs. Elix Skipper

Skipper quickly enters the ring and takes Jarrett down with a back suplex. Skipper with a handstand leg drop out of the corner goes for a pin-fall two count. Skipper works on Jarrett in the corner. Skipper trips Jarrett down and connects with a slingshot twisting splash from the apron back into the ring.

Skipper sends Jarrett to the floor. Skipper sends Jarrett into the crowd and they brawl in the crowd.  Skipper nails Jarrett with a standing kick to the face. Skipper sends Jarrett face first into some steel chairs as well. They get back into the ring where Skipper has Jarrett in a headlock in the middle of the ring.

Jarrett’s arm drops twice but gets it up before the third drop. Jarrett with several elbow shots and works on Skipper in the corner. Skipper takes Jarrett down with a release German suplex. Daniels leaps off the top and hits Skipper with a top rope clothesline. Jarrett goes for a pin-fall on Skipper gets the 1-2-3! Winner Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett vs. Low Ki

Low Ki quickly slides into the ring and works on Jarrett with several face washes in the corner. Jarrett and Low Ki trade right hands with Jarrett getting the better. Low Ki avoids the Stroke by nailing Jarrett with a kick. Low Ki with a twisting elbow drop but Jarrett kicks out. Low Ki with a head scissors submission and turns into a cover but Jarrett again kicks out.

Low Ki works on Jarrett with chops and right hands in the corner. Low Ki with a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring while taunting the fans. Low Ki uses the ropes for leverage as well. Jarrett with several elbows and backdrops Low Ki to the apron. Jarrett avoids the hanging dragon and punches Low Ki to the floor.

Jarrett drops Low Ki across the guard railing and sends Low Ki into the guardrail back first. Jarrett drives Low Ki head first into the announcers table right in front of BG James. Jarrett hits Low Ki with a steel chair right in front of the referee. Low Ki with a low blow with the chair and hits Jarrett across the back with the chair.

Low Ki locks in the dragon clutch in the ring and Jarrett is trying to hang on. Jarrett tries to reach the ropes but is unable to. Several referees are trying to get Daniels and Skipper away from ringside. Jarrett manages to reach the bottom rope with his feet. Low Ki wit several shots and a running yakuza kick.

Jarrett with a back heel trip and goes for the figure four but Low Ki kicks Jarrett’s knee. Jarrett with a kick to Low Ki head and works on Low Ki with right hands. Jarrett with a backdrop and knocks Daniels and Skipper off the apron. Low Ki with a dropkick to the knee of Jarrett.

Low Ki with several kicks to the chest of Jarrett. Jarrett avoids a kick and low blows Low Ki. Jarrett drives Low Ki down with the Stroke and covers Low Ki but the cover is broken up by Daniels and Skipper.  Referee Andrew Thomas calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification Jeff Jarrett.

After the match, Jarrett is beaten down by Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper and Low-Ki Triple X. Hawk & Animal the Road Warriors storm the ring and work on Triple X. Hawk with a double clothesline on Skipper and Low-Ki sending them to the floor. Road Warriors with the Doomsday Device on Daniels.

AJ Styles springs off the top rope and dropkicks Animal and knocks Hawk down with a spinning heel kick. Styles nails Jarrett with a kick and S.E.X. work on Jarrett and the Road Warriors. Vince Russo appears as all of S.E.X work on NWA talent. Styles connects with the Spiral Tap on Jarrett.

Russo raises Styles hands and claps for him. Styles leaves the ring and leaves through the crowd. BG James with some of the worst boots ever to Jarrett, I should note. S.E.X grab a table and set it up placing Jarrett on top of it. They tease Triple X leaping off the top but DUSTY RHODES slowly comes down and knocks Sonny Siaki and BG James down as NWA-TNA PPV 27 goes off the air.


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