NWA-TNA PPV 21 | NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView

On Wednesday, November 13th, 2002 Jeremy Borash and Goldylocks are in the ring. Goldylocks sings the national anthem in honor of our troops as fans are presented NWA-TNA PPV 21. This is the latest installment of the NWA-TNA/IMPACT Sunday Night RetroView.
NWA-TNA opening video
Mike Tenay and Don West welcome everyone to the show and promote what will be on the show tonight. Tenay mentions the open contract by Ron Killings for Mr. Wrestling III. Mr. Wrestling III has not accepted the match with Killings.
Don West rundown tonight’s match card Brian Lawler with his girlfriend April vs. Jorge Estrada with Priscilla, NWA X-Division Championship Match Kid Kash vs. (c) Jerry Lynn, NWA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Tournament Semifinal Match Syxx-Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett.
AJ Styles’s music hits and the former NWA-TNA X-Division Champion AJ Styles and Mortimer Plumtree make their way down to the ring. West and Tenay make sure to mention that Styles isn’t on the card tonight. Styles knows the fans are excited about the X-Division match between Jerry Lynn and Kid Kash. Styles says that the match will not occur tonight.
Plumtree grabs the microphone and explains why the match will not happen. Plumtree puts over how smart he is and says that AJ Styles has a automatic rematch clause in his contract. Plumtree says that Kid Kash doesn’t have a title shot tonight. NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Jerry Lynn comes out to to confront Styles and Plumtree. Lynn insult Plumtree calling him “Mr. Nerd”.
Lynn puts over Kid Kash’s work last week in the tables match. Lynn says that Kash earned his title shot this week unlike AJ Styles. Lynn says that he has already gotten the approval from the NWA officials to make tonight a three way dance. That means it will be Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles vs. Kid Kash for the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship.
A girl dances in the cage as Mike Tenay mentions that all money made at the arena will go to the Tennessee relief effort.

EZ Money vs. Tony Mamaluke

This is the debut of EZ Money for NWA-TNA. Mamaluke yanks Money down by the hair but manages to lift Mamaluke up in the air using his legs. Mamaluke ducks a clothesline sending Money to the floor. Mamaluke with a nice Suicide Dive on the floor to continue his offense. Mamaluke leaps off the top looking for a dive on the floor but is met in midair with a dropkick from Money. Mamaluke with a right hand but misses a leg drop.
Money with a nice flip into the ring and hits Mamaluke with a clothesline goes for a pin-fall gets two. Money follows up with a military press slam/standing Moonsault goes for a pin-fall gets two. Mamaluke comes back with a side Russian leg sweep and locks in a modified arm lock but Money reaches the ropes. Mamaluke drop toe holds Money into the middle turnbuckle and connects with a neck breaker.
Mamaluke leaps off the top hitting a top rope leg drop but only gets a two count. Money with a hammerlock into a reverse DDT but also drops a leg to the chest of Mamaluke on the way down for a two count. Money reverses a Hurricanrana and ducks a clothesline and manages to hit the Cha Ching goes for a pin-fall gets 1-2-3!

Winner: EZ Money.

Chris Vaughn vs. Sonny Siaki

This is Chris Vaughn’s NWA-TNA debut. Siaki with a quick clothesline before the bell. Siaki with a Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex sending Vaughn into the corner. Siaki lifts Vaughn up in the air and drops his throat first across the top rope. Siaki follows up with a Pumphandle Suplex and goes for a pin-fall gets two. Siaki rams Vaughn into the corner with several shoulder blocks and places Vaughn in the tree of woe.
Siaki with a couple of spears in the corner and takes Vaughn down with a Samoan Drop. Siaki pulls Vaughn up at the count of two on a cover attempt. Siaki with a modified backbreaker. Siaki hits three Siakacpulyse his version of a Neckbreaker goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Sonny Siaki.

Earlier Today Goldylocks conducted an interview backstage with Brian Lawler. Lawler says that he and girlfriend April have more than kissed and made up. Lawler hears some noises and enters the locker room. April is in the room with soap just covering her nipples. As she kicks Lawler out, BRUCE sticks his head out from the curtain!
Father James Mitchell makes his way out to the top of the entrance ramp. Don West mentions on commentary his isn’t scheduled to be out there right now. Tenay asked West do you want to tell him that? Mitchell mentions the debate between traditional wrestling or sports entertainment. Mitchell says that the New Church represent neither traditional wrestlers or sports entertainers. They are EVIL.
He says that evil is a constant and never changes. Mitchell introduces the newest face of evil and it is… Belladonna. Mitchell introduces his weapon of mass destruction… MALICE!

Malice with James Mitchell vs. Kaos

Malice attacks Kaos as soon as he enters the ring and sends Kaos over the top to the floor. Malice throws a steel chair hits Kaos in the face knocking him, back into the guardrail. Malice sends Kaos into the ring steps before sending Kaos back into the ring. Kaos with a few right hands that have zero affect on Malice. Malice with a clothesline and chokes Kaos.
Malice drives Kaos down with a backbreaker and hit’s a overhead belly to belly suplex. Malice with a big boot after missing a splash in the corner. Malice plants Kaos with the choke slam followed by a knee drop off the top rope to Kaos’ sternum goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winner Malice.

After the match, father James Mitchell and Belladonna get in the ring & raise Malice’s arms in the air.
Before the next match, Brian Lawler gets a microphone and wants to know why the fans are laughing. Lawler wants to know what was on the video earlier today. April says nothing and Lawler believes her.

Brian Lawler vs. Jorge Estrada

Lawler backdrops Estrada over the top rope to the floor, but is dropped throat first across the top rope. Estrada with a top rope leg drop to a standing Lawler back in the ring. Estrada ducks several wild clotheslines and elbows from Lawler and hits a dropkick. Lawler misses a cross body off the middle rope and Estrada gets a two count. Lawler manages to drop Estrada with a neck breaker.
Lawler has April’s purse and attempts to hit Estrada but misses. Estrada with a Sprinboard leg drops Lawler face first onto the purse. Estrada gets distracted by April on the floor. Priscilla slaps April and begins to brawl with April on the floor. Lawler with O’Connor Roll on Estrada uses the tights for leverage gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Brian Lawler.

After the match, Lawler pulls Priscilla by her hair off his girlfriend April. Lawler and April go to the back. Mike Tenay and Don West go over the rest of the show.
Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says that he has been screwed and mistreated when it comes to getting a NWA World Championship title match. Jarrett says that he was on a mission from day one to get the title shot. Jarrett says that the match Syxx-Pac will not be happening tonight because Pac isn’t here. Jarrett promises to win the title, finally.
Mike Tenay and Don West goes over the brackets for the NWA World Championship match. The finals will see Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James.

Jimmy Yang vs. Amazing Red

Jimmy Wang Yang has a new look wearing dark pants and has rather dark music as he enters the ring. Mat wrestling-orientated start to the contest. Head scissors and go behinds by both men. Yang throws Red down to the ring and casually stands in the corner. Red with a nice head scissors take over that saw a few rotations. Amazing Red with a baseball slide head scissors that sends Yang into the announcer’s table on the floor.
Yang dropkicks Red off the apron and Red flips to the floor. Yang with a Springboard Moonsault onto Red and gets a two count. Yang with several shoulder rams to the midsection of Red in the corner. Red with a head scissors but stops in mid-motion and locks in a head scissors submission. Yang blocks a head scissors and locks in the STF in the middle of the ring but Red is able to reach the bottom rope.
Yang with a spinning heel kick in the corner that knocks Red down Yang gets a two count. Red ducks a short-arm clothesline and rolls Yang up for a two. Yang quickly comes back with a spinning heel kick that turns Red inside out. Yang gets a two-count as he goes for the cover. Yang with a head scissors submission but Red reaches the ropes. Yang sends Red over the top to the floor and sends Red into the guardrail.
Yang rams Red head first into the ring steps. Yang with a clothesline and taunts the fans. Yang with a head scissors submission in the ropes and attempts a springboard cross body but Red dropkicks Yang in midair. Red with two spinning leg lariat on Yang Red dropkicks the back of Yang and plants, Yang, with a tornado DDT goes for a pin-fall gets two. Yang crotches Red on the top turnbuckle but Red manages to hit a middle rope Code Red but only gets a two count!
Red looks for a cross body but Yang manages to connect with a gut buster. Yang misses the Yang Time off the top. Red quickly follows up with a Infrared to pick up the win.

Winner: Amazing Red

Backstage, Goldylocks is with BG James. James says that he was hear to scout Jeff Jarrett/Syxx Pac match. James says that he is ready and that he hopes Jarrett is ready as well. Jarrett walks over and talks about their match next week. Jarrett goes over the history between them. Jarrett wishes James luck and offers his hand to James. James doesn’t seem to believe Jarrett and what he is talking about.
James shakes Jarrett’s hand, but Jarrett delivers a sucker punch and attacks James until security run over to break up the attack.

1st Round Tag Team Contenders Tournament Match
Joel and Jose Maximo SATs vs. (Miss TNA Bruce and Lenny Lane) Rainbow Express

Tenay and West assume that Lenny Lane has not seen the video from earlier in the evening. Lane and Joel start the contest but both teams stall for a few moments. Lane gets tripped up by Joel while running the ropes. Bruce gets involved and knocks Joel down. Jose enters and takes Bruce out with a suicide dive on the floor. Lane with a full nelson face buster on Joel and follows up with a somersault dive over the ropes onto Bruce and Jose on the floor.
Double gut buster on Joel by the Rainbow Express. Lane splashes Joel and goes for the cover while Bruce does a sexual taunt with Lane. Joel sends Lane to the floor and drops Bruce with a slam. SAT’s with a moonsault/top rope leg drop combo on Bruce for a one count as Lane breaks up the pin attempt. Lane with a ace crusher dropping Jose across the top rope.
Lane slaps Joel on the top rope but is shoved off from the middle rope. Lane with a impressive running hurricanrana to take Joel back into the ring fo a pin-fall gets two. Bruce enters and goes to work on Joel with several right hands and boots. Bruce with a vertical suplex sending Joel into the turnbuckle. Bruce slams Joel’s face into the canvas several times.
Joel manages to comeback with a missile dropkick off the top rope and tags in Jose. Jose with a cross body on Lane and dropkick on Bruce. Jose hits Lane with a spinning heel kick. Bruce attempts a running bulldog but Jose blocks and places Bruce in a tree of woe. Lane charges but is met with a drop toe hold that sends him into the groin of Bruce.
Jose proceeds to make them appear in a 69 position and stomps on Bruce’s head making it team like oral sex was taking place. Bruce with a tilt a whirl sit out slam on Jose goes for a pin-fall gets two. Lane accidentally pulls the top rope down sending Bruce to the floor. Lane goes up top and is met with a kick from Jose. SAT’s set Lane up on the top turnbuckle and hit the Spanish Fly goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winners: Joel and Jose Maximo SATs.

After the match, Mike Tenay believes that Lenny Lane pulled the top rope down on purpose.
Backstage, Goldylocks conducts an interview with NWA representative “Bullet” Bob Armstrong. Goldylocks mentions that Armstrong fired Don Harris last week. Armstrong fired Don Harris as the head of security and not as a wrestler. Armstrong puts over Don Harris as a good wrestler. Armstrong got his revenge by taking his money out of Don Harris’s wallet.

1st Round Tag Team Contenders Tournament
Ron and Don Harris Harris Brothers vs. Cassidy O’Reilly and Chase Stevens

Harris Brothers attack the Hot Shots right after the bell and they brawl on the floor. Stevens sends Don into the guardrail and double team Ron in the ring. Stevens is tripped up by Don on the floor as he comes off the ropes. Ron with several clotheslines in the corner on Stevens and tags in Don who delivers several shots and shoulder rams in the corner. Ron with a swinging side slam on Stevens goes for a pinfall.
Don enters and runs into a boot in the corner. Stevens with a leaping heel kick and tags in O’Reilly who clotheslines both Harris Brothers. Double dropkick on Ron in the corner. Double dropkick on a kneeling Don Harris in the ring. Don backdrops O’Reilly to the apron and sends him hard into the guardrail. Stevens reverses out of the H Bomb and hits a springboard clothesline. Harris Brothers recover and send Stevens to the floor.
O’Reilly enters and is met with H Bomb. Ron goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winners: Ron and Don Harris advance in the Tag Team Contenders Tournament.

After the match, Harris Brothers attack the Hot Shots after the match. Don hits O’Reilly with a steel chair on the floor.
BG James makes his way out to the ring. James grabs a microphone and is clearly not happy with what Jeff Jarrett did earlier tonight. James with the old “fool me once” line but says that he is a idiot for continuing to fall for Jarrett’s rouses. James calls Jarrett a piece of s*** and demands Jarrett comes down to the ring and they their match right now. Jarrett’s music hits and Jarrett comes out laughing.
Jarrett says that the tide has finally turned his way. He says they have the night off and they will wrestle next week in the finals. Jarrett has worked too hard and too long to not be facing Ron Killings for the belt. James says “officially you are a p*ssy”. James says that Jarrett comes from a long line of pussies. James calls Jarrett’s father a p*ssy. James goes to mention Jarrett’s mother, but Jarrett storms the ring.

Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James

James sends Jarrett into the ring post and the guardrail as the match is officially started. James delivers a steel chair shot sending Jarrett over the railing into the crowd. Jarrett stops James with a chair shot of his own. Jarrett with a another chair shot to the back of James. Jarrett with a trash can lid shot a few times. James with several right hands and hits Jarrett over the head with the trash can lid.
James has the trash can and hits Jarrett over the head with it. They trade right hands up in the balcony. Jarrett chokes James on the railing. They are battling on the upper level now. James is hitting Jarrett with a PLASTIC pop bottle. Jarrett with several more trash can lid shots to stop James offense. Jarrett nails James with a trash can shot. James rams Jarrett face-first into a table and they make their way back to the ring.
James continues to hit Jarrett with a chair several times. Jarrett with a low blow but James battles back with right hands. Jarrett hits James with a steel chair that sends James off the second level and James crashes through a table. Jarrett enters the ring and tells the referee to count James out. James get up and gets back in the ring at the count of nine. James grabs a chair and enters the ring.
James ducks a clothesline and delivers several left jabs and a right forearm shot. James goes for the chair but is stopped by Jarrett. Jarrett reverses the pump handle slam and plants James with the Stroke onto the chair goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jeff Jarrett.

Mike Tenay and Don West go over what we just saw and what will happen next week now.

NWA World Tag Team Championship Match
The New Church (Slash and Brian Lee) with Father James Mitchell vs. “Cowboy” James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris

Harris and Storm come out of the crowd to surprise attack the New Church. They send the New Church over the top for the floor. Harris with a slingshot splash onto Brian Lee and Storm sends Slash into the guardrail. Storm chops Lee against the railing while Harris throws a chair at the face of Slash. Lee sends Storm into the ring steps. Storm rams Lee into the guardrail. Harris and Slash are brawling on the entrance ramp.
Harris continues to ram Slash head first into the steel chair and Slash is busted wide open. Lee rams Storm head first into the tag titles on the announcers table. Harris with a snap suplex on Slash on the entrance ramp. Lee works on Storm with several chair shots. James Storm has also been busted wide open by Brian Lee. Harris with the Catatonic on Lee and goes for the same on Slash but Slash reverses and connects with a tornado DDT.
Lee nails Harris on the floor with the tag team titles. Chris Harris has been busted wide open now as well. Slash works on Harris in the ring delivering several shots to the forehead of Harris. Slash with a spinning crucifix slam on Harris goes for a pin-fall gets a two. Harris comes out of the corner and takes Lee down with a spear. Slash gets the tag and misses a boot in the corner. Harris tags in Storm who cleans house.
Storm with the Eight Second Ride on Slash goes for a pin-fall gets a two. Storm with a super kick on Lee. The referee is distracted by Mitchell and Belladonna. New Church botch a missile dropkick/electric chair slam on Harris but, still get a two count. Storm clotheslines Lee over the top rope to the floor.
Storm with the swinging noose on Slash but Mitchell and Belladonna distract referee Rudy Charles as Slash hits Storm with a tag title belt goes for a pin-fall Storm kicks out at two! Storm attempts a German suplex but Slash avoids it. Storm attempts a cross body but Slash ducks and Storm knocks the referee out! Storm catches Slash and sets him up for the Death Sentence, which Harris leaps off the top the top rope and hit the move but their isn’t a referee.
Lee hits Harris with the spike. Storm at first blocks it but is distracted by Belladonna. Storm turns around and is met with a spike shot. Lee goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

WINNERS: AND NEW NWA World Tag Team champions, Slash and Brian Lee The New Church.

After the match, the New Church celebrate their win as Don West is shocked they won the belts tonight.
A video highlighting Kid Kash’s performance last week is shown. Also, the video highlights the Lynn/Styles match from the same week.
NWA-TNA PPV 21 (November 13, 2002) - IMPACT Wrestling
[Photo: IMPACT!]

3-Way NWA X-Division Championship Match
Kid Kash vs. AJ Styles with Mortimer Plumtree vs. Jerry Lynn (c)

Lynn and Kash dropkick AJ Styles to the floor to take him out of the match early on. They trade some leg take downs and miss some moves before again sending Styles to the floor with a drop toe hold. Kash blocks a tornado DDT and a reverse DDT with a arm drag. Lynn takes Kash down with a arm drag. Styles knocks both men down with a springboard clothesline. Lynn rams Styles head into the X Title on the announcers table.
Lynn also drives Kash face-first onto the apron. Lynn works on Styles in the ring with a few boots and goes for the cradle pile driver but Styles low blows Lynn. Kash with a slingshot roll up on Styles but Styles covers Lynn for a near fall. Lynn with a power bomb on Kash and the cover is broken up by Styles at two. Styles attempts a springboard reverse DDT but Lynn reverses hitting a stunner for a near fall.
Kash with a springboard moonsault on Lynn for a near fall. Styles controls both men with several stomps. Styles with a neck breaker out of a vertical suplex attempt on Lynn for a near fall. Styles with a leaping kick to the head of Kash to gain control off the match. Kash avoids a dropkick and Styles crashes to the mat and Kash covers for a near fall. Kash with a snap mare and a boot scrape on Styles.
Lynn with several chops on Kash in the corner. Kash spikes Styles with a DDT. Lynn drives Kash down with a tornado DDT and gets a near fall. Plumtree pulls the top rope down and Lynn crashes to the floor. Kash with a double springboard cross body taking Lynn down on the floor. Styles with a springboard shooting star press taking both Lynn and Kash out on the floor. Styles rolls Lynn into the ring and gets a near fall.
Styles signals for the Styles Clash but is stopped by Kash. Lynn with a clothesline on Styles. Lynn and Kash take each other out with clothesline. Lynn with the TKO on Styles for a near fall. Kash with a shoulder breaker on Lynn but only gets a two count. Kash drops Lynn neck first across his knee but the count if broken up by Styles. Styles blocks a hurricanrana and goes for the Styles Clash but Kash reverses.
Styles maintains control and hit’s a sit down modified neck breaker of sorts. Lynn clotheslines Styles down as he attempts the Styles Clash on Kash. Styles goes for the Clash on Lynn but Kash stops that from happening. Kash manages to backdrop Styles over the top rope and Styles crashes onto Plumtree. Lynn plants Kash with the cradle piledriver goes for a pin-fall gets the 1-2-3!

WINNER: AND STILL NWA X-Division, Jerry Lynn.

After the match, Lynn celebrates the win by playing to the fans in the ring. Jeremy Borash joins Mike Tenay and the announce table. Don West  go over the last match. Borash puts over Lynn as being a worthy champion. Borash wonders who is next for Jerry Lynn. NWA representative “Bullet” Bob Armstrong gives Don West a line up for next week. Don West goes over the show next week.
West is very excited for the Jerry Lynn vs. Amazing Red match for the NWA X-Division Championship. Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings match for the NWA World Championship.
Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the entrance ramp. Jarrett puts over Ron “The Truth” Killings as being the first black NWA World Heavyweight Champion. Jarrett says that for twenty weeks he has been screwed over in NWA-TNA. Jarrett says that his time as come. Jarrett says that next weeks match isn’t a ordinary match to him. Jarrett mentions all the people who have held the NWA World Championship.
Jarrett went to wrestling matches dreaming to become the NWA World Champion. Jarrett says that no matter where he has been, he has gotten his business done in the ring. Jarrett says that it is his destiny to be the new NWA World Champion. One week from tonight.
NWA-TNA PPV 21 goes for the air.