NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 10/04/22 (6-Man Tag Team BATTLE)

On Oct 4th, 2022, NWA had another episode of Powerrr as we review the show with NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 10/04/22. It featured Flip Gordon going 1-on-1 with Odinson, EC3 in action against Traxx, NWA Women’s Champion Kamille facing Jennacide & a huge 6 Man Tag Team main event. This featured The OGK and Rhett Titus against the current NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebellion & Damian 666.

NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 10/04/22
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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 10/04/22
Flip Gordon vs. Odinson

The match starts off with Flip Gordon goes right on the attack, and Odinson gets out of the ring to rethink his strategy once he gets back in Gordon attempts a springboard, but Odinson catches him with a European uppercut and pins for a two count.

Odinson’s full power is on display by delivering a spinning European uppercut to the back of Gordon’s head and he covers for another two count. Gordon tries to fight up to a vertical base but Odinson shuts that down with a standing dropkick but still gets another two count.

Gordon manages a flash knee strike that rocks Odinson, and then goes on the ring apron and nails a standing enzuigiri and then gets Odinson’s head, and nails a massive tornado DDT, but his back is hurting and can’t capitalize right away.

A running European by Gordon followed by a superkick to a Death Valley Driver then a another superkick to Odinson he goes covers but only a two count. Gordon goes up top, but Odinson catches him with another European uppercut and chokes him up top. Gordon manages to escape and kicks off Odinson off the ropes and follows with another superkick to the back of his head.

He goes back up the top turnbuckle and attempts a 450 splash that misses, and Odinson turns him over with an Asgardian uppercut and a big slam for a close two count now Odinson goes to the chain to cause more damage, but the ref catches it. Odinson still has his paint canister but Gordon kicks away. The ref takes that away, and Odinson uses the distractions to deliver with the Asgardian Pounce to put away Gordon.

Winner: Odinson

After the match, Odinson tries to do more damage to Gordon after the match by wrapping the chain around his bicep, but Nick Aldis runs into the ring from backstage and scares him off. Aldis goes right to the podium and says he’s not angry at the cheap shots at his expense by Odinson.

He gets a little conspiracy theory going that he thinks he’s doing the bidding of Billy Corgan, and he says Odinson doesn’t need a shortcut. He is a specimen, but Odinson is not on his level, and Aldis is not worried about some meathead with a mudflat over his gimmick. and he vows that Odinson will learn what it is to be on his level.

Earlier today on a closed set interview we see the Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch speaking to Joe Galli on his thoughts on his upcoming triple threat match at Hard Times 3 as Matt Cardona & Tyrus (who cash in his Television Title for a another shot at the World Title) are gunning to take the 10 Pounds Of Gold.

Murdoch states he doesn’t care who’s in front of him when he steps in the ring at the PPV and then steps out, he promises he will still be World Heavyweight Champion. Galli asks if he cares who he’d rather face that night, and Murdoch flatly states, They’re all enemies and all want to take what he has.

Backstage May Valentine is with Jennacide about her preparation for her non title match with the Women’s Champion Kamille. The Bionic Beast says it’s an opportunity to make a statement, and she’ll take it because Kamille ain’t ready for her arsenal.

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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 10/04/22
EC3 vs. Traxx

EC3 is just destroying Traxx with a t-bone suplex, then an STO, then the TKO onto the knee then makes him tap out with his submission move.

Winner By Submission: EC3

After the match, EC3 strolls to the podium where Kyle Davis asks why goading to fight. As he takes in the boos from the crowd, EC3 proclaims, Victory after victory, EC3 is in the NWA. He then breaks the 4th wall like he’s Deadpool or She Hulk, and says after seeing a lifetime of nostalgia he knows what happens next: He’ll make boasts and goad the protagonist to the point he comes out and dares him to fight.

Here comes Thom Latimer comes from out of the back and demands he step up. EC3 does not fear him and says his potential is still hidden. He goes on to accuse Latimer of being still controlled by a dangerous thing: love. Latimer retorts that he spouts off some bollocks and wants to get in the ring and go.

EC3 says by giving the fans what they want; he’s still controlled by the endorphin rush of adulation. He states that is an addiction, and it is a nightmare. He goes on to accuse Latimer that he will never be the man he’s supposed to be, but he will give him a fight at Hard Times because Latimer is playing into his hands. You’ve been warned.

May Valentine is with Taya Valkyrie.  She asks La Wera Loca about Kamille standing in the way of her acquiring The Burke. Valkyrie admits that Kamille got the better of her at NWA 74 but in the rematch she has at Hard Time 3 she vows that she will upend her, and she’s not scared to take her on again.

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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 10/04/22
Non-Title Match

NWA Women’s Champion Kamille vs. Jennacide

Kamille & Jennacide trade hold for hold to get this match started and Jennacide manages to ground Kamille with an armbar. She then whips the champ from corner to corner and then Jennacide nails with a short arm clothesline for just a one count.

Jennacide does Muay Thai-style knees to Kamille’s sternum, and then sends her back to the corner and attempts a big boot, but the champ evades, and then Kamille takes that leg and yanks hard to trip her up. Kamille wraps her in the ropes and clubs at Jennacide’s chest, and then shoots her to the ropes and gets a big clothesline to cover for a one count.

A European uppercut gets Jennacide grounded, and she throws her knees to the side of Jennacide and covers for a two count. Kamille gets a gut-wrench suplex to cover for another one count. Kamille goes up the rope and gets an axe handle smash to Jennacide. She goes to the well once too often and Jennacide kicks her in the midsection on her way down.

Both women go blow for blow, and Jennacide manages with a belly 2 belly for a two count then she chops Kamille but Kamille returns the receipt with a leg lariat to cover and gets a two count. Jennacide returns back with a shining wizard and covers for another two.

She pulls Kamille to the corner and attempts an elbow drop that misses, Kamille nails Jennacide with the spear for the win.

Winner: Kamille

May Valentine is with the United States Tag Team Champions The Fixers and they have news. They will host NWA USA this weekend because The Fixers, according to Jay Bradley, equals clicks, chicks, and tix. Wrecking Ball Legursky says they got the top names, like Dusty Rhodes, Big Van Vader, and even Jim Duggan.

We get a recap between Jamie Stanley & Bully Ray from NWA USA last Saturday.

Backstage BLK Jeez & Tyrus are with May Valentine and she inquires on the title opportunity he cashed in by relinquishing the Television Title asking if both men are on the same page.

Jeez talks to Tyrus and notes he’s held the Television Title longer than anyone else and says he needs to hold on a little longer. Tyrus seethes and tells Jeez that he respects him, but he lost at NWA 74 because he took the high road, and he can’t live with that.

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NWA Powerrr SURRRGE for 10/04/22
6 Man Tag Team Match

NWA Tag Team Champions La Rebellion & Damian 666 vs. The OGK & Rhett Titus

Matt Taven & Alpha Wolf starts this match off, but all 6 men are in the ring brawling. The OGK gets all of La Rebelion into one corner, and each man takes turns with corner splashes. Order finally gets restored, and then Wolf gets isolated in The OGK corner.

Mike Bennett works his arm and tags Rhett Titus who leapfrogs over him to come down hard on Wolf’s arm then he sends Wolf to the corner and manages a monkey flip, and continues to work his arm. Wolf finally gets to his corner and a tag to Bestia 666 & Damian 666 and La Rebelion picks up Titus, and Damian lands a dropkick right into Titus private area.

Titus is isolated in La Rebelion’s corner, Wolf rushes at Titus, who gets a boot up to stop his charge. He attempts to reach The OGK for a tag, but Bestia & Damian knock them off the apron, and Titus is still in trouble as Bestia comes in and nails a stiff kick to his back.

Tag back to Wolf with another stiff kick to his back and then uses a headlock to grind him down. Titus still has some fight left, and when backed into the corner, he manages to knock off Bestia & Damian and hits a slingshot belly 2 belly to Wolf. He finally gets the hot tag to Bennett, and he cleans house and adds the exclamation point with a spinebuster to Bestia.

A tag to Taven, who gets a splash in the corner to Bestia and more double team action as Titus is tagged back in and he hits a standing dropkick and Bennett nails the Death Valley Driver and Taven finishes him with the shining wizard.

We get another brawl between both teams and Titus is again isolated for La Rebelion to hit a triple-team move with the Crucifixion and they cover for just a two count. Both teams throw big bombs in the ring, and it isn’t long until everyone is diving to the outside of the ring with tope suicidas as all bodies hit the floor. Damian 666 tries the mist, but Titus blocks his mouth with his hand and then gets him in a short arm scissors submission, and it’s enough for Damian 666 to tap out.

Winners By Submission: The OGK & Rhett Titus

Hard Times 3 Card So Far (Nov 12th)

World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match
Trevor Murdoch (c) vs. Matt Cardona vs. Tyrus

Women’s Title Match
Kamille (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie

National Title Match
Cyon (c) vs. Dak Draper, Chris Adonis or Silas Mason

United States Tag Team Title Match
The Fixers (c) vs. The Spectaculars

Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Homicide (c) vs. Kerry Morton

Television Title Match
AJ Cazana vs. Jordan Clearwater

EC3 vs. Thom Latimer

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