Preview: New South Pro’s Presents 2020 HOSS Tournament

This Friday and Saturday night in Hartselle, Alabama will be on fire! New South Pro will feature an impressive list of talent and matches. The annual HOSS tournament is taking place, and the winner will contend for the New South Heavyweight Championship. Currently, the title belongs to Cabana Man Dan, but he’s got a worthy list of potential challengers to watch for this weekend! The tournament competitors are some of the brightest stars in independent wrestling. However, who will prove themselves to be the best?

Photo courtesy of New South


Heart of The Southern Sixteen Tournament Matches

Round 1:

Curt Stallion vs. Hallowicked: This is the match that will be an instant classic. I’m going with Stallion for the win here. He’s been on one of the hottest runs lately, however, I do see Hallowicked giving him a career-making match.

Suge D vs. ‘Hot Tamale’ Daniel Perez: Don’t count out the Hot Tamale. He’s going to go up against Suge D and I think this one’s going to be fun. As much as I enjoy watching Perez, though, Suge will be the one to advance to the semi-finals.

Mr. Brickster vs. Chris Crunk: I believe in Brickster! I have yet to see what Chris Crunk can really do in the ring, but it’s going to be great to see it go down live. In the meantime, I’m predicting my guy Brickster for the win and advance.

Brett Ison vs. Vanilla Vance: I’m such a Brett Ison fan so of course I’ll say this match is his. The Pitbull may be the one to go all the way to the final round in the tournament, too – Ison’s one I’d like to see as a contender.

Round 1, Continued:

Baron Black vs. Derek Neal: Finally it’s my time to see Baron Black do work at a live show! I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve seen of his career so far. I’m thinking this Black vs. Neal match will be a standout of the show. Black for the victory and advance to the next round of the tournament!

Mance Warner vs. Adam Priest: Ol’ Mancer is not playing whatsoever. He’s made it clear he’s coming to the HOSS tournament to win and hit da pay winda’. I think Adam Priest has a hell of a fight on his hands come Friday night! Mancer for the win here, because you can’t keep a good man from his money.

Tyler Matrix vs. Steven Michaels: I like what I’ve seen so far of Tyler Matrix in IWA Mid-South. It’ll be tough to predict this one because I haven’t seen enough of Steven Michaels to make a clear call. Going with Matrix as the one to advance to the semi-finals, though – we’ll see if Michaels will prove me wrong!

AR Fox vs. Blake Christian: Here’s the match that will have us all going crazy! This is the most difficult match of the first round to predict. Both these guys are absolute money, and I think both of them deserve to advance. However, I’ve got to go with All Heart Blake Christian for the win here. He’s just been on fire in his matches so far in 2020.

Photo courtesy of New South

Attraction Match: Alex Zayne vs. Kung Fu Janela

On the second night of the show, we’ve got Alex Zayne taking on Kung Fu Donnie Janela! I enjoy watching both these guys and am looking forward to this one. I’ve got a feeling Donnie’s headed for a classic match on Saturday night. If you’ve seen what Alex Zayne can do, then you know what’s in store. If you know how good both these guys are in their own right, then you’re likely as excited for this bout as I am. I’m predicting Zayne for the win on this attraction match, but look for Janela to impress us all at the HOSS Tournament!