NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 10/01/22 – Fighting Spirit Unleashed: Week 4

Over the past four weeks, the young lions of the NJPW LA Dojo have been tearing it up in The Vermont in Hollywood, California. We’ve seen the new NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Champions make their first televised defense, and we’ve seen BULLET CLUB make their presence felt in NJPW STRONG.

But all good things must come to an end, and Fighting Spirit Unleashed is no different. However we have quite the main event in store as NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion Fred Rosser defends against an illustrious opponent. But who could that be? Find that out and more in this week’s edition of the NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 10/01/22!

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 10/01/22
Kevin Knight & The DKC vs. Stray Dog Army (BATEMAN & Barrett Brown)

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The final episode of the Fighting Spirit Unleashed series begins with a tag team grudge match. The villainous BATEMAN and his Stray Dog Army tangled with Kevin Knight, The DKC, and Fred Yehi back at Mutiny. That night, the young lions suffered a difficult loss, but they have yet to turn down another round with the SDA.

First, Fred Yehi notched a win over BATEMAN at Ignition, and now Kevin Knight and The DKC have a chance to take a tag team victory. Will BATEMAN and his crew continue their bullying ways or will the representatives of the LA Dojo send them packing once and for all?

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 10/01/22
Che Cabrera vs Aaron Solo

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California independent wrestling stand-out Che Cabrera makes his debut in NJPW STRONG against The Factory’s Aaron Solow. A 10-year veteran of the industry, Cabrera has wrestled for such promotions as Empire Wrestling Federation, Santino Bros Wrestling, and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

Che Cabrera brings a combination of power wrestling and technical wrestling to the match this Saturday night. Aaron Solo also brings a strong technical game, but he also brings a chip on his shoulder.

Solo and his partner Nick Comoroto last appeared in the opening round of the NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Championship Tournament, losing to the unlikely duo of Yuya Uemura and Christopher Daniels. As much as Che Cabrera wants to impress in his debut match, Aaron Solo wants just that much more to be back to his winning ways.

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 10/01/22
Fred Rosser (c) vs TJP
– NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship

NJPW STRONG Synopsis for 10/01/22
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After lifting the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship from previous champion ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor, Fred Rosser vowed to defend the title against all comers. So far this has included the biggest and meanest in NJPW STRONG, such as Big Damo and Fred Yehi. But victories over fellow power wrestlers does not a legendary title reign make.

In order for Fred Rosser’s Openweight Championship reign to live on in the history books, he needs victories over not only stronger opponents, but faster and more technically sound opponents. Not to mention, high profile victories. This Saturday, he has a chance to accomplish both, as he faces United Empire representative and reigning IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion TJP.

Weighing in at only 167 lbs, TJP beats out Fred Yehi for lightest wrestler to challenge Fred Rosser for the Openweight Championship. However, Rosser’s weight and power advantage may not add up to much compared to TJP’s speed and technique. However, TJP has had some unkind things to say about Rosser.

When issuing his championship challenge, TJP mentioned that he was the man Rosser spoke to when considering to join NJPW. He also said that since he joined United Empire in the touring roster, that Fred Rosser has simply been renting time in TJP’s ring. Simple barbs or will TJP come to collect his arrears this Saturday night when he challenges for the NJPW STRONG Openweight Championship?

Please share with us what you expect to happen on this week’s edition of NJPW STRONG in the comment section below.


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