NJPW STRONG Preview for 11/06/21 (New Japan Showdown)

NJPW STRONG Preview for 11/06/21 (New Japan Showdown). After four exciting Autumn Attack shows, New Japan of America heads to Philadelphia. The infamously raucous 2300 Arena (FKA ECW Arena) fans will be sure to eat up the hard-hitting action planned for this week’s episode of STRONG. With several big names such as Juice Robinson, TJP, Will Ospreay, and David Finlay in action, NJoA looks to continue the momentum they have built with stellar shows over the last few months. This is the NJPW STRONG preview for 11/06/21.

NJPW STRONG Preview for 11/06/21
Alex Coughlin, David Finlay & Yuya Uemura (shown on the left) battle Team Filthy’s Jorel Nelson, JR Kratos & Royce Issacs (shown on the right) [Photo: NJPW]

NJPW STRONG Preview for 11/06/21
First Match:
Alex Coughlin, Yuya Uemura, and David Finlay vs. Team Filthy (JR Kratos, Royce Issacs, and Jorel Nelson)

To start out the night’s festivities, we see Team Filthy looking to get back on track. Last week not only saw Royce Issacs get bested by Minoru Suzuki, but Kratos and Danny Limelight also tasted defeat at the hands of Rocky Romero and Fred Rosser. On the other side of the ring, former Young Lion David Finlay teams up with two current Dojo students in Yuya Uemura and Alex Coughlin.

Both young lions have impressed greatly lately, especially Alex Coughlin. Coughlin has been putting on incredible performances as a part of his open-challenge series. But, of course, both teams are in need of a win, so fans should be expecting all six men to give it their all in what should prove to be an excellent way to start of the show.

‘The Flamboyant’ Juice Robinson (shown on the left) battles ‘The Headbanga’ El Phantasmo (shown on the right) [Photo: NJPW]

Second Match:
Juice Robinson vs. El Phantasmo

The BULLET CLUB’s issues with Juice Robinson continue in this awesome match-up. El Phantasmo is sure to want to avenge Hikuleo’s loss to Juice two week’s ago in a brutal Texas Bullrope match. Robinson just can’t seem to get away from the BULLET CLUB, as they have been harassing him not only in NJPW but also in IMPACT! Wrestling. His latest foe is a dangerous one.

El Phantasmo has been (allegedly) loading up his boot before matches, making his Sudden Death superkick all the more powerful. However, if you ask Phantasm (which several have), he merely states that he “spent six months in Canada, super kicking down maple trees.” This match could come down to which competitor can hit their signature strike first. Will Juice eat the Sudden Death? Or will ELP taste the Left Hand of God?

LA Dojo’s Ren Narita & Clark Connors (shown on the left) battle United Empire’s Will Ospreay & TJP (shown on the right) [Photo: NJPW]

NJPW STRONG Preview for 11/06/21
Main Event:
LA Dojo (Ren Narita and Clark Connors) vs. United Empire (Will Ospreay and TJP)

Ever since Will Ospreay returned from his injury at Resurgence a couple of months back, he has made it his point to berate and degrade the LA Dojo at every turn. After a classic match with Karl Fredericks that included a post-match beatdown, it appeared that help had finally arrived. TJP rushed the ring, along with Clark Connors, to make the save. Or at least that’s what everyone watching thought.

However, TJP (a former LA Dojo graduate himself) turned his back on the place that made him and attacked Connors. Ospreay then grabbed a mic and informed everyone that TJP had joined his United Empire. Then the pair continued the beating. After such a betrayal by one of the OGs of the LA Dojo, Ren Narita and Connors, along with the rest of the Dojo, have revenge on their mind, to say the least.

In a main event that has a lot of drama and intrigue. Expect the bad blood between these four to rear its head. Not only this, but it also serves as a sneak peek of sorts to the Ren Narita vs. Will Ospreay singles match that is set for Battle in the Valley on November 13.

As I said, NJoA is bringing it for the great Philly crowd. This week’s episode is the definition of a must-see, as several storylines are being addressed and advanced. It seems that every week, STRONG has been improving with the quality of their show. It really has turned into one of the highlights of my wrestling week. I’m sure the Philly shows will only be enhanced by the electric crowd at the 2300 Arena.

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