#NEWS: WWE Stomping Ground Garners Low Attendance (PICS)

It was widely reported overnight that last night’s WWE Stomping Grounds PPV drew a very small crowd to the Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA.

More news has come out regarding the event, along with some picture evidence.

DEFY Wrestling’s Matt Farmer tweeted to Dave Meltzer that there were around 6,000 fans in the arena. The Tacoma Dome can hold up to 18,000. Others had tweeted that the arena had half of it’s seating curtained off.

Farmer also said that there were “tons” of complimentary tickets and quite a few 2-for-1 ticket deals.

Dave Meltzer spoke on Wrestling Observer Radio that he’s heard that the actual paid attendance was between 4,000-4,00 fans. There were also reports that WWE staff were giving away tickets in a local mall earlier that afternoon.

Here are a few tweets showing the arena and crowd –

Even with the low attendance, reports from those in attendance have spoken that the crowd was hot all night for the event. It also came across on TV how great that crowd was.

Blake’s Take: It certainly looked like the fans had spoken. For months, many had spoken about the current lack of creative in the product. The lack of any effort in future storylines had put a dampener on how the fans feel. So the fans kept away from the show. In their droves by the look of it. It’s an indictment to the lack of WWE creative that an 18,000 seater show drew just 4,500 fans.