#NEWS: Sami Callihan Done With MLW


Reports are surfacing that Sami Callihan is done with MLW (Major League Wrestling).

Mike Johnson from PWInsider has gone on record saying that after his loss in a Loser Leaves Town match against Mance Warner on MLW Fusion, that Sami has indeed finished with the company.

MLW wanted to bring Sami back but under a mask ala “Midnight Rider” but due to events that happened during and after the match, officials have thought against that idea.

During the match at the Waukesha County Expo Center, Waukesha, WI, Sami, and Mance battled across every square inch of the venue. Unfortunately, during the bout, parts of the arena were damaged. The damage, along with a very unsavory incident where Sami spat at Jim Cornette on commentary, seems to have tipped MLW in not bringing The Draw back.

Here with more detail of the damage caused is Major League Wrestling CEO, Court Bauer –

Blake’s Take: As much as Sami Callihan is The Draw, if you go around damaging property that’s not yours to the tune of over $30k you’re going to get called out on it. Will this hit Major League Wrestling? Having a superstar of Sami’s caliber not on the roster? Short term yes. Long term no. MLW are building stars each and every week. Sure they’ll miss Callihan’s name value but not enough to validate the damage he did.

Every promoter has a limit on how far they’ll be pushed. As for Sami himself, well he seems to be a major part of Impact Wrestling. He signed a multi-year contract back in February. As well as his oVe cohorts, Dave and Jake Crist, Sami is a pivotal part of Impact programming over the past year. Feuds with Rich Swann, LAX, and Davey Richards gave the company much-needed eyes on it’s product. I’m sure that this situation will put even more eyes on Sami and Impact Wrestling.