#NEWS: Randy Orton Vs Will Ospreay?

It seems that Will Ospreay’s Twitter is where the WWE boys and girls hang out and this time Randy Orton is responding to Will Ospreay!

After Will posted an inspirational tweet earlier today, Randy Orton jumped in on the conversation. At the end of their chat, both men teased a possible future match up.

Here’s the complete timeline of events:

Those of you with long memories will remember that this isn’t the first time these two have had a tete-a-tete over Twitter. Two years ago, both men had words over a Rip Rodgers retweet that Orton posted, where Rodgers made some comments about independent wrestling:

Poking the bear a bit more, Will ran a limited run of …DIVE tees, as seen in his Instagram post below:

Randy would have the last laugh though with this vague “dig” at Ospreay:

The sequence of tweets between these two will likely raise eyebrows both in and out of the WWE. Orton has been never been shy to share his disdain with talent that is beloved by the internet wrestling community. This time Will Ospreay and Randy Orton exchange pleasantries and the IWC are salivating at the opportunity that appears to be likely presenting itself between the two proverbial champions.

Blake’s Take: It seems that Randy and Will have buried the hatchet (luckily not in each other’s backs) and are back on speaking terms. Teasing us fans about a possible future match between the two is outright nasty of the two. We all know it’ll never happen but now it’s a dream match that we all want to see! You never know, a cross-promotional, high profile match up like this could happen…..right?