#NEWS: Ospreay/Rollins Twitter Feud (Complete Timeline)

The past two days have seen Twitter blow up, as WWE’s Seth Rollins and New Japan Pro Wresting’s Will Ospreay have been shooting verbally at each other.

It all started when Seth, as his role as company flag bearer, proudly proclaimed that WWE was the best wrestling on the planet. This drew the ire of many fans who were eager to tell him the error of his statement.

Rollins then went on to “double down” his statement by saying that there is no one in the world right now who can do what he does, as well as he does. And here is where Ospreay enters the conversation and a rather heated “banter” exchange took place.

Below is the entire exchange between the two:

In response to Seth’s barbed comment, Will replied with a simple GIF:

At this point All Elite Wrestling’s Chris Jericho stirred the pot up a tad with this statement:

Will then went on to drop some facts about himself:

To which Seth upped the ante and brought cash into the conversation:

Sensing his moment, WWE’s most hated man (possibly) chipped in with a fact of his own. Enter Baron Corbin:

Ospreay finished off the exchange with a neat marketing ploy. He has brought out a “Little Guy” t-shirt with a list of his New Japan Pro Wrestling achievements emblazoned on the front.

Is this the end of their spat? Quite possibly, but as the saying goes in wrestling “you never quite know”.

Blake’s Take: This whole “feud” (if you can call it that) started with Seth promoting his company, as each and every other wrestler does. It took a nasty turn once Ospreay said his piece, then subtle digs were then the order of the day. The way I see it, both guys have so much passion and conviction about themselves, that they will proclaim that either company and guy is the best. Surely that’s what you want from two of the best guys in the world right now. Let’s not blow it out of proportion. I’m sure both men, given half a chance, would love to lock up one day and give us fans a dream match. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the “controversy”