#NEWS: New Champions Made Before Slammiversary

On the Friday evening at Bash at the Brewery, before IMPACT Wrestling was to have their Slammiversary PPV this Sunday, July 7th, new tag team champions were crowned. The tag team of The North consisting of the ‘Walking Weapon’ Josh Alexander and Ethan Page defeated the champions LAX ( Santana and Ortiz ) to become the new IMPACT tag team champions. This win also means that that changes will be made to this coming weekend’s pay per view as it is now some question as to whether it will still remain a triple threat championship match or if it will, in fact, remain a tag team championship match.

It was originally slated to be a tag team championship match involving The Rascalz and LAX. However, the change in direction does leave some question as to whether Dez and Wentz will be put in a position to contend with not just the champions, The North but also former champions LAX as well.

Madison’s Mindset: The sudden change in direction of new champions certainly does raise eyebrows. However, in making a change it certainly does draw the attention of fans to stay tuned in watching what will take place this coming weekend. Will it, in fact, become a triple threat or will LAX be forced to sit idle and watch as The North and The Rascalz square off against one another. We can run down a number of possibilities that play themselves out in this scenario.

What it does do is put the two Canadians at the top of the tag team championship mountain ahead of arguably IMPACT’s biggest pay per view event of the year. The announced change also suggests our pay per view preview may need a slight revision made to it. What do you think of this change? Feel free to share your opinions about the title match change below.