#Preview: IMPACT Wrestling Presents Slammiversary

This Sunday in Dallas will play host to IMPACT Wrestling’s annual premiere show Slammiversary when stars of IMPACT go head to head for pride, payback and Championship gold. Scores will be settled, old and new alike. Championships will be decided, a battle of the sexes will be wages and relationships tested. What will be the fallout. Tune in this Sunday in Texas to find out!

RVD Moose
Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Moose v RVD

Mr. Impact Wrestling takes on the Whole F’n Show for what Moose views as “all the marbles”. The man who fancies himself the face of Impact Wrestling looks to prove he is better than the ECW original. This rivalry has seen the return of Tommy Dreamer, Sabu and even Sandman from the rubble of the old ECW Arena. Moose has repeatedly taken on Dreamer both in the ring and drawing the ire of the former World Champion. Will picking this fight make Moose the new F’n Show or will Rob Van Dam prove once more that he is still Mr. Friday Night?

KO Slam
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Monster’s Ball Match for the Knockouts Title

Su Yung v Havok v Rosemary v Taya Valkyrie

This match could settle scores both old and new. The champion defends her title against three hungry former champions, each looking to ascend the mountain once more. Could Rosemary get a measure of revenge against former rival Su who took both her title and her friend Allie. Could this be the final chapter in the long, storied rivalry between champion Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary; red vs blue? The last few weeks have seen renewed tensions between the two, although in the form of an uneasy alliance between the Demon Assassin and Wera Loca. Will relative newcomer Jessica Havok regain the prize she once held or will the uneasiness between herself and Su Yung come to a head? Could the Undead Bride rise once more from the fallout as champion? Who will emerge from a dance with the devil as Knockouts Champion at Slammiversary?

World Tag Team Championship

The Rascalz v LAX

Tensions between the two teams have been high since the Rascalz burst onto the tag team scene realizing they should be in contention to LAX. The two teams have traded barbs and beatdowns for months. LAX has been to the Rascalz’s clubhouse, Rascalz have raided the LAX bar. The Rascalz have run the “Rocky Stairs in montage form, training to take the straps from Oritz and Santana. After a near defeat for their titles, in which a drunken Treyz, who was not in the match, pinned Ortiz seemingly winning the titles. A decision which was later reversed by Impact officials setting the table for a Rascalz invasion on the LAX bar and consequential beatdown. Which team will walk away with the weight of the world(tag titles) on their shoulders?

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

X-Division Championship

Johnny Impact v Rich Swann

Johnny will cash in his guaranteed title match his won back at United We Stand in Ultimate X. Since losing his World Championship to Brian Cage former champion Johnny Impact has been making life Hell for Rich Swann. He has been threatening to cash in on Swann and attacking him at every opportunity softening him up to their eventual encounter for the gold. Since winning the title and dispatching of Sami Callihan Swann has been a tear taking on all comers. IMPACT has been engaged in a heated rivalry with both X-Division Champion Rich Swann and number one contender to the Impact World TItle Michael Elgin that culminated in a triple threat on Impact after which Johnny Impact, with help from John E. Bravo, attacked Swann confirming he will cash in at the Impact Wrestling’s premier annual event

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

Tessa Blanchard v Sami Callihan

In a grudge match that pits the leader of O.V.E. against the daughter of Tully Blanchard at Slammiversary. Tessa has been a career-high since debuting in Impact Wrestling. She is a one-time Knockout Champion and also defeated Gail Kim who came out of retirement to face the young up and comer. Since losing the title she has taken every challenge head whether men or women. She angered Callihan by competing against Glenn Gilberti, defeating him soundly in an intergender match. Callihan has since attacked and belittled Tessa calling her a lesser talent who shouldn’t try and play with men and to know her place leading Tessa to challenge him to a match at Slammiversary. Sami has finally accepted saying he will beat her ass “like a man”.

Photo / IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT World Championship

Michael Elgin v Brian Cage

Michael Elgin made his debut at the end of the Rebellion PPV confronting new World Champion Brian Cage after his match against Johnny Impact. His brutal attack left Cage in the hospital unable to compete since. Elgin then went on to beat Pentagon Jr and former champion Johnny Impact to become number one contender to The Machine. The new number one contender would rip through the roster leaving a pile of bodies in his wake. Cage returned just two weeks ago, still not cleared for competition, beating down Michael Elgin after his main event match against Rich Swann. Cage has vowed to defend his title, and take out Big Mike, with or without medical clearance at Slammiversary. Which competitor will walk away with the championship at Slammiversary?

Tav York
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Originally written by Tavish York