#NEWS: Mick Foley to announce WWE’s newest title

During last night’s Money in the bank broadcast it was announced that WWE Hall of Famer and former WWE champion, Mick Foley would be announcing the promotions newest title. The championship has been kept very quiet as speculation as to what the title is has been kept under wraps. This announcement seemingly came out of nowhere as there had been no indication of a new title coming prior to from the company either on social media or front talent specifically. This will be the WWE’s newest championship since it reinstated the WWE Women’s tag team championship a few months back.

Madison’s Mindset: In searching through a number of comments through the internet wrestling community the belief is that there is a split consensus as to what the title is and whether or not the title is even necessary. One prevailing argument has been that since it is Mick Foley introducing the title that it is, in fact, the reinstatement of the promotion’s former Hardcore championship. However, the prevailing counter is how would that prove to be effectively granted the current PG landscape of the company’s product.

A second belief is that the inaugural championship granted to the Greatest Royal Rumble winner which was Braun Strowman last year will be made an official championship. With the Super Showdown set to take place on June 7th that may in fact not be a stretch since the timing of the announcement and the upcoming event does tend to line up and gives the company essentially two weeks to build the value of the championship.

A third argument made and one that also makes sense is a Women’s mid-card championship much like the United States or Intercontinental championship. This also works as it has been Mick Foley who has long championed women’s achievement in pro wrestling/sports entertainment for some time. Tune in to Monday Night Raw tonight for more details and to find out what the title will be.