At today’s NJPW Dominion event, Japanese wrestling great KENTA (formerly Hideo Itami in WWE) debuted and inserted himself into the G1 Climax in a few weeks time. He was introduced into the arena by wrestling legend Katsuyori Shibata. It’s too soon to understand if there’s an alliance between the two.

At the beginning of the year, it was announced by WWE that they releasing Itami. It was widely thought that he would return to his former home of Pro Wrestling NOAH where he made his name. WWE officials see NOAH as no competition to themselves

In his 14 years in NOAH, he won their Junior Heavyweight Championship three times. He also held the GHC Heavyweight Championship for just under an entire calendar year. Making his mark in not only the company but the world too.

But it seems that KENTA was just biding his time to make an impactful moment back in his home country. And what a moment it was! As well as announcing that he will take part in this years G1 Climax tournament he promised to show the public his style of wrestling.

Blake’s Take: Oh wow! I and many others did not see this coming! What a shock, but a great fantastic amazing shock. To see and hear Shibata’s music again at an NJPW show was brilliant. But to follow it up with the huge announcement that KENTA has joined the promotion AND has entered the G1 Climax….just wow! Added to the fact that Jon Moxley and Shingo also announced that they were entering the tournament, makes the G1 must-watch viewing this year. And the questions?? Is Shibata aligned with KENTA? Who else will put themselves forward for the G1? And the matches?! Moxley vs Shingo! Shingo vs KENTA! Bring. It. On!